Beach Playa de Troya

Beach Playa de Troya

Playa de Troya I and II are two beaches in Costa Adeje. Here you will find all the fun of the sea, the waves and the sand, plus good music and great parties. Both beaches are next to each other, so you can easily walk across them.

They are located in one of the most touristic areas of Tenerife, so they receive a high average volume of tourists most of the year. It is in summer when they receive the highest volume of visitors and tourists from all over the world.

Its waters are very calm, as they are protected by breakwaters, which makes them ideal to enjoy with the whole family.

Blue Flag

This is a distinction made to recognise the best beaches.

Playa de Troya proudly flies the blue flag, which means that you will find calm waters with many water activities, different services for your relaxation and fun.

This is why it has become a favourite tourist destination all over the world. It receives tourists from all over the world, who are attracted by the perpetual sun and calm waters. But who also like the bars, discos and restaurants in the surrounding area, all in the most cosmopolitan zone of the island.

Las Americas Beach

Troya beach belongs to the sandy area known as Playa Las Américas, made up of 4 beaches separated by dikes. Troya is the largest of these beaches and is considered one of the best beaches in Costa Adeje.


Municipality: Adeje

It is located in the south of Tenerife, specifically in front of the Hesperia Troya and Palm Beach hotels.


Playa Troya - Costa Adeje Beach (12)

The type of sand on this side of the sea is greyish brown due to its volcanic origin.

It is also delicious sand and a favourite for many visitors who enjoy lying on it to sunbathe.


Playa Troya - Costa Adeje Beach (4)

  • Sun umbrellas and sun beds for a fee
  • Red Cross lifeguard point: is always under surveillance and has lifeguards for the safety of bathers.
  • Water activities: for your comfort and enjoyment you will find jet skis, pedal boats and sun loungers for sunbathing.
  • Terraces overlooking the sea
  • Tourist information point

Parties and fun

On Troya II beach you will find the famous Monkey Beach Club, a great place for all those who go for fun and want to have a good time with friends and family.

Here you can enjoy cocktails, taste delicious food and have a great time at the parties that are organised there.


Hotel Palm Beach Pool View next to Playa de Troya

In addition to enjoying the beach, the promenade is lined with shopping centres, flats, hotels, restaurants, ATMs and taxi ranks.

How to get there

Depending on your location, you can take one of the 5 urban transport lines that pass close to the beach. They are: 416, 441, 472 and 473.

But if you are too far away you can hire a car and head for the municipality of Costa Adeje.

Generally, the busiest times are on Sunday afternoons in summer. So now you have a new place to go and get your body moving by the sea.


Playa Troya - Costa Adeje Beach (1)

We always say that safety starts with ourselves. To help you decide the sea conditions you should be aware of the flags that are set up for such information.

According to their colour you will know if you can dive at that moment, according to the following code:

  • Red flag: no diving allowed
  • Yellow flag: You may dive but be careful.
  • Green flag: you can swim and enjoy the waters in peace and quiet.

Photos of Troya Beach

Playa Troya - Costa Adeje Beach (12)Playa Troya - Costa Adeje Beach (13)Playa Troya - Costa Adeje Beach (11)Playa Troya - Costa Adeje Beach (10)Playa Troya - Costa Adeje Beach (9)Playa Troya - Costa Adeje Beach (8)Playa Troya - Costa Adeje Beach (7)Hotel Palm Beach Pool View next to Playa de TroyaPlaya Troya - Costa Adeje Beach (5)Playa Troya - Costa Adeje Beach (4)Playa Troya - Costa Adeje Beach (3)Playa Troya - Costa Adeje Beach (2)Playa Troya - Costa Adeje Beach (1)


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