New Collaboration Tenerife North Excursions

16th Dec 2016

We are very happy to announce a new collaboration with Atlantico Excursions. So we will be able to provide you with a lot more of excursion with the best quality on the market. A thing which many of our readers […]

Whale watching in Tenerife south

6th Aug 2015

  Whale and dolphin watching trips are some of the most popular excursions in Tenerife.  These intelligent animals live all year round in the eternal spring Island. That’s why there is always the best time of the year to make the whale […]

Los Gigantes cliffs

25th Mar 2015

The Cliffs of Los Gigantes extend a coastal strip running from the village of Los Gigantes to Punta de Teno, with a maximum height that reaches 600 meters.         The verticality of these cliffs gives the feeling […]

The Masca Village

23rd Mar 2015

Masca is a small mountain village consisting of a hamlet in the north area of Tenerife. Its connected by a serpentine road from Buenavista del Norte or from the town of Santiago del Teide.         It is […]

Visit to Teide national park

23rd Mar 2015

Visiting Mount Teide national park gives you the opportunity to visit one of the 10 most visited national parks in the world. Mount Teide was declared as a heritage of the humanity in 2007 by the UNESCO and  is the highest mountain in Spain […]

Santa Cruz de Tenerife Shopping

2nd Feb 2015

In this article we will give you the most complete Santa Cruz de Tenerife shopping guide. In one of our articles we already wrote about Tenerife Shopping in the South. But if you are looking for the shopping paradise in […]

Tenerife: Holidays in Winter

27th Jan 2015

  Despite of the well known fact that Tenerife is an internal spring island, many times we hear the question if winter is a good time to make holidays in Tenerife. What weather gonna be in winter? Is it possible to […]

Whale watching: Tenerife boat trips

2nd Jan 2015

Tenerife is definitely a place, where you can watch whales & dolphins. Here you will find so many boat trips, that it gonna be difficult to decide which one to choose. No worries, you can always ask us for help. In this […]

Tenerife: Shopping in the South

4th Jul 2014

Perhaps one of the most popular questions, which we hear from  people on holidays, concerns shopping on Tenerife. Knowing what many people would like to ask, we decided to collect all our recommendations in this article. Everyone probably have heard […]

8 things to do in South Tenerife

18th Jun 2014

In this article we will give you some good ideas for the question “What to do in South Tenerife?“. We will give you some advices to visit some sightseeing which are very recommendable to go. All just to make your Holidays […]

Tenerife: Restaurants in the south

16th Jun 2014

In this article i will give recomendations and advises for holidaymakers on Tenerife south for the frecuently asked question  “Which Restaurants do you recomend in south Tenerife?“. This recomendations are based on my personal experience living 13 years in Las Americas. The […]

Los Cristianos: Relax & Family

27th Apr 2014

In the previous article we spoke about las Americas, the center of entertainment of south Tenerife. But what if your plans don’t include permanent parties and entertainment?Choose Los Cristianos without any hesitations and be sure that you made the right […]

Las Americas: Fun & Sun

26th Apr 2014

Speaking about famous resorts of Tenerife, the first name which comes into people’s minds is Las Americas. For sure you already heard about this place, well-known as the center of entertainment and night life of south Tenerife. Various evening shows, […]