The Masca Village

23rd Mar 2015
The Masca Village

Masca is a small mountain village consisting of a hamlet in the north area of Tenerife.
Its connected by a serpentine road from Buenavista del Norte or from the town of Santiago del Teide.





It is located northwest of the island in the Massif of Teno.
at a height of 750 m.
Once in the village you can see amazing scenery of cliffs and ravines, arriving to the Atlantic Ocean.






masca tenerifeYou will have the feeling of being lost in time, known for being a haven for pirates.
Masca retains a traditional rural architecture.
From the village several hiking trails begin ,the most known which leads to the Bay of Masca connected to the cliffs of the giants.








masca tenerifeThe path is not of great difficulty, the about length of the walk is 3 hours, it is important to wear appropriate footwear and equipment.
The amazing landscape leaves you breathless. This area is a paradise for photographers and photo enthusiasts.

Masca geologically belongs to one of the oldest formations of the island, giving a characteristic of the landscapes of incredible beauty.




In my opinion the hamlet of Masca is one of the most beautiful and picturesque villages of the Island of Tenerife always worth a visit. Here you can find more information about masca.

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