Catamaran Excursions in Costa Adeje Tenerife

Catamaran Excursions in Costa Adeje Tenerife


Catamaran excursions in Costa Adeje are very popular among the tourists who come to Tenerife every year. Catamarans are comfortable boats with capacity for small groups, which allows us to enjoy the sea without the company of many people. Take advantage of the boat trip to relax, sunbathe or simply rest in the shade while you admire the views of the coast.

In this text we would like to tell you about the advantages of a catamaran trip in Costa Adeje and the characteristics of our best excursions.

Why catamaran trips in Costa Adeje?

Costa Adeje is one of the most important tourist centres of Tenerife. It concentrates a great hotel, gastronomic and leisure offer. It is also home to Puerto Colón, one of the most important harbours on the island. Most of our boat trips depart from here.

With the catamaran rental in Costa Adeje you can visit the areas where the cetaceans of Tenerife live. Our boats leave for the waters between Tenerife and La Gomera, where it is common to see some dolphins happily strolling around. Tenerife is one of the most recommended places to see cetaceans and with a lot of luck, we may see some playful whales approaching the boat.

Now we would like to show you our catamarans for private and shared excursions. We hope that with this guide you will be able to select the activity that suits you best. We invite you to write to us on WhatsApp to chat and solve your questions about any activity.

Cliffs of Los Gigantes

Bahia de Masca - Los Gigantes Masca Bay (1)
Our excursions of 4 hours or more will take you to these imposing rock giants to admire their beauty and splendour. The Cliffs of Los Gigantes, also known as the “Wall of Hell”, are famous throughout the archipelago. Everyone will want to visit them during their stay in Costa Adeje or any other town in Tenerife.

These rock mountains were created as a consequence of ancient volcanic eruptions. Nowadays they are projected as big walls protecting the coast of Tenerife. They also create the perfect conditions for marine life to thrive, where various plant and animal species can be found. This is especially valuable for divers who constantly come here to swim and discover the charms of the seabed.

Masca Bay is a beautiful black sand beach at the foot of the cliffs. Many boats come here to refresh themselves in its crystal clear waters. There you can swim and snorkel. Enjoy this authentic paradise of nature with our catamaran excursions from Costa Adeje.

Private catamaran charter for whale and dolphin watching in Costa Adeje

On our website we have different options for private boat rentals. You can choose from sailboats, yachts, motorboats and more. Invite your close friends to celebrate important dates. It will be just you and our crew, an exclusive ride as you wish. Take the opportunity to celebrate your wedding anniversary, marriage proposal, graduation and more.

In this section we present our best catamarans for you to sail in an exclusive way.

Private ride on a spacious catamaran Kalima

Tenerife - Boat Charter - (7).min
Thanks to its 36 feet in length, our boat Kalima will allow you to enjoy a comfortable catamaran ride with skipper in Costa Adeje. Choose between 3 or 5 hours to see cetaceans and swim. If you book for 8 hours you can visit the amazing Los Gigantes Cliffs and Masca Bay. Soft drinks and snacks are included. Optional Paella for an extra cost.

Kennex private catamaran charter

catamaran tour in tenerife private and shared (9).min
This beautiful boat has a maximum capacity of 11 people. On its deck you will find a mesh to relax on. Rent for 3 hours to see cetaceans and swim in the bay. The 5 to 7 hour trips take you to the Cliffs of the Giants and the fabulous Masca Bay. Snorkelling equipment, refreshing drinks on board and food to share during the stop are included. Transport for an additional cost.

Private charter catamaran trip for 45 persons with Eden

Tenerife catamaran charter for 45 persons

This is a fantastic 3 hour private excursion. We have enough space for all 45 passengers to enjoy the ride and relax. The tour takes you to see cetaceans and swim off the coast. One sandwich per person and drinks on board are included. You can also bring your own drinks and snacks. Optional food and rolls are available at extra cost.

Shared catamaran excursions from Costa Adeje

We also have different catamarans for shared charter. Come and cruise around the bay and live great experiences.

Shared boat trip with the catamaran Edén

eden catamaran tour tenerife
As already mentioned, the Eden is a large and spacious catamaran. During 2 hours you can see whales and dolphins of Tenerife and swim. A drink is included.

3 hours whale watching tour with Freebird

catamaran tour in Tenerife with Freebird
This itinerary starts in Puerto Colon and heads to the waters near La Gomera to see the marine animals of Tenerife. Then we head to the coast for swimming and snorkelling. Drinks on board and snacks are included after the stop on shore.

Spacious catamaran Kalima for 11 people

Tenerife - Boat Charter - (9).min
We give you the opportunity to travel on a shared Kalima catamaran. During 3 hours you will experience incredible moments at sea. Although the excursion is shared, there will only be a few people so everyone will feel as comfortable as on an exclusive trip. Book to see cetaceans and swim in the Atlantic.

Booking and reservations

If you would like to go on one of these boats, just write to us to make your request. We remind you that most of these excursions include transport from the most important tourist centres in Tenerife.

In addition to these catamaran excursions in Costa Adeje, we offer different boats to sail the bay and enjoy the sea. Remember to contact us via WhatsApp or through the contact form attached to each activity. We also recommend that you write to us two weeks in advance so that you have a better chance of finding places for the selected date. We hope you enjoy your holidays in Costa Adeje to the fullest.

Catamaran Charters in Costa Adeje

Catamaran Excursions in Costa Adeje

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