How much cost the photos or videos of the paragliding flight?

27th Aug 2018

There are a few options, 1st – Original photos and videos + professional edited video 65€ 2nd – Original videos and photos 45€ 3rd – Only photos (more then 50) 30€

How should I dress, to do the paragliding?

26th Aug 2018

You should wear some normal shoes. Sport shoes for example. Also good to apply some sun cream in advance. Also it’s recommendable to take with you a pullover, just for the case that it is a bit cold wind. If […]

Where do the paragliding land?

26th Aug 2018

Normally we will land at the

Can my family or friends watch the landing or departing?

26th Aug 2018

Yes your family can watch the landing or departing while you do the paragliding, but we can not take any extra passengers in the minibus. So they will have to get to the departing or landing place by their own […]