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  • Water Sports & Activities in Tenerife

    Information: Water Sport Activities in Tenerife

    Tenerife is a famous resort for beach holidays. People from all over the world come here all year round to enjoy the warm sun and beautiful beaches, such as Playa Los Cristianos, Playa Las Vistas, Troya, Fañabe, El Duque and others.

    The mild climate of Tenerife allows to enjoy the beaches and ocean even in winter.
    If you get bored of sunbathing and want to change and refresh a bit, you can do one of the Water sports and activities.

    We selected the most recommended and popular options, from diving, jet ski and parascending to banana boat and the extreme flyboard, so everyone could find something suitable, depending on needs, preferences and budget.

    Here are some great ideas, what water sports and activities you can do to get the most of your holidays.

    If you want to explore the underwater world of Tenerife but never did diving before, it’s the best moment to do it with our try dive. This activity will make your first diving experience unforgettable.

    Another great activity to do is Jet-Ski. This speedy and fun activity you can make even more exciting by combining it with visiting of Los Gigantes cliffs in our Jet-Ski Safari Los Gigantes activity. You will feel absolutely stunning when you see this huge rocks raising just from the ocean.

    If you are looking for some cool and adrenaline boosting experience, try the fly board.

    To get some fun with your friends or family, do the banana boat or the fly boat riding.

    Or get the bird-eye view to the coast with the parascending.

    If you want to do more then one activity, you could save some money by booking one of our water sport packages with the discount.

    So have a look to our Water Sports and Activities list and don’t hesitate to fill out our booking request form to reserve the activity you choose.

    If you have any questions, just feel out the contact form.

    List of Water Sports & Activities in Tenerife

    Book Camel Park Tenerife
    Quad Safari Gigantes
    Book Camel Park Tenerife
    Paragliding in Tenerife south
    Book Camel Park Tenerife
    Banana Boat in Tenerife
    Book Camel Park Tenerife
    Parascending Tenerife
    Book Camel Park Tenerife
    Teide at the Night Excursion
    Book Camel Park Tenerife
    Half day Mount Teide Bus Tour
    Book Camel Park Tenerife
    Jet Ski in Tenerife
    Book Camel Park Tenerife
    3 Hours Jet Ski Safari to Los Gigantes
    Book Camel Park Tenerife
    25 Min Try Dive in Tenerife
    Book Camel Park Tenerife
    Medieval Show: Castillo de San Miguel
    Book Camel Park Tenerife
    Safari on Quad, Masca + Forest, 4 hours
    Book Camel Park Tenerife
    Quad Volcano Safari 5 hours in Tenerife
    Book Camel Park Tenerife
    5 Hours Jeep Safari in Tenerife - Discovery Tour
    Book Camel Park Tenerife
    Fly Fish in Tenerife - Watersports
    Book Camel Park Tenerife
    Flyboard in Tenerife - Water Sports
    Book Camel Park Tenerife
    Tenerife Water Sport Pack 1 - Jetski + Parascending
    Book Camel Park Tenerife
    Tenerife Water Sport Pack 2 - Jetski + Parascending
    Book Camel Park Tenerife
    Tenerife Water Sport Pack 3 – Jetski + Parascending + Fly Fish
    Book Camel Park Tenerife
    Trekking in Tenerife: Teide light
    Book Camel Park Tenerife
    Hiking in Tenerife Teide Ascent
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