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Means of transport in Tenerife, explore the island by land, sea and air

In this text you will find a complete list of means of transport in Tenerife. Find various alternatives for visitors, you can get around Tenerife by car, taxi, boat, tram, helicopter and more. Here are the types of transport available on the island with some useful tips.

Tour Tenerife by hire car

explore tenerife by car rental

You can rent a car when you arrive at the airport or at one of the offices in the most important tourist centres of the island. Car hire is a great way to explore Tenerife at your own pace. However, it’s not the best idea if you’re not familiar with the island. You’re likely to be exposed to traffic jams, parking difficulties and you’ll need to take extra care when driving on narrow roads.

Private Transfer Service

This service is becoming increasingly popular on the island. You can hire a chauffeur-driven car for transfers to and from the airport, to your accommodation or to local resorts. There are several options, including shared bus transfers, private transfers and VIP transfers. This service differs from taxis in that they offer a fixed price, regardless of the distance and time of the transfer. Tourists choose this option to enjoy a more comfortable service and exclusive attention.

Taxi lines

taxi tenerife

Among the means of transport in Tenerife, taxis are an excellent option. They are easy to locate and provide a more personalised experience. Different taxi lines operate in Tenerife, but they are all recognisable by their distinctive white colour and a green light indicating availability. You can hire them using your mobile phone or from the hotel where you are staying. It is an excellent option for getting to specific places on the island. Taxis are metered and prices vary according to season. You can also arrange a fixed-price tour of the island.

Tour Tenerife by bus

bus tenerife

Tenerife has more than 200 bus routes run by TITSA. The buses are the most popular means of public transport on the island and are known as “guaguas”. They are identified by a striking green colour. You will always find a bus stop near the airports and the main tourist centres of Tenerife. Bus transfers are inexpensive, but are a disadvantage in high season, due to the large number of tourists on the island. The cost of the transfer is paid when you board the bus, but if you are staying for a longer period you can buy a bono-bus with a 50% saving. Public bus transfers are timetabled and are slower than car transfers.

Guided tours of Tenerife

VIP Excursion La Gomera (3)

The guided excursions in Tenerife include the transfer, entrance fees to the places of interest and a professional guide. It is the most practical, quickest and most complete way to get to know the island, as opposed to the aforementioned means of public transport. Don’t worry about driving, looking for directions or choosing which sites to visit. The guides are passionate about Tenerife, sharing anecdotes, stories and characteristics of each place. You can hire private or shared excursions. Guided tours are the best way to explore Tenerife because of their many advantages and their value for money.

Transferring by Urban Tramtranvia urbano

Travelling by tram is also a way of getting around Tenerife. The only train on the island is run by the Compañía Metropolitano de Tenerife (MTSA) with two routes available. You can use it to travel between Santa Cruz de Tenerife and La Laguna or to travel between La Cuesta and Tíncer. The ticket is purchased at the station and validated when boarding the train. The tram routes connect with the bus stops to make it easier for you to get around Tenerife. It’s a little-known but very economical and accessible option, with facilities for prams and wheelchairs.

Helicopter flights over the island


If the traditional means of transport in Tenerife are not enough for you, we propose you a helicopter adventure with your family and friends. Admire the beautiful views of Tenerife without obstacles between you and the different landscapes. Hire different routes to fly over the tourist centres of the area, natural monuments, cities and villages. In addition to taking unique photographs, the pilot will share with you interesting facts about each location.

Transfers by ferry to and from Tenerife

ferry tenerife

Tenerife offers different options to sail along its coasts, enjoy the sea and admire its marvellous views. The different ferry routes connect Tenerife with the peninsula and the rest of the islands of the archipelago. It offers great advantages over other means of transport in Tenerife. You can take your car, pets and more luggage.

Boat trips on the sea in Tenerife

group of friends, family

You can also hire boats to sail the Atlantic Ocean, enjoy the sea, share a nice time with friends and take a refreshing dip. Choose from luxury yachts, catamarans, motorboats, sailing boats and more. The boats depart from the main ports of Tenerife. On our website you will find a wide range of boats for hire to cruise the sea. If you wish to hire any of our activities or have any questions, please do not hesitate to write to our WhatsApp.

Move around Tenerife on a bicyclebicycle-tenerife

If you prefer to exercise and get away from the crowds of traditional means of transport, the bicycle is the best option for you. They are ideal for getting around the area where you are staying and exploring the island over short distances. You will find many shops that rent bicycles to suit all tastes. The south coast of Tenerife is a cyclist-friendly area. Take a close look at the beauty of its beaches while feeling the wind on your face. Further away from the tourist centres, you’ll find challenging trails for expert cyclists with steep paths and tricky obstacles.

Quad tours through forests and volcanic landscapes

Quad Safari Costa Adeje

The ideal option for the more adventurous. The quads are all-terrain vehicles with which you can drive along wooded roads through breathtaking landscapes. We recommend you to go quad biking in Tenerife to enjoy the adrenaline and experience a new way of touring the island.

Although there are different means of transport available in Tenerife, if you want to explore the island in comfort, it would be better to hire a guided tour of Tenerife. Forget your worries and leave the tour in the hands of the experts. To clarify your doubts or hire our services, do not hesitate to write to our WhatsApp.

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