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  • Excursions & Things to do in Playa de las Americas Tenerife

    Information: Things to do in Playa de las Americas

    Playa de las Americas (or simply Las Americas) is the resort in the South of Tenerife, located just between Los Cristianos and Costa Adeje. Many tourists all over the world (mostly europeans) choose this holiday destination for their vacations and there are good reasons for it:

    • Mild weather conditions, which allow to enjoy your holidays in any month of the year, that means that the temperature in June is just a few degrees higher then in November or December
    • Well equipped beautiful beaches which offer relaxation, refreshment and a lot of water sport activities
    • A lot of places for entertainment, including bars, restaurants, golf fields, shopping centers, developed night life with plenty discotheques and beach clubs and much more things to do, like boat parties.

    The nearest airport to Playa de Las Americas is the South Airport Reina Sofia. To get from there to your Hotel in Las Americas will take you about 30 minutes by bus.

    Sunset in Playa de las Americas Photo near Mare Nostrum Resort and Safari Shopping Center

    Playa de las Americas counts with 4 & 5 Star luxury Hotel like Villa Cortes or the famouse Mare Nostrum Resort. Also Hotels like Columbus, Oro Negro, Las Palmeras & Best Tenerife offer a really good services.

    So the main question is what things you can do in Playa de las Americas. Keep reading to find it out.

    Because of course you can do a lot of things in Playa de Las Americas, like excursions, private luxury yacht charters, activities, day trips, water sport and more starting directly in or from the resort. In most of the things we offer bellow the transport is provided.

    The complete tour Selection of which you can do in Playa de las Americas is just one scroll down. But before we would like to give a quick description of what you can expect from some of our excursions.

    Some activities are directly realized here for example from the beach or harbor Puerto Colon and others will pick you up with the bus from your Hotel:

    Just some quick info about what things you can do:

    • A private luxury yacht or catamaran charter tour with Catamaran Abrazo or the Ultimate Luxury Yacht Azimut 60.
    • Discover the real treasures of the nature, such as Mount Teide, the highest mountain and volcano in Spain with a half day trip
    • Appreciate the huge cliffs of Los Gigantes, while you are taking a relaxing boat trip
    • Enjoy authentic canarian atmosphere of villages like Masca with one of our day trips
    • Explore the coast and meet fascinating whales and dolphins with a whale watching tour
    • Visit the picturesque and neighbour island of La Gomera in a whole day tour
    • Feel the freshness and joy while you are riding a Jetski or make one of your favorite watersport activities
    • Fly in the wide open sky over the landscape of Tenerife in our tandem paragliding activity

    Photo Tenerife Paragliding: over the South Coast of Tenerife

    Speaking about famous resorts of Tenerife, the first name which comes into people’s mind to book there the hotel is Playa de las Americas. For sure you already heard about its beaches, night clubs & excursions. Las Americas is well-known as the center of entertainment and night life of south Tenerife.

    Night Life

    Various evening shows, bars and pubs with life music, lights and dancing till the morning – all these are the integral parts of Las Americas. Las Americas always attracted young people and party and fun lovers of all ages. So if you are looking for endless entertainment, that is the perfectly right place. Check out the Papagayo Beach Club or Monkey Beach Club.


    Of course we remember, that in spite of love to parties and entertainment, first of all Tenerife attracted you by gentle sunshine and blue ocean. So we can’t forget to mention the beaches. The main beach of Las Americas calls Troya. It is a perfect place to get bronze, relax and swim in blue waters of Tenerife. Tired from the midday sun, you can take a refreshing drink in one of the cost side bars. By the way, every Sunday in summer you can take part on the beach party, organized by Monkey Beach Club.


    In Playa de las Americas you can find plenty of restaurants for any taste and budget. If you want to try typical Spanish food, go to Meson Castellano. In case if you don’t like Spanish food (what is almost impossible) or you just want to vary your meals (what is more possible) you can go to Safari centre and try, depending on your preference, Italian food in Bianco, steaks in Gran Reserva, Indian food in Bombay Blue or Asian food in Thai Botanico.


    Playa de las Americas is also known as the shopping heart of south Tererife. For shopping visit the Golden Mile, starting from Vista Sur. There you will find the famous shopping centres: Safari, Oasis and Americas Plaza. Also remember to visit the Siam Mall, huge shopping centre, which was recently constructed in Las Americas.

    Book Things to do in Playa de las Americas

    On our website you can make a booking request for more then 56 things to do in Playa de las Americas, to visit the most popular and recommended places of Tenerife.

    The Island has a lot to offer, it is really worth to visit certain parts of it like Mount Teide, Los Gigantes etc. Some places can really make you fascinating, and others will drive you overexcited.

    So our advice is that you make a good holiday plan. Like this you can take full advantage of you staying in one of the most famous resort in Tenerife, Playa de las Americas. We don’t want to waste your time and money with exaggerated prices, and small knowledge about the island.

    In contrary we are offering you reasonable prices and day tours which we selected one by one with our experience acquired working over 8 years in the local tourism business. If you need our help to organize your activities and excursions during your stay in Tenerife, please feel free to contact us.

    As you see you have a lot of options to make your holidays in Playa de las Americas more memorable. Choose a tour and let us know by filling out the booking request form which is located at the excursion detail page. Booking your holiday activities with us, you will get your tickets directly to your email box.

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