Water sports in Los Cristianos

Water sports in Los Cristianos


In this opportunity we want to share with you the complete list of water sports in Los Cristianos. Stay until the end and discover why Los Cristianos receives thousands of visitors every year, who come delighted by its beaches and various water activities.

With us you can choose from different options to enjoy the best of Los Cristianos. We have boat trips and different boats to suit the needs of the client. You can choose a quiet catamaran ride, a romantic sailing trip, a luxury yacht to share with the members or a catamaran for dolphin and whale watching and much more.

Below is a list of water sports and activities in the Christians so that you can make plans for your next holiday.

Jet skis

Jetski in tenerife south

Riding a jet ski is one of the most exciting experiences you can have on the water. Take control and sail over the water leaving all your worries behind. Don’t think twice and make a note on your bucket list of this amazing experience that will leave you smiling all day long. All the scooters are in top condition and easy to handle. You will also have the best experts guiding you so you can learn everything you need to know.


Parascending in Tenerife South

This is a very fun and amazing activity in which you will soar up to 100 metres and enjoy the views of the island as if you were a bird. After the ride you will descend and touch the water with your feet as you approach the boat. It’s a totally safe experience where you can share with another person next to you. Lifejackets are provided and the boats are controlled by experts with many years of experience with water activities in Los Cristianos and other locations in Tenerife.

Kayak and canoe tours

Safari with Kayak in Tenerife South (1)

This is a leisurely activity where you can paddle at your own pace on the crystal clear waters of the sea. The tours include the best areas of the bay so that you can enjoy the best views and see the most beautiful places in Los Gigantes. It is suitable for everyone and you will have all the necessary equipment for your safety. The excursion is done in small groups with an instructor in charge who will make the decisions for the tour.

Diving and snorkelling

diving in tenerife south

Get ready to dive into the depths of the Mediterranean and explore all its beauties. It is an exciting experience where you can share with the marine animals in their natural habitat. Don’t worry about anything, we provide all the equipment and help you need. The best places for scuba diving are remote and must be reached by kayak or boat, making the experience even more entertaining because you can enjoy the cliffs, see the Teide from the sea and watch the birds that surround the place. It is also common to get close to the areas where some whales and dolphins pass by.


Very close to Los Cristianos, at Las Américas beach, there are perfect conditions for getting on a board and taming the waves. The weather there is pleasant and there are usually good waves. During the summer you can surf without a wetsuit, but in winter temperatures drop to 19 degrees Celsius, so you should wear more protection. As for the waves, some of them can reach up to 3 metres and because of the action of the rocks, they are recommended for expert surfers. There are also quieter areas for beginners.

You will find dozens of surfers who come every weekend and during the holidays to have fun and get out of the routine. We remind you that as it is a rocky area, the waves sometimes meet the rocks and you must release them at the right time.

Boat charters

Tenerife motor boat charter Fairline 42 foot

Last but not least we could not forget to mention the boat trips that take us out to sea to disconnect from the routine and relax with the sound of the waves. During the boat trips you can enjoy a quiet trip or have a party to celebrate a special date on the waters of the Mediterranean. You will also have the chance to enjoy the sighting of dolphins and whales, the tours include the places where these beautiful cetaceans pass by.

We also offer motor boat trips to enjoy the sea and its charms. Relax on the boat seats while the captain shares his knowledge of the island. We also have luxury yachts for small groups, sailing boats for a romantic outing, catamarans to explore the Atlantic waters and many more options. Depending on the characteristics of the boat and the trip, meals, snacks and drinks are available for the whole family.

We hope we have solved all your doubts related to sports.

Boat Hire in Los Cristianos

Water Sports in Los Cristianos

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