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Things to do in Los Cristianos

Los Cristianos is a small and charming village located in the south of Tenerife, right next to the famous Playa de Las Americas. Along with Las Americas and Costa Adeje, Los Cristianos is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Tenerife.

Los Cristianos is a beautiful locality that receives thousands of visitors annually. We invite you to stroll through its central streets, visit the Sunday market, try the local food and simply enjoy its relaxed atmosphere.

Facts about Los Cristianos, Tenerife

los cristianos holiday resort

If you are thinking of choosing Los Cristianos for your holiday, you would probably like to know a bit more about the place. If you want to find out what things you can do in Los Cristianos, here you will find a lot of Things to do in Los Cristianos Tenerife. But first we are going to give you some general information about the place. Check it out to plan your holiday and get the most out of it.


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The climate in Los Cristianos is very mild, the sunny weather and warm temperature allow you to enjoy this lovely resort all year round.


The closest airport to Los Cristianos is Reina Sofia Airport. The distance from the airport to Los Cristianos is about 17 km, so it will take you less than 30 minutes by bus and about 15 minutes by taxi or car. The bus will drop you off at the main bus stop in Los Cristianos, from where you can walk or take a taxi to your accommodation.


When it comes to accommodation in Los Cristianos you can find everything from 5 to 4 star all-inclusive hotels to hostels or rented flats.

If you haven’t taken an all-inclusive holiday and are thinking about where to eat in Los Cristianos, there are plenty of good restaurants, offering Spanish, Canarian, English, Italian, Indian, Chinese and other types of cuisine. There are also many English and Irish bars with live music or karaoke.

Full list of the best things to do in Los Cristianos

And now we finally come to the things to do in Tenerife. Below we have selected for you the most popular and recommended excursions and activities you can do in Tenerife, so take a look.

Excursions in Tenerife

As you know, Tenerife is not only about sun, beach and ocean. It is also about beautiful nature, authentic architecture and rich culture. All this you can appreciate with our island tours by bus.

Excursion to Teide National Park

Volcan Teide - Teide National Parque (1).min

There are a few must-see places, but the number one is of course the famous volcano Teide. You can visit it on a half-day or full-day Teide-Masca excursion, where you will see other impressive places, such as the authentic village of Masca, Garachico and Icod de Los Vinos.

We remind you that Mount Teide is the star of the island. You must visit it during your holidays in Tenerife to be able to say that you got to know the island completely. Mount Teide has a height of over 3700 metres above sea level. From its summit you can look out over the whole of the Canary archipelago, weather permitting. Climbing the peak of Teide is a rewarding experience because you will have the island at your feet and you will be happy to know that you are in the highest place in Spain.

Masca, which is another of the villages covered by our excursions, is a beautiful village with dreamlike landscapes. When you visit Mascas you feel as if you have been transported to another world. You breathe a fresh and renewed air. Its landscapes and rugged relief create unique and captivating views. You can also visit the village of Garachico, famous for its natural pools, and Icod de Los Vinos, home to the oldest tree you have ever seen, which has been giving oxygen to its visitors for more than 3 millennia.

Excursions around the island of Tenerife

But you shouldn’t stay in Los Cristianos during your holiday. Tenerife has a lot to offer and we are eager to show it to you. With our excursions around the island we take you to the most interesting places in Tenerife. We have expert guides with a lot of knowledge about the island and its history.

Stroll through the streets of Tenerife, visit the shopping centres and buy beautiful souvenirs in the small shops. Savour our food and taste good wines. You will find all this and more in Tenerife as well as dreamlike landscapes with evergreen forests and beautiful beaches.

Day trip to La Gomera

VIP Excursion La Gomera (8)

You can also take a day trip to the neighbouring island of La Gomera. After being picked up from your hotel, you’ll take a ferry from the port of Los Cristianos and in less than an hour you’ll be on La Gomera, where you’ll spend a great day, getting to know its stunning natural landscapes and culture, including the mind-blowing local whistling language.

Star tourism in Tenerife

If you are an astronomy enthusiast, we have good news for you. In Tenerife you can observe outer space and discover the secrets of the cosmos. In the Teide National Park there is a very powerful astronomical observatory where you can observe planets, stars and constellations.

With our Teide excursions at night you can use the wide-range telescopes to observe the celestial plane in the company of certified Starlights. Our Starlights will explain in detail everything you will find during your observation while sharing myths and legends related to outer space.

This is a fabulous activity for true astronomy lovers that you can’t miss during your holidays in Tenerife. Also, if you visit the park at sunset you will be able to enjoy the most colourful sunsets you have ever seen. We cannot fail to mention that through the solar observatory you will be able to see our sun up close, that is to say, get to know its sunspots and admire the dance of flames that takes place on its surface.

Boat trips from Los Cristianos Tenerife

CAPELLI TEMPEST 900 Boat Rental without skipper

Another popular pastime in Tenerife is a boat trip. With a boat trip you can watch whales and dolphins all year round, enjoy the sun and relax. We offer different options for boat trips. You can choose by type of boat and duration of the trip. If you choose a 4.5 hour trip, you will also have the possibility to see the impressive cliffs of Los Gigantes.

Luxury yacht charter in Tenerife

On our website we offer different options for all tastes. If you want to spend a day with a select group of guests or celebrate an important event we suggest you to charter a luxury yacht. We offer luxurious boats with first class finishes for a first class experience. With the luxury yacht you can tour the bay, visit the cliffs and see cetaceans in their natural habitat.

Speedboat charter with Sur Opera 33

Speedboats allow us to enjoy the sea and feel closer to it. They are small boats that reach high speeds. They are ideal for a day out with our close friends. Take your girlfriend for a romantic getaway or to make that marriage proposal you’ve been thinking about.

Enjoy a day of sun and adventure on the sea of Tenerife. With a private speedboat charter you can enjoy the sea unaccompanied by strangers. The trip includes whale and dolphin watching, a stop in the bay for snorkelling and scuba diving. Drinks and meals are also included.

Sailing yacht charter in Tenerife South

tenerife-sailing-boat-charter-white-tenerife (5)

This is another type of boat that we put at your disposal. Sailboats offer comfort and convenience. Because of their romantic style, they are ideal for taking your partner out for a relaxing day at sea. You can also take your family or work colleagues to disconnect from routine and stress.

Catamaran charter Tenerife Los Cristianos

With our catamaran trips you can enjoy a great day at sea. Share with your friends and celebrate life. The excursion takes you to the place where the cetaceans frequent. It is very likely that a friendly dolphin will show up to greet you and along with him, many companions.

Private fishing trip

This is another great activity to do in Los Cristianos. It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or a fisherman at heart with the ocean in your veins. We offer you different fishing vessels equipped with first class equipment. We guarantee that you will have everything you need for a successful fishing trip. In addition we have a first class crew with solid knowledge of fishing and the bay of Tenerife. We do not guarantee that you will catch a fish but from our experience, we are almost certain that you will.

The atmosphere on the boat is pleasant and enjoyable. Our guests tell us how relaxing the excursion is. Take the opportunity to admire the coastline and the vastness of the sea while you wait for a fish to take your bait. Let the sea take your worries away and enjoy the tranquility of the marine environment.

Celebrate special events on board a boat

If you want to celebrate an event, the best way to do it is by boat. It is one of the favourite ways in Tenerife to pay tribute to those we love the most or to celebrate important dates. We recommend you to rent a boat to celebrate:

  • Birthday
  • Wedding anniversaries
  • Graduations
  • Job promotions
  • Stag and hen parties
  • Important dates such as Valentine’s Day
  • Any important date that deserves to be celebrated in a big way
  • Water and adventure sports

Fishing, JetSkiing, Parascending and other water sports are also available to do in or from Los Cristianos.


With paragliding you can have a fascinating panoramic view of the south coast of Tenerife.

Quad safari

The Quad Safari will allow you to discover the most beautiful landscapes of Tenerife in the most fun way.

Diving in the depths of the sea

Try Dive in Tenerife South

We have different activities for scuba diving in Tenerife. If you have never dived before, we suggest the activity for first time divers. During this activity, an expert instructor will guide you on everything you need to know for the dive. Our instructors are professional experts with extensive experience in the sector. After having received the theoretical knowledge, you will be ready for the dive. Go down to a depth of 7 metres and swim with the marine fauna of the bay of Tenerife. This is an amazing experience you will never forget. We are sure you will come back during your next holiday to repeat it.

We also have different courses for experienced divers who wish to improve their diving skills. In addition to this, we have dive packages for those who wish to explore the seabed on another level. If you want to go deeper while being supported by professional equipment, we are here to help you. If you would like to see all the options available, we invite you to consult the list at the end of this text. There you will find details of all the diving activities in Los Cristianos.

Safari kayak tour in Tenerife

Safari with Kayak in Tenerife South (1)

This is another fabulous activity that you should not miss during your stay on the island. Share a fun adventure with your friends. Everyone must cooperate to make the canoe move forward. Test your strength and coordination to take the boats as far as they want to go.

Theme parks in Tenerife

If you are looking for things to do in Los Cristianos with children we recommend you to visit the theme parks in Tenerife. On our website you will find different options to take the kids and enjoy with the whole family in the park. Below we will tell you about some of the best ones, remember that at the end of the text you will find a complete list of all the activities.

Siam Park

Vista Siam Park in Costa Adeje, this is an extraordinary water park with amazing rides and attractions. It is our number one recommendation as the sensations you will experience here will be hard to repeat anywhere else. It is considered the most fun park in all of Europe because of its fantastic slides and pools. It also includes rides for children, playgrounds, rest areas and restaurants with excellent food.

Jungle Park

Jungle Park Tenerife (3)

Another park to include on your list of things to do in Los Cristianos is the Jungle Park which is home to many different species of animals. Take the kids to enjoy this amazing zoo full of beautiful species such as lions, meerkats, jaguars, crocodiles, birds and many more. Being inside Jungle Park you will feel like you are in a real jungle full of vegetation, streams and hanging bridges.

Loro Park

Loro Parque Tenerife with Transport

Last but not least we would like to mention Loro Parque, located in the north of Tenerife. Here you will find fabulous attractions for children and marine animal shows that will dazzle everyone. Get ready to enjoy the charm of the dolphins, killer whales and sea lions. In addition to the animals you will find in Loro Parque, you will be able to feast your eyes on the beautiful flowers and vegetation that decorate its facilities. The name of this park is given by the immense amount of parrots that inhabit the place, which also offer fabulous shows to the visitors.

Other parks you should visit during your stay in Los Cristianos are Monkey Park and Camel Park which you can find more information about in the list at the end of the text.

Night time shows

In addition to all that Tenerife has to offer during the day, we also have plenty of comedy shows to bring out the biggest smiles in our visitors. One of the highlights is the Music Hall Tavern, which is a Drag Queens show with lots of talent and great performances. Leave the tension at home and come and laugh like never before, the show includes food and is conducted entirely in English.

We have a medieval show with knights fighting in the midst of the guests. We also invite you to see the Gladiux set in Imperial Rome with gladiators fighting on horses. Information about each of these shows in Tenerife can be found at the end of the text.


These are all the things to do in Los Cristianos Tenerife. Now make your choice. To book your excursion or activity just fill in the booking request form or contact us directly by WhatsApp. You can do our activities directly in Los Cristianos. We also offer free pick up from your hotel in Los Cristianos.

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younes benkahla
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Capitaine tres gentil et très compréhensible ne pense pas qu’à l’argent et pense d’abord à la sécurité et surtout à la bonne expérience de la clientèle je recommande !
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Guillermo González Meyer
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Alquilamos una excursión para ver cetáceos y dar un paseo de 3h. En general la experiencia estuvo bien. Toda la gestión de reserva fue fácil y el trato con Bananapalmbay fue un gusto.
Al llegar al barco tuvimos alguna confusión con lo acordado, pero tras comunicarse la empresa del barco con Bananapalmbay se solucionó y pudimos disfrutar del viaje. Además vimos ballenas piloto.
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