Jet Ski in Tenerife

“To ride the Jet Ski on Tenerife is an amazing expirience!”

If lazy beach holidays are not for you and after few days of relax on the sand, under the sun you feel bored and overheated, then ride the Jet Ski on Tenerife and go to this refreshing and exciting water sport activity.

You will get a lot of fun, speed and adrenaline as well as fresh ocean breeze and water splash.

You can share one jet ski with your friend or couple or take a single jet ski to have more freedom of riding. Just make your choice about duration of this unforgettable Jet Ski Experience – 40 minutes, 1 hour or 2 hours are available.

Book Now and get to ride a Jet Ski on your Holidays on Tenerife!

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20 minutes single
50.00€ - 20 minutes doble
60.00€ - 40 minutes Single
70.00€ - 40 minutes doble
120,00€ - 120 minutes single
150,00€ - 120 minutes doble

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Good fun!
Great Experience

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