Luxury Yacht Charter in Tenerife 3 hours

Information: 3 hours Private Yacht Charter in Tenerife

We organize for you the private trip to the bay “el puertito”, the only thing you need to do is to chill under the sun and enjoy.

First of all we will try to spot the whales and dolphins.

Then your private yacht excursion will bring you finally to the bay to have a refresh in the ocean, snorkel, and to eat some snacks.

Afterwards we will take direction back to the harbour Puerto Colon (from where we offer all our Yacht hire options in Tenerife).

While we slowly go back you can enjoy the coastline of the south of Tenerife.

FAQ about the private boat charters in Tenerife

Can we bring our own drinks on board?

Yes you will be allowed to bring your own drinks on board. Anyways we suggest to not drink strongly graduated alcoholic drinks during the tour on the sea.

Do we have to bring our own towels & sunscreen?

Yes, please bring your own towels and sunscreen. We do not provide you with towels or sunscreen.

Can we play our own music on board?

Yes, you will be able to play your favorite music on board connecting the sound system with your ipod, mobile or mp3 player. Just when we watch whales or dolphins we will have to turn the music off.


3 hours Private Charter

Why to do this activity:

Snorkeling and Swimming
Snacks & Drinks
No other passengers
Maximum 9 Persons on Board

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