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TOP Things to do in Costa Adeje: Complete Guide

Planning a holiday in Costa Adeje and on the lookout for exciting things to do? You’re in the right place! Costa Adeje, nestled in the vibrant Tenerife, offers a plethora of attractions and activities suitable for every taste. Immerse yourself in the richness of its flora and fauna, making it a haven for nature enthusiasts.

Discover the top things to do in Costa Adeje, explore must-visit places, and learn about tourist attractions in this comprehensive guide. Whether you’re seeking adventure, relaxation, or cultural experiences, Tenerife has it all.

This article is your go-to resource for ideas and important information to make your Costa Adeje holiday more memorable, enjoyable, active, and fun.

Prepare to plunge into the abundant treasures of Costa Adeje, where a myriad of experiences awaits. From the best trips and activities to hidden gems worth exploring, discover the top places to visit, what to see, and the richness this destination holds. Uncover the geographical charm, weather expectations, sun-kissed beaches, and a myriad of fun things to make your stay an unforgettable adventure.

Explore tailored recommendations for families, couples, and friends, ensuring every traveler finds their ideal slice of paradise. Let’s dive deep into the heart of Costa Adeje’s allure, revealing all the wonders and excitement it has to offer.

The TOP Things to do in Costa Adeje

Playa Troya - Costa Adeje Beach (12)

Costa Adeje boasts a rich array of activities to ensure a delightful and entertaining holiday experience. Explore our curated list of the best things to do, both within and around Costa Adeje:

Experience the Splendor of Tenerife: Teide Volcano and Teide National Park

Volcan Teide - Teide National Parque, bus trip with transport from Costa Adeje

Unveil the allure of Tenerife with a visit to one of its paramount landmarks—the renowned Teide Volcano. Soaring to an impressive 3,718 meters, this majestic mountain stands as the loftiest peak not only in the Canary Islands but in all of Spain. Nestled within the UNESCO-designated Teide National Park, it encompasses a diverse tapestry of landscapes, including the iconic Lunar Landscape.

The Teide National Park holds a cinematic charm, having served as the backdrop for notable films such as “A Million Years Before Christ” and “Rage of the Titans.” Immerse yourself in the captivating vistas that have graced the silver screen.

Embark on the Teide adventure with our half-day excursion, offering you the opportunity to ascend the mountain’s heights. The journey includes an optional cable car ride to the summit (separate fee applies), where, with favorable weather conditions, you may catch sight of all seven Canary Islands in a panoramic display. Don’t miss the chance to make your Tenerife visit truly extraordinary with this unforgettable Teide experience.

Explore Tenerife’s Charming Heritage: Authentic Villages of Icod de los Vinos, Masca, and Garachico

Masca Village - Pueblo de Masca - Tenerife tour with round transport from Costa Adeje

Discover the essence of Tenerife with our highly recommended Teide-Masca excursion, a journey that unveils the island’s most captivating locales. This adventure takes you to the must-visit places, including the iconic Teide and the enchanting village of Masca, as well as the historic sites of Icod de los Vinos and Garachico.

In Icod de los Vinos, marvel at the famous thousand-year-old dragon tree, a symbol of natural grandeur and resilience. Garachico, once a thriving trading port, bears witness to its storied past, marked by a volcanic eruption that altered its destiny.

Masca, a small and authentic village, immerses you in a Canarian atmosphere frozen in time. Legend has it that this secluded village served as a refuge for pirates, adding a touch of mystique to its history.

Don’t forget your camera! The breathtaking views in Masca are postcard-worthy and deserve a spot on your Instagram feed. Immerse yourself in the allure of these unique destinations, creating memories that will last a lifetime

Escape to La Gomera: A Guided Day Trip from Costa Adeje

la gomera day tour (1)

Experience a change of scenery with our guided day trip to La Gomera, the enchanting island visible on clear days from Costa Adeje. This island, once explored by Christopher Columbus, boasts the remarkable Garajonay National Park, showcasing a lush tropical laurel forest.

Take advantage of the convenience of pick-up services in Costa Adeje and embark on a journey that opens doors to the natural wonders of La Gomera. Our excursions from Tenerife to neighboring islands provide a unique opportunity to discover the diverse beauty and richness that the Canary Islands have to offer. Seize the chance to explore beyond the horizon and uncover the goodness of these picturesque landscapes.

Aquatic Adventures Await: Unveiling the Best Water Sports in Costa Adeje”

Water sports in Costa Adeje

For those seeking more than just beach relaxation, Costa Adeje opens a world of water sports excitement. From thrilling jet skiing and banana boat rides to soaring high with parascending, the options are endless. Costa Adeje is your aquatic playground, offering a variety of water sports activities to cater to every adventurer.

Whether you’re a speed enthusiast or prefer a leisurely cruise, the waters of Costa Adeje have something for everyone. Choose from an array of water sports – jetskiing, banana rides, parascending, and more – all at your fingertips. Make the most of your stay in Costa Adeje by indulging in the water sport that suits your style.

Adventures in the Air: Tandem Paragliding for an Unmatched Experience in Costa Adeje

Tandem Paragliding in Costa Adeje

For an extraordinary holiday experience in Costa Adeje, seize the opportunity to take a leap from the mountains with Tandem Paragliding (includes pick-up in Costa Adeje). Guided by a qualified instructor, soar through the skies and gain a bird’s-eye view of the breathtaking south coast and majestic mountains of Tenerife.

Embrace the exhilaration of flight as you embark on this exceptional paragliding adventure. Our qualified instructors ensure a safe and unforgettable experience, making this Tandem Paragliding escapade the perfect way to elevate your Costa Adeje holiday to new heights. Get ready for a journey that goes beyond the ordinary and offers panoramic views that will stay with you long after you touch down.

Jet Skiing in Costa Adeje: Energize Your Day and Feel the Rush!

Jetski in Costa Adeje Tenerife

Experience the thrill of jet skiing in the waters of Tenerife, where speed, cool breezes, and adrenaline converge for an exhilarating ride. If you haven’t tried it yet, now’s the time to dive into the excitement!

Embark on the ultimate Jet Ski Safari for an unforgettable adventure. Our Jet Ski Safari Los Gigantes, departing directly near your hotel in Costa Adeje, ensures convenience and excitement. Choose the duration that suits you, and let the adrenaline-fueled journey begin! Fun awaits – are you ready for the ride of a lifetime?

Under the Stars: Stargazing on the Teide at Night

Teide by Night excursion from Costa Adeje

Indulge in romance with a night excursion to the Teide, where the enchanting sky becomes your canvas. Tenerife, with its minimal light pollution, stands as one of the prime destinations for stargazing. Adding to the allure, the Teide National Park has earned the esteemed title of a ‘Starlight Destination,‘ making it an ideal setting for this extraordinary activity with your partner.

Immerse yourselves in the celestial wonders, letting the twinkling stars and the serene Teide National Park create the perfect backdrop for an unforgettable romantic experience. Take a journey into the cosmos and cherish the magic of the night with your loved one

Dive into Paradise: Swimming and Snorkeling in Costa Adeje’s Crystal Clear Bays

snorkeling in Costa Adeje

For those new to snorkeling, our Try Dive is the perfect introduction to uncover the mysteries beneath the waves in Tenerife. Guided by a qualified instructor, this experience is tailored for inexperienced divers, ensuring a safe and enjoyable underwater adventure. Take a diving course in Costa Adeje to unlock the wonders of the sea during your holiday and even earn your OFFICIAL PADI DIVE CERTIFICATE with one of our PADI courses. No prior diving experience? No problem!

If you prefer an easy and convenient way to snorkel, join one of our boat tours. Opt for the Kennex catamaran or a private boat charter for a seamless experience. These tours typically provide masks and snorkels free of charge, making it effortless for you to explore the vibrant underwater world of Costa Adeje.

Enjoy a Relaxed Day with Boat Trips in Costa Adeje

Boat Trips in Costa Adeje Tenerife

Curious about the allure of boat trips in Costa Adeje? Well, besides the obvious relaxation and sea enjoyment, there’s more!

Included in these maritime adventures are fantastic activities like swimming and snorkeling. Picture this: during your boat trip, you can anchor in one of Tenerife’s serene bays, such as the picturesque Masca bay or El Puertito. Snorkeling gear is typically provided onboard (check the boat description for details).

With the best boat trips in Costa Adeje, there’s no need to second-guess. Secure your spot early as these experiences tend to fill up fast. Dive into a world of aquatic wonders and make your boat trip an unforgettable part of your Tenerife getaway!

Costa Adeje: Prime Spot for Whale and Dolphin Watching!

Dolphins at the coast of Costa Adeje viewed from a boat Trip

Costa Adeje is your gateway to a captivating whale watching experience. Home to an array of whales and dolphins, including the common bottlenose dolphins and pilot whales, these waters between Tenerife and La Gomera offer a permanent residence for these magnificent creatures.

Embark on a memorable journey with our boat trips departing from Puerto Colón, conveniently located in Costa Adeje. Choose from various durations (2, 3, or 4.5 hours) and a range of boats, including Luxury Yacht Charter, Catamarans, Motor Yachts, Sailing Yacht Charter, and RIBs, catering to different budgets and preferences. Witness marine life wonders right from the heart of Costa Adeje!

Immerse in Majestic Heights: Boat Trips to the Cliffs of Los Gigantes

Costa Adeje Boat Trip to Los Gigantes

Beyond Whale Watching, Set Sail to Marvel at the Breathtaking Los Gigantes Cliffs. These colossal volcanic formations tower vertically, reaching heights of up to 600 meters – a truly awe-inspiring sight! Get ready for goosebumps as you witness this monumental marvel of nature. Exploring the Cliffs of the Giants by boat is a remarkable experience, leaving you with beautiful memories that linger forever.

Costa Adeje Exclusive Boat Hire

Costa Adeje Boat Charter Private boat Trip

If the idea of a boat trip entices you, imagine doing it in absolute privacy. Consider hiring a yacht with a skipper for an exclusive private boat charter in Costa Adeje. Whether you desire a private whale-watching excursion or wish to tailor the boat trip to your preferences, the choice is yours.

Embark on one of our luxurious boats or yachts, sailing away from the crowds to relish peace and serenity in an intimate setting. Your private maritime escape awaits in Costa Adeje.

Celebrate in Style: Yacht Charter in Costa Adeje for Parties and Special Events

Costa Adeje spiecial events, hen do , stag do, birthdays

A skippered yacht charter is the perfect way to elevate any special event, be it a birthday, a marriage proposal, or a stag or hen party. Yet, you don’t need a specific reason – just gather your friends or family, and this exceptional day will become one of the warmest memories of your Tenerife holiday. Here, it’s a tradition to hire boats for birthday parties, ensuring the best times happen at sea.

Stag and hen parties by boat are among the most sought-after requests on our website. Tourists from around the world come to Tenerife to celebrate their bachelor or bachelorette party, adding a touch of excitement before the big day.

Don’t miss the chance to rent a boat for a private party and savor life’s moments. Invite your friends, create lasting memories, and give them an experience they’ll cherish forever.

Yacht Rental Without Skipper in Costa Adeje

Rent a boat without captain and licence in Costa Adeje Tenerife

Take charge and showcase your skippering skills to friends by being the captain for a day. Drive the boat yourself during your holiday in Costa Adeje. Our small boats allow you to cruise the bay with complete freedom. It’s an ideal way to share a private moment with your partner, couple or close friends. Please note that a valid boat license is required for some boats, while others are available without the need for a license. For clarification and reservations, refer to the details provided at the end of the text and use the contact form

Romantic getaway with Sunset Boat Charter in Costa Adeje

sunset boat charter in Costa Adeje

Indulge in the epitome of romance as you and your partner revel in the vibrant hues of a sunset, each sip of sparkling wine enhancing the enchantment. This setting, bathed in the warm glow of twilight, becomes the perfect canvas for significant moments—whether it’s the heartwarming gesture of a marriage proposal or the joyful celebration of a wedding anniversary. Let the magical ambiance of a sunset and the effervescence of sparkling wine weave unforgettable chapters into the fabric of your love story.

Angler’s Choice: Shared or Private Fishing Trips Await in Costa Adeje

If you like fishing or just want to try it during your holiday in Costa Adeje, we recommend Happy Hooker’s shared or private fishing trips. The captain is experienced and knows all the best places to fish, so the chances of landing a fish are quite high.

Costa Adeje Quad Biking: Embark on Off-Road Adventures!

Quad Safari Costa Adeje

For an unconventional exploration of Tenerife, we suggest Quad Biking from Costa Adeje through our thrilling Quad Safari activities. Roam through truly spectacular regions like Los Gigantes and the Teide National Park. The majority of the journey is off-road, offering you a unique perspective of Tenerife’s nature. Embrace the adventure and explore the island from a different angle.

Siam Park: Aquatic Marvel and Thrill Seeker’s Paradise

Siam Park, Water Park in Costa Adeje

Located in Costa Adeje, Siam Park stands as Tenerife’s premier water park, a tropical oasis of exhilarating rides. Decorated with multiple TripAdvisor Travelers’ Choice Awards, including being ranked among the world’s top water parks, Siam Park invites visitors to experience heart-pounding attractions like the Tower of Power and relax on its pristine beach, making it a must-visit destination for all. An attraction for the whole familiy.

Loro Parque: Wildlife Wonderland and Conservation Hub

loro parque tenerife chimpance.min-min

A journey from Costa Adeje, Loro Parque is a world-renowned zoo and conservation center. Honored with TripAdvisor Travelers’ Choice Awards for several years, Loro Parque introduces visitors to an array of wildlife, from majestic orcas to playful dolphins and colorful parrots. Immerse yourself in an ecological haven where conservation, education, and entertainment seamlessly coexist, making Loro Parque an unmissable excursion from Costa Adeje. Specially recommended for families.

Sun and Sea at Costa Adeje’s Beaches

Playa del Duque Costa Adeje Hotel El Duque

Rediscover Your Purpose in Costa Adeje: Embrace the Stunning Beaches. Lounge on the warm sands of Playa Fañabé, Playa Troya, Playa del Bobo, or Playa del Duque for that perfect tan.

For a snorkeling haven, venture to the enchanting protected bay of El Puertito de Adeje, also known as the bay of the turtles. These locations are undeniably the gems of Tenerife, waiting to be explored.

Costa Adeje, Tenerife: Unveiling Interesting Facts

Tenerife, the largest of the Canary Islands, holds the distinction of being the most extensive and densely populated among the archipelago’s seven islands.

Nestled on the southern coast, just a 25-minute drive from Reina Sofia South Airport, lies the enchanting holiday resort of Costa Adeje. This sought-after destination has secured its place as a perennial favorite among Tenerife’s visitors, owing to its warm climate, a plethora of attractions and activities, diverse beaches catering to every taste, and the crystal-clear waters of the Atlantic Ocean. Costa Adeje continues to captivate travelers, maintaining its strong standing as one of Tenerife’s cherished holiday destinations.

Choosing the Perfect Stay in Costa Adeje

Hotel Palm Beach Pool View next to Playa de Troya

Costa Adeje offers a range of accommodations to suit every traveler’s preferences. Here are some options:

  1. Luxury Resorts: Indulge in opulence at 5-star resorts such as Bahía del Duque or Gran Tacande Wellness & Relax.
  2. Boutique Hotels: Experience personalized hospitality at boutique hotels like Iberostar Selection Anthelia or Vincci Selección La Plantación del Sur.
  3. Family-Friendly: Enjoy family-friendly stays at places like GF Victoria or Dream Hotel Gran Tacande.
  4. Budget-Friendly: Explore economical options at hotels like HOVIMA La Pinta Beachfront Family Hotel or Laguna Park 2.
  5. Adults-Only Retreats: For a tranquil escape, consider adults-only accommodations like Iberostar Grand El Mirador.
  6. All-Inclusive Resorts: Embrace the convenience of all-inclusive resorts such as H10 Costa Adeje Palace.
  7. Oceanfront Escapes: Revel in sea views from hotels like Hotel Baobab Suites or Sheraton La Caleta Resort & Spa.

Choose the accommodation that aligns with your preferences, whether it’s luxury, family-friendly, budget-conscious, or an adult-only retreat, and make the most of your stay in Costa Adeje!”

Expect Pleasant Weather in Costa Adeje

Playa del Duque Costa Adeje Holiday Resort

Costa Adeje, with its mild and inviting climate, stands as a year-round haven for travelers. Here’s a glimpse of what you can anticipate:

  • Temperature: Experience average temperatures ranging from 18°C (64°F) in winter to a comfortable 28°C (82°F) in summer.
  • Sunshine: Bask in ample sunshine, with around 8 to 10 hours of sunlight daily.
  • Rainfall: Enjoy minimal rainfall, particularly during the summer months, occasionally accompanied by light showers in winter.
  • Sea Temperature: The Atlantic Ocean encircling Costa Adeje maintains inviting temperatures, ideal for swimming and water activities.
  • Wind: Gentle breezes, especially in the evenings, contribute to a pleasant atmosphere.

In addition, the majority of activities we offer can be enjoyed year-round. Whether you choose to explore Tenerife in the summer or winter, the island’s mild climate ensures warm temperatures, earning it the moniker ‘Island of Eternal Spring.’ The southern region, including Costa Adeje, benefits from warm and sunny conditions, thanks to the Sahara winds. While we strive for consistent good weather, it’s important to note that weather conditions can be unpredictable, and there might be a few days a year where less favorable weather could arise. Despite this, Costa Adeje remains a delightful destination for a memorable holiday experience.

Nightlife in Costa Adeje

Costa Adeje Nightlife

Papagayo Beach Club: Elegant nights on Costa Adeje’s coastline. Daytime cocktails on sunbeds, nighttime luxury with good house music. Chic ambiance and coastal views make Papagayo the top pick for refined nightlife.

Kaluna Beach Club: Experience daytime serenity blending into lively poolside revelry as the sun sets. Kaluna offers vibrant pool parties and a unique coastal experience for diverse seekers.

Achaman: Costa Adeje’s hidden gem for Latin music enthusiasts. Dive into reggaeton, salsa, and bachata rhythms, soak in the authentic ambiance at Achaman. Perfect for a night filled with Latin vibes and Canarian warmth.

Veronicas Strip: Costa Adeje’s dynamic hub for diverse musical tastes. Whether it’s dance, trap, hip-hop, house, garage, or drum and bass, Veronicas offers a lively atmosphere and a range of beats. Ready to dance the night away? Veronicas Strip is the go-to for eclectic nightlife.

Visit our article about nightlife in Costa Adeje for more information.

Comprehensive Assistance and Seamless Transport

While our activities are centered in Costa Adeje, Tenerife’s rich tapestry of natural and cultural wonders beckons. The good news is, exploring the island is convenient from Costa Adeje. All our bus excursions and day tours offer seamless pick-up and drop-off services. Key pick-up points include Las Américas, San Eugenio, Fañabé, El Duque, Callao Salvaje, La Caleta, and Playa Paraíso, eliminating any concerns about transportation.

Discover a plethora of activities, from those based in Costa Adeje to broader excursions encompassing Tenerife’s diverse attractions. Browse through the options below, selecting the ones that resonate with you. Create a personalized list of things to do during your Tenerife holiday, and leave the logistics to us. Your exploration beyond Costa Adeje begins with ease and convenience.

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