Catamaran excursions in Tenerife

Catamaran excursions in Tenerife


Catamaran excursions in Tenerife are the best option to enjoy the ocean, see cetaceans and cool off in the turquoise waters of the Atlantic. This is the perfect opportunity to de-stress and take your family on a trip to the sea.

In this text we present you the most requested options by our clients to go for a walk by the sea and relax. Invite your friends to celebrate your birthday or surprise your partner with a romantic trip that he or she will never forget. Our boats are ideal to celebrate special events such as bachelor parties, wedding anniversaries, birthdays and more.

With our catamaran trips in Tenerife we will take you to the places preferred by whales and dolphins where there is a high probability of sightings. Remember that Tenerife is one of the best places in the world to see dolphins or whales in their natural habitat. The most common are pilot whales and bottlenose dolphins, but it is also possible that other migratory species may appear during their passage through Tenerife. If we are very lucky we may see a sperm whale, a false killer whale or a rough-toothed dolphin.

Recommendations for catamaran excursions in Tenerife

The first thing to consider is that you should make your reservations several days in advance to ensure a place on the chosen date. We invite you to write to us on our WhatsApp once you have chosen an activity to make your reservation. You can also write to us to give you some recommendations, we are here to help you.

Most of our shared catamaran trips offer transport from the place where you are staying to the most important tourist sites in Tenerife such as Costa Adeje, Puerto Colon, Playa de las Americas and even Puerto de la Cruz. All you have to do is write to our WhatsApp to check the availability of the transfer.

Another point to consider is the size of the group you are travelling with, so check the capacity of each catamaran. If you are travelling alone or with your partner, you can book one of our shared catamaran excursions.

We recommend you choose the itineraries that include a visit to Los Acantilados de los Gigantes. If you are on holiday in Tenerife you must visit the immense rock wall that protects its west coast. Many boats approach the cliffs every day to feel their magic and enjoy the views. Here you will also find the imposing Masca Bay, where you can go down to cool off in its waters. It is a real pleasure to enjoy Tenerife from the sea and a catamaran trip to Los Gigantes is the best way to do this.

What you can do during the trip around the bay

You can sunbathe in the sun, which is present almost all year round. If you prefer, you can also relax in the shade and take in the views of the ocean, the island of Tenerife and La Gomera.

We will take you to see dolphins and whales in their natural environment. Enjoy the closeness of the marine animals, their playfulness and enchanting sounds. Take beautiful pictures to take home. Afterwards you can take a refreshing swim and snorkel in the bay.

If you rent excursions of more than 4 hours you can visit the incredible Los Gigantes Cliffs and the beautiful Masca Bay. Drinks and snacks are also included. All these features are common to almost all activities, however you should consult the details of the selected excursion for specific details.

Private catamaran charter in Tenerife

At we offer you magnificent excursions to sail the Atlantic and get to know the marine life of Tenerife.

Private catamaran trips with Kalima

Tenerife - Boat Charter - (7).min
Kalima is a great catamaran to sail the Atlantic. Enjoy this amazing 3 or 5 hour activity to see cetaceans and swim in the bay. The 8 hour trip will take you to visit the cliffs and the majestic Masca Bay. The tour includes snacks and drinks on board, paella is optional for an extra charge.

Private boat charter with catamaran Kennex

catamaran tour in tenerife private and shared (9).min
This catamaran is great and perfect for enjoying the sun and sea. The tour includes drinks, food and snorkelling equipment. If you charter the 3 hour tour we will take you to see dolphins and whales in their natural environment and we will anchor offshore for swimming and snorkelling. We also give you the opportunity to hire the Kennex for 7 hours to visit the cliffs of Los Gigantes and swim in Masca Bay. Transport from Tenerife South has an additional cost on request.

Private catamaran excursion Eden

Tenerife catamaran charter for 45 persons
Our fabulous boat Eden is a marvel, it has space for 45 people and is perfect to celebrate birthdays and special dates. We invite you and your loved ones to enjoy 3 hours of relaxation, sun and sea breeze. You will be able to see cetaceans and anchor in a beautiful cove for swimming and snorkelling. Sandwiches and drinks are included on board. You are welcome to bring your own drinks and snacks. If you wish, you can order food and rolls for an extra cost.

Shared catamaran excursions in Tenerife

Now that you know the private options, here is the list of our best shared catamaran excursions from Tenerife.

4,5 hours trip with Royal Dolphin

royal delfin tenerife los gigantes (59)
The Royal Dolphin is equipped with windows in the floor that allow us to see the animals passing under the boat. It also has powerful cameras that record the marine activity close to the boat and transmit it to the televisions on the deck.

After the sighting we head off to see the majestic cliffs of Los Gigantes. There we can swim in the crystal clear waters of Masca Bay. The catamaran has a very funny artificial waterfall that you can play with while the boat is anchored. Snacks, buffet lunch and transport from the main tourist centres of Tenerife South are included.

4,5 hours tour in the bay of Tenerife south with Freebird

catamaran tour with freebird to los gigantes
We will take you to the places where you are likely to see whales and dolphins with plenty of time to take photos and record videos. We will also take you to the impressive cliffs of Los Gigantes and Masca Bay for a refreshing swim in the crystal clear waters. Lunch and refreshing drinks are included.

Shared excursion with Catamaran Kalima for 11 persons

Tenerife - Boat Charter - (6).min
The fabulous Catamaran Kalima is also available for shared excursions. Enjoy the activity at the best price and sail the bay with the same comfort of a private tour. Share with your friends a day at sea to see cetaceans and swim at the beach. Drinks and snacks are included.

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We recommend you to do one of these catamaran excursions in Tenerife because of the great experience you will live. Our clients are amazed and want to repeat the activity. Children are the ones who most enjoy whale watching in Tenerife, so it is ideal for the whole family. It is also common for us to cater for groups of friends or work colleagues who wish to de-stress or celebrate special events. Invite your partner to enjoy the sea or celebrate your bachelor party with us. We are waiting for you on our WhatsApp to make your reservation and give you the best recommendations.



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