What to do on a stag or hen party in Tenerife

What to do on a stag or hen party in Tenerife

If you are looking for what to do for a stag or hen party in Tenerife, look no further. Our company has many years of experience and we know exactly what activities you can do to celebrate your stag or hen party in style and take home fantastic memories.

Tenerife is a great island, it has everything you need to enjoy and spend some dream days. It is the perfect destination for your stag party because it has sun all year round and various activities for everyone to enjoy.

What to do on a stag / hen party in Tenerife

Below you will find the options recommended by our clients who have celebrated their stag / hen parties in Tenerife. Thanks to our experience we know which are the activities that leave everyone pleased and with a big smile on their faces. You can not fail to include any of these activities in your list, as they will make you live rewarding experiences.

We wish you all the best in your new married life and hope you enjoy the following activities to the fullest, so that you can arrive at the altar with a big smile and lots of enthusiasm:

Chilltopia, the best boat party in Tenerife

Chilltopia Boat Party Tenerife (5)

We believe that this option cannot be missing in your plans, because you can’t say goodbye to your bachelorhood without having a party and what better way than having a boat party in Tenerife.

We offer you a catamaran trip on the south coast of Tenerife for you to enjoy with your friends. Enjoy 3 hours of fun with an open bar and the most famous DJs of the Tenerife nightlife. To add to the fun, we give you the opportunity to swim in the open sea to cool off and keep the party going.

Adrenaline and fun guaranteed in Siam Park

Siam Park, Water Park in Tenerife South

This is known as one of the best water parks in Europe and within its facilities the adrenaline vibrates in every corner. It is a water park with Thai design and fabulous attractions for you and your friends to enjoy to the fullest.

Enjoy its super high slides, huge wave pools, artificial beaches with white sand for you to enjoy the sun lying on the sand. Each of the attractions generates such a high level of euphoria that it will be difficult to forget the day.

After you’ve had your fill of fun and want to recharge your batteries, you can head to one of the restaurants where you’ll find good food with bold flavours.

A well-deserved day of relaxation in Aqua Club Termal

Agua Termal Spa Tenerife South (6)

We all deserve a moment to release tension and soothe the stress out of our bodies and for that, Aqua Club Termal has everything you need. Take your friends to enjoy different aesthetic services, massages, gymnastics and thermal system to stimulate the health of the organism.

Take some time to relax and renew your energies to continue enjoying the pleasures that the most fabulous island of the archipelago has to offer.

Boat charter with skipper

Tenerife catamaran charter for 45 persons

This is one of the unmissable activities in Tenerife. If you want to spend a day at sea with your friends, we recommend you to rent a boat with skipper so that you don’t have to worry about driving the boat.

The skippered boats are ideal for groups who want to enjoy the sea in the hands of an expert. Excursions include dolphin and whale watching, sightseeing in the bay, water activities and the possibility of taking a dip in the water for a swim and snorkelling.

We have the best boats in the south of Tenerife with different plans and itineraries for different tastes. Write to us to guide you and help you choose a boat with captain to celebrate your stag or hen party in Tenerife as you dreamed it.

Teide National Park

Volcan Teide - Teide National Parque (3).min

If you take your friends to Tenerife, a visit to the Teide National Park is a must. This is an iconic natural environment of Tenerife where you will find Mount Teide with the highest peak in Spain at over 3700 metres.

The volcano is still active and last erupted in 1909. You have many options to enjoy with your friends, one of the most popular being the ascent to the summit in the cable car. Once at the top you will have a panoramic view of all the islands of the archipelago.

Other activities available are the ascent on foot with a private guide. We have private excursions to see the park during the day and also at night. In the park there is an astronomical station where you can see up to 8 constellations.

The list of options is diverse and there is not enough time in one day to enjoy them all. Check on our website all the activities you can do in Teide during your stag or hen party and contact us to help you decide and make your request.

Hire a package of jet ski, parascending and fly fish

Jetski in tenerife south

For sure you want to feel the adrenaline running through your veins to go to your wedding with the best energy. For this, we suggest you to go with your friends to the beach and enjoy the sea with all your senses.

The packages with water activities include dynamic jet skis, parascending to fly like birds and fly fish to enjoy like children. If you came to this text because you didn’t know what to do for a stag or hen party in Tenerife, now you won’t know what activities to choose among so many options.

Set aside a day for a scuba diving baptism

diving in tenerife south

You can’t leave Tenerife without learning to dive with the best. During this activity, a team of professional divers show you the basics of scuba diving and take you to practice at shallow depths. This is an activity not to be missed in Tenerife, an island privileged by nature with a marvellous seabed, full of natural charms and varied marine fauna.

On the seabed in the south of Tenerife you will find many ravines, caves and arches. The water remains crystal clear even at depths of more than 40 metres, so you will be able to clearly enjoy the marine fauna, such as the jacks, groupers, jacks, trumpet fish, garden eels and corals. You will also find some sunken ships inside which marine life such as octopus and moray eels have settled.

End the day with a Drag Queen Show

MHT Tenerife08

Get ready to laugh like never before and forget your worries thanks to the thrills of the show. This is an all-English evening event with comedy and food included.

The show is put on by a jovial cast who manage to entertain the audience. The evening progresses amidst the laughter, colours and sequins. Your friends will take away great memories and will have plenty to talk about months after your Tenerife stag party.

Experience Spain’s iconic Flamenco Party

Flamenco Sala Nightshow Tenerife (4)

Enjoy a divine show hosted by a professional dancer. The show includes flamenco, singing and Spanish dance. The most important flamenco palos are presented and you will be able to dance with joy and enthusiasm, infected by the passion and strength of the dancers.

Now that you know what to do at a stag party in Tenerife, you can’t decide between so many options and we understand you. Tenerife is the best and everyone wants to come and enjoy. We invite you to write to us to help you organise your stag party in Tenerife if you are looking for beach, party, fun and a lot of satisfaction.

Stag and hen parties in Tenerife

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