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Tenerife Astronomy Excursion

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8 to 13 years old


from Puerto de la Cruz

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🗺️ Itinerary

Observe the stars through long-range telescopes and the guidance of a professional Starlight guide who will show you the celestial map and the constellations. Enjoy the world’s largest solar observatory in one of the most visited national parks in the world, Mount Teide.

Discover galaxies, clusters and stars with your Starlight guide, who will also give you information about each body you observe. A perfect activity for astronomy enthusiasts who marvel at the immensity of the universe.

We will start in the afternoon at the Teide Observatory of the Instituto de Astrofísica de Canarias. There you will be able to observe the sun as you have never seen it before, discovering its spots and striking flares. In addition to this, your Starlight guide will explain the importance of Tenerife’s sky and talk about the Institute’s telescopes and projects.

From this point you will have a privileged view of the Tenerife sunset. You will be able to see the sun set behind the Teide Volcano, creating a spectacle of different colours in the sky.

In the evening, we will give you a stop for lunch if you wish, as this is not included in the package.

Then we will go to the base of the Teide Cable Car, from where we will be able to see the most wonderful night sky you have ever seen. This location is magnificent for stargazing as it is totally free from the light pollution of the city. You can see up to 83 constellations with the naked eye and through long-range telescopes.

Other details

Starlight Guide in English or Spanish.


In the event that weather conditions prevent the full activity from taking place, the full amount will be refunded. If weather conditions prevent the visit to the Teide Observatory, the entrance fee to the Observatory will be refunded. In the event of cloud cover at the Observatory, the usual itinerary of the contracted visit may be modified. If weather conditions make astronomical observation difficult, a planetarium activity will be organised.

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