Private Excursions and Catamaran Charters in Puerto Colon

Private Excursions and Catamaran Charters in Puerto Colon


If you are on holiday in Puerto Colon and are looking for recommendations for private catamarans to sail the Atlantic, here is all you need to know.

Most of our excursions in Tenerife South depart from Puerto Colon. Moreover, this port is located in Costa Adeje, one of the most important tourist centres of the island. For these reasons you can not miss the opportunity to hire a boat to happily stroll along the sea and enjoy the sun. Remember to make your reservation several days in advance, as we receive many requests from this side of the island.

Private Excursions and Catamaran Charters in Puerto Colón

At we specialize in renting different boats for private and shared excursions. In this opportunity we would like to offer you our private catamaran excursions that you can do from Puerto Colon. At the end of the text you will find the detailed list of activities, inside each one you will find the contact form for your reservation.

On our website you will also find other types of boats to sail the Atlantic. Rent our sailboats in Tenerife South for a day at sea and bright sunshine, a luxury yacht for a special occasion or a speedboat to sail at full speed with the wind in your face.

You can also write to us on our WhatsApp to give you recommendations and help you choose the excursion you need according to what you are looking for.

Private catamaran trip Kalima for 11 people

Tenerife - Boat Charter - (7).min
Come and enjoy the sea and the sun of Tenerife aboard this fabulous catamaran. The Kalima has a capacity of 11 people for a comfortable and pleasant trip.

With the 3 hour excursion you will be able to see cetaceans and swim off the coast. Hire for 8 hours to visit the cliffs and cool off in Masca Bay. The tour includes snacks, soft drinks and rolls. Optional Paella.

Private catamaran charter for whale watching in Tenerife South

catamaran tour in tenerife private and shared (9).minOur fabulous Kennex catamaran offers fantastic features to enjoy the sea and forget about the pressures.

Lie back on the netting on the deck to feel like you’re flying at sea. Food and snorkelling equipment is included. Optional transport from Puerto Colon and other resorts in Tenerife South.

Catamaran charter for groups of 45 persons with Edén

Tenerife catamaran charter for 45 persons
The large catamaran Eden is an excellent size to share with family and friends. Come and sail the ocean and celebrate special events with us.

We offer you a 3 hour excursion with dolphin and whale watching and then a swim offshore. Includes a sandwich and drink. You can also bring your own drinks and snacks on board.

What to do during the private catamaran charter

Sea trips are always a perfect way to enjoy your holiday and renew your energy.

Whale watching in Puerto Colón

Dolphins jumping in Tenerife South
Tenerife is an ideal place to see cetaceans in their natural habitat. After setting sail, the boat heads towards the waters frequented by Tenerife’s dolphins and whales. On arrival, the passengers approach with their cameras and happily wait for the dolphins to appear. Suddenly, they appear as fuzzy spots in the water and then come closer and we get a close-up view of them.

Feel the thrill of watching them swim freely. Contemplate their serenity and feel the peace they radiate. This is a fantastic experience to share with the family and especially with children.

Visit the Los Gigantes Cliffs

Tenerife Boat Trip to Los Gigantes
These towering mountains of basaltic rock are located in the rural park of Teno. At their maximum height of about 600 metres they drop almost straight down, giving you an immense feeling of vertigo.

One of the best ways to see the cliffs in their entirety is by boat. You can also see them from the ravine but you will only have a limited view of the cliffs.

Boat trips of 5 hours and more usually include food and drinks. They give us more time to enjoy each stop and admire the beauty of the bay’s landmarks. We will also have the opportunity to swim in the waters of the beautiful Masca Bay.

Celebrate special events on board

Private Boat Party Tenerife
Celebrate with us special dates and important moments with your friends and family. With a private catamaran charter in Puerto Coló you can enjoy an exclusive boat trip to share with your loved ones and no one else. With our catamarans and boats with crew or captain we will take you to the sea, where life is more pleasant. On our website we offer different boats to celebrate special events in Tenerife. Hire our boats for private parties, with which you can celebrate unforgettable moments with your friends and loved ones.

We hope you have chosen your next private catamaran excursion from Puerto Colon. Get ready to enjoy the sea, the sun and the wind in your face. You will be amazed by the beauty and placidity of the dolphins and whales. Pack your swimming costume and come and live fabulous experiences in the sea. Remember to write to us several days in advance to secure your place on the desired date. In the following list you will find a detailed list of the activities mentioned in the text.


Catamaran Charters in Puerto Colon

Catamaran Hire in Puerto Colon

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