Los Gigantes cliffs

25th Mar 2015
Los Gigantes cliffs

The Cliffs of Los Gigantes extend a coastal strip running from the village of Los Gigantes to Punta de Teno, with a maximum height that reaches 600 meters.





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The verticality of these cliffs gives the feeling of being in front of a true giants of basalt, on the tour you can see: sea caves, natural rocky beaches, the best known bay – the Masca Bay, which can be reached by sea, from Teno or Los Gigantes, or walking from the village of Masca.







The beach of Los Gigantes is an excellent sandy beach with amazing views of the cliffs.
Usually the waters are calm, lately it was injured by landslides.
Geologically it belongs to the most archaic formation of the island, long before the Teide appeared. The composition of the cliffs is basaltic rocks.
Among the marine fauna in general could be found the pilot whales, bottlenose dolphins, sea turtles, stingrays, beautiful tuna, osprey, gulls and shearwaters and some species of migratory birds.
The fishing village of Los Gigantes extends into the mountains and along the coast south to Playa de la Arena, beautiful black sand beach, surrounded by volcanic walls.
jet ski safari los gigantesWe make several activities and trips to enjoy the cliffs.
Diving, jet ski safaris, whale watching, fishing, hiking.
Contemplating the Los Gigantes from the sea on a sunny day is a sight to behold.
For lovers of the nature the Los Gigantes cliffs are one of the most beautiful and breathtaking sites.
A place where one feels the power of the nature.