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47 Things to do in Costa Adeje to make your holidays more fun and memorable:

If you are looking for things to do in Costa Adeje and going to pass there your holidays, you came to the right place.

Here you will find some tips, general information, things to do, places to visit, tourist attractions and good ideas which will help to make your holidays in Costa Adeje more memorable, enjoyable, active and fun. So check out our suggested things to do and add them to your Costa Adeje vacations planning list.

Down below the text you will find the complete list of activities and things to do in or from Costa Adeje Tenerife.


But keep reading our article to know, what is important to know about Costa Adeje

What is important to know about Costa Adeje?

Where is Costa Adeje in Tenerife?

Costa Adeje is located at the coastline of South Tenerife. Just 25 minutes driving from the South Airport Reina Sofia you will find this beautiful holiday resort.

Due to its warm weather, plenty of attractions, activities, amazing beaches for all kind of beach lovers and the clear waters of the Atlantic Ocean, Costa Adeje is keeping a strong position in the list of the most preferable destinations for vacations in Tenerife during many years.

Where to stay in Costa Adeje?

Costa Adeje offers a good choice for accommodation. There you can find a lot of luxury hotels, like Hotel Bahia del Duque which have been included to the Gold list as the “best resort in Spain” several times or the famous Hard Rock Hotel Tenerife. But also it counts with some budget friendly hotels and apartments which offer a good service.

What to do in Costa Adeje?

If you are looking for ideas and things to do during your stay in Costa Adeje, let us tell you that Tenerife has a lot of places to visit and activities to do for all kind of tastes and preferences, from family friendly to adrenaline bursting. The richness of flora and fauna makes Tenerife also an interesting place for nature enthusiasts.

Tenerife is the largest of seven Canary Islands which compose this archipelago. It is also the largest island of the whole Macaronesia and the most populated one.

Which weather conditions to expect?

Most of the things we offer to do, you can do during the whole year round. It doesn’t matter if you are travelling in summer or winter, Tenerife will always please you with the warm temperatures due to its mild climate.That is why Tenerife gained the name of the “Eternal Spring Island.”

Though the climate can vary from the South to the North of Tenerife, the warm winds from Sahara maintain the south of Tenerife mostly always warm and sunny. So if you are staying in Costa Adeje, you don’t have to worry much about the rain and bad weather.

Places to visit from Costa Adeje: find out our selected must see spots!

anaga tenerife bus tour

We offer some activities which are based in Costa Adeje directly, but on the other hand Tenerife offers a huge diversity of natural and cultural places of interest and some of them are definitely worth visiting. The good thing is that it is easy to do from Costa Adeje as all the bus excursions and day tours are providing a pick up from all the main resorts of Costa Adeje (Las Americas, San Eugenio, Fañabe, El Duque, etc.). So you don’t need to puzzle over how to get there.

Impressive Volcan Teide and Teide National Park

One of the main must see places of Tenerife are, of course, the famous Vulcan Teide. The 3718 meters high Mountain is the highest, not only in Canaries, but in whole Spain. Mount Teide is surrounded by the Teide National Park, the UNESCO world heritage site. It comprises a big variety of landscapes, including famous Lunar Landscape. One more reason to visit the Teide National park is that some movies were filmed there, for example, One Millions Years B.C. and Clash of the Titans.

You could visit Teide with the half day tour to Teide. With this tour you will also have time to get the cable car to the top of the mountain (the cable car should be payed apart from the excursion). With a bit of luck and a cloud clear skyline, from the summit you will be able to see all seven Canary Islands.

Masca – little village, lost in time

Another possibility to visit Teide is the Teide-Masca full day tour, which allows visiting some other significant places of Tenerife, such as Masca Village, Icod de Los Vinos and Garachico.

Masca is a small authentic village which also should not be missed. It will make you feel in the other reality, observing typical Canary atmosphere, conserved in the centuries.

The curious thing about the Masca Village is that it legendary used to be a refuge for pirates due to its isolated location.

Prepare your camera. These spectacular views deserve to be posted in your Instagram!

And even a bit more of authentic Tenerife: Icod de los Vinos and Garachico

Teide-Masca excursion is so popular and recommended as it brings you to the most worthy places of Tenerife. Among them, besides Teide and Masca, are Icod de los Vinos with its famous 1000 old Dragon Tree and Garachico, the prosperous trading port in the past, destroyed by volcanic eruption.

Anaga Mountains – the real gem for nature lovers

There are some more important mountains in Tenerife apart from Teide. One of them is Anaga Mountains, covered by unique Laurisilva rain forest, which is declared a UNESCO biosphere reserve. This place could be a gem for nature lovers as it has the largest number of endemic species in Europe.

And, of course, don’t forget about architecture and culture of Tenerife

To visit Anaga, we recommend you to make an island tour which also will let you visit 2 capitals of Tenerife: the ancient one La Laguna (by the way, also a heritage by UNESCO) and the current one – Santa Cruz de Tenerife.

If you want to know a bit more about the religious part of Tenerife, we recommend you to visit Candelaria, the Catholic center of Tenerife. It is a place of veneration of the Virgin of Candelaria – the Parton of Canary Islands.

Also another important place to visit in Tenerife is La Orotava, where you can admire its beautiful historical center, including famous Casa de los Balcones.

One day escape to the neighbourhood island

If you want to change a bit the environment, go for a day guided tour to LA GOMERA with pick up from Costa Adeje, the island which you can see during the clear days on the other side of the sea of Costa Adeje. This island had been visited even by Christopher Columbus. Its national park Garajonay is another example of Laurisilva tropical forest.

Fun Outdoor Activities & Things to do in Costa Adeje

Excursions & Things to do in Costa Adeje Tenerife

As we mentioned above, Costa Adeje has a huge diversity of activities, which will keep you entertained during your vacations.

Discover Tenerife Off-road

For those who want to get acquainted with Tenerife in an unusual way, we recommend making Quad Biking from Costa Adeje with one of our Quad Safari activities. You can explore some really spectacular areas of Tenerife, such as Los Gigantes and Teide National Park. You will be driving mainly off-road, so you will have the opportunity to take a look to the nature of Tenerife from a different angle.

Jeep safari will be another option to discover Tenerife off-road.

Explore the breathtaking trails

If you are an outdoor enthusiastic, don’t hesitate to explore some trekking routes of Tenerife. The best are trekking the Masca Canyon or the ascend to Teide. Some trekking routes are really challenging, some require just some comfortable shoes and love for the nature.

Feel like a bird

You want to get a totally outstanding experience during your holidays in Costa Adeje? Then do a jump from the mountains and do Tandem Paragliding (with pick up from Costa Adeje ) with an qualified instructor and get a bird eye view of the amazing South coast and mountains of Tenerife.

Enjoy the sun 

And of course don’t forget for what you manly came to Costa Adeje – its beautiful beaches. Stretch out on the warm sand and get a perfect sun-kissed look at Playa Fañabe, Playa Troya, Playa del Bobo or Playa del Duque. To make snorkeling, consider visiting the lovely sheltered bay – El Puertito de Adeje (the Turtle bay).

And refresh a bit

To cool down from the heat, make one of the available Water Sport activities starting from Costa Adeje.

Ride the Jet-ski on the sea of Tenerife and feel speed, refreshment and adrenaline at the same time. If you haven’t done this yet, give it a chance!

Also, you can make Parascending enjoy a spectacular panorama view of the coast.

Discover underwater world of Tenerife

Or make a Scuba Diving activity and discover the incredible underwater world. Get your Official PADI DIVING CERTIFICATE during your holiday with one of our PADI courses. Don’t worry if you don’t have any diving experience. Our Try Dive is designed especially for unexperienced divers.

Romantic Things to do in Costa Adeje which will impress your couple

Sun Set Tenerife

For those who are coming to vacation with the couple and looking for some romantic experiences, Costa Adeje has a lot to offer.

Watch the sunset with your couple

The first thing which comes to the mind is to do a Sunset Boat Charter in Costa Adeje. What could be more romantic than watching the colourful sunset with your loved one while having a glass of sparkling wine? That could be a perfect moment to propose a marriage or to celebrate a wedding anniversary.

And observe the stars

Another great romantic activity is Teide by night tour. Due to law light pollution, Tenerife is one of the best places for stargazing. We will tell you even more – Teide National park was recognized as a “Starlight Destination.”Good enough reason to make this fantastic activity with your beloved one.

Boat Trips in Costa Adeje – one of the most popular and family friendly activities

Excursions & Things to do in Costa Adeje Tenerife

You may be asking, why to do a boat trip on Tenerife? Well, here are some reasons, apart from relaxation and enjoying the ocean, of course.

See whales and dolphins in their natural environment

Costa Adeje is an ideal place to do activities like Whale Watching. Whales and dolphins are living permanently between the waters of Tenerife and La Gomera. Although more than 28 species of whales and dolphins have been spotted in the Canary waters, the most common species here are the Bottlenose dolphins and the Pilot whales.

Visit them with one of our boat trips departing from Puerto Colon – the harbor, located directly in Costa Adeje. You can make 2 hours, 3 hours or 4,5 hours boat trips. You also have different boat options, depending on your budget and preferences. On Tenerife we can offer you Luxury Yachts Charters , Sailing Boats, Catamarans, Motor Yachts and RIB boats and mostly they depart from Costa Adeje.

Contemplate the spectacular Los Gigantes Cliffs

Apart from whale watching, a boat trip could be a great option to visit the spectacular Los Gigantes cliffs. These phenomenal volcanic stone formations constitute a huge vertical wall which reaches heights of 800 meters at some points. Quite impressing, we have to admit! So be prepared to feel goosebumps on your skin when you see this monumental miracle of nature.

Swimming and snorkelling in the fantastic clear water bays

And some more marvellous activities, included to the boat trips are swimming and snorkelling in one of the most sheltered little bays of Tenerife, like Masca Bay or El Puertito.

Boat Charters – a very special thing to do in Costa Adeje

luxury yacht charter in Tenerife Tigresa

If you want more privacy and customisation

You like the idea of a boat trip, but want to make it a bit more customised to your needs? The solution is to hire a yacht with captain and make a private boat charter in Costa Adeje. You can make private whale watching and other activities included to the standard boat excursion or design your own trip.

Embark on one of the offered boats or yachts and sail away from crowds and fuss to enjoy peace and serenity in the intimate atmosphere.

If you are going to celebrate any special event

By the way, the private yacht charter is a great way to celebrate any kind of special event, like birthday, wedding proposal, hen party or bachelor party. However, the special reason is not necessary – just doing it with your friends or family and this fantastic day will be one of the warmest memories about your holidays in Tenerife.


Hopefully, our article was helpful for you. We tried to show you all the most important things you can do in or from Costa Adeje.

All the mentioned activities and even more you can find bellow. Check them out and include some to your to-do list!

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