Excursions to Visit Teide National Park

23rd Mar 2015
teide national park

Visiting Mount Teide national park gives you the opportunity to visit one of the 10 most visited national parks in the world. Mount Teide was declared as a heritage of the humanity in 2007 by the UNESCO and  is the highest mountain in Spain and all the Atlantic islands, with a height of 3718 m over the level of the sea.



We offer different excursions and tours to visit the Mount Teide National Park during your stay in Tenerife. Excursions to Teide are offered on our website for a reasonable price. If you are interested to do an excursion or tour to Teide have a look on our Island Tour section. We offer visits of half a day to complete island tours passing by Teide by Night to enjoy one of the clearest night skies in the world!

After the Hawaiian volcanoes, Teide is the 3rd highest volcanic structure in the world. You can go up almost to the top by the cable car.  170.000 years ago Teide was even higher then now with its 3718 meters. The walls of the vulcan fell down and they builded the canyon of Teide. It used to be well-known for navigators before Christ.


It was known by Greeks, romans, navigators of the middle age, renascence, and today Teide has a good reputation and recognition of becoming heritage of the humanity by the UNESCO. Everyone coming to the island of Tenerife have a great opportunity to admire one of the most beautiful national parks in the world. Give Teide a visit during your holidays on Tenerife!


List of excursions to visit Vulcano Teide:

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