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Dolphin and whale watching from Los Cristianos

Whale and dolphin watching from Los Cristianos Tenerife is one of the most requested activities by our clients. Los Cristianos is a very important tourist area on the island, so it receives tourists looking for warmth and fun all year round.

In this article we present you the list of activities available for whale watching in Tenerife that you can book from Los Cristianos. We have transport for this region of the island and other important tourist centres. All you have to do is write to our WhatsApp to clarify doubts, evaluate the availability of dates and make your reservations.

Dolphin and Whale Watching from Los Cristianos Tenerife

Don’t miss the opportunity to see cetaceans in their natural habitat. Our boats are safe for the environment and the marine animals, so you won’t have to worry about anything.

Dolphins jumping in Tenerife South

The boats that offer this service are committed to providing a quality tourist service while respecting the marine life. Enjoy a fascinating experience without affecting the life of the dolphins, pilot whales and whales.

Through this activity you will be able to see whales and dolphins strolling happily and the occasional playful whale cruising back and forth in the ocean. Tourists are amazed to see this natural spectacle that is difficult to find in other places. We invite you to take photos, record videos and watch them with respect.

During the boat trip in Tenerife you can sunbathe, relax on the boat, enjoy the views of the coast, share with family, friends and partner, look at the grandeur of Los Gigantes Cliffs and Masca Bay. Take the opportunity to swim and play with water toys with the excursions that include a stop at some point along the coast of Tenerife.

List of marine species you can see in Tenerife

Now we will tell you about the different species that can be seen from the boat in Tenerife South. We remind you that there are species that inhabit this area perennially and others that appear at specific times of the year.

Bottlenose dolphin

The areas in the southwest of Tenerife have the highest reproduction rate of bottlenose dolphins in the whole of Europe. Being one of the best known and most abundant species in Tenerife, you can easily see them in the bay.

Their scientific name is Tursiops truncatus. They have a dark grey colour on the upper part which degrades into lighter tones towards the lower part of the body. They appear a short distance off the coast of Tenerife and are the best known species of dolphin in the area. They have an average size of 2.6 metres, the females being smaller than the males. However, older specimens reach lengths of over 3 metres. They can be seen throughout the year in specific areas of the bay.

Pilot whale

Its scientific name is Globicephala macrorinchus. This species belongs to the family of dolphinidae and is part of the whale category. It is a large cetacean that can reach 5 metres in length and weigh up to 2 tons. It appears throughout the year.

Common dolphin

Its scientific name is Delphinus delphis. This is the most popular species worldwide, so you are likely to have seen them before. If you visit Tenerife in winter it is very likely that you will see them passing by on their migratory route. They reach a length of 2.5 metres and 120 kilograms. You can tell them apart by the yellow colouring on the sides of their bodies.

False killer whale

Its scientific name is Pseudorca crassidens. They are very friendly cetaceans and are a real crowd pleaser. They are characterised by their slender, elongated body shape and fins with elbows at the ends. They are deep grey in colour. They can reach 1,500 kilograms in weight and up to 6 metres in length. They are a migratory species, so you will only be able to see them if your holiday coincides with the time when they are passing through Tenerife.

In addition to these species, you will also be able to see other cetaceans such as:

  • Bryde’s whale
  • Striped dolphin
  • Risso’s dolphin
  • Sperm whale
  • Northern minke whale
  • Fin whale
  • Pygmy sperm whale
  • Fraser’s dolphin
  • Killer whale
  • among others

Private whale and dolphin watching excursion in Los Cristianos

In the list below you will find the boats available for exclusive whale and dolphin watching trips. Celebrate special events with your loved ones and no one else.

Rent a spacious catamaran for 11 persons with Kalima

Tenerife - Boat Charter - (6).minCelebrate life at sea aboard this spacious 36ft catamaran. You’ll find plenty of space for you and your guests’ comfort. Choose from 3 to 8 hour cruises for maximum enjoyment.

You will have the opportunity to see cetaceans in their natural habitat, swim and snorkel, visit the impressive Los Gigantes Cliffs and Masca Bay.

3 hour speed boat charter with White Heaven

Tenerife Speed Boat Charter, Puerto Colon
Come and enjoy with your family or friends on the sea with this wonderful boat. This activity is available for 11 people so everyone will feel comfortable and relaxed. In addition to whale watching, you will visit the coves of Puertito de Adeje or Diego Hernandez. Snorkelling equipment, drinks and snacks are included in the price.

Private boat charter for whale watching with Galatea

Sailing Boat Charter in Tenerife Galatea
Share with your friends and family on this wonderful sailing boat with a maximum capacity of 7 passengers. You will be able to see cetaceans in their natural environment and take beautiful pictures. After the sighting, you will go to cool off in a beautiful cove. Enjoy a wonderful day in the ocean in total exclusivity. Snorkelling equipment, drinks and snacks are included.

Shared whale and dolphin watching excursions from Los Cristianos Tenerife South
In the following list you will find the boats available for shared whale and dolphin watching. Enjoy the sea, the sun, the sea breeze and the cetaceans.

Boat trip to Los Gigantes with Freebird

catamaran tour in Tenerife with Freebird

catamaran tour in Tenerife with Freebird

With this 3 hour boat trip you can see whales and dolphins in Tenerife, visit the cliffs of Los Gigantes and cool off in the crystal clear waters of the bay.

The boat heads towards the waters between Tenerife and La Gomera, where you are more likely to see bottlenose dolphins and pilot whales. In addition, you will be able to see other species that pass through the area at different times of the year such as the Atlantic spotted dolphin and the sperm whale.

After whale watching, the Freebird heads towards Los Gigantes Cliffs to marvel at their grandeur. After this, the boat takes you to the beautiful Masca Bay to have a swim and play in the sand. At the end, you will have a delicious lunch and then return to the harbour.

Dolphin and whale watching with Eden catamaran from Los Cristianos

eden catamaran tour tenerife
Enjoy this 2 hour whale and dolphin watching activity in Tenerife. The boat departs from Puerto Colon to the island of La Gomera. We look for the specific places where whale and dolphin sightings are most likely to occur, so there is a high probability of seeing cetaceans in their natural habitat.

You can also hire the Eden catamaran for 3 hours to cool off in the sea. If you opt for the 3 hour activity you will have the opportunity to go down to the bay for a swim and share with friends. This activity includes water, soft drink and beer.

Excursion with Royal Dolphin to see whales and dolphins in Los Cristianos

royal delfin tenerife los gigantes (59)
If you are staying in Los Cristianos you should not miss the opportunity to see whales and dolphins on board our sensational Royal Dolphin. We are talking about a great catamaran of great size and excellent features to spend an incredible day at sea.

The Royal Dolphin has glass windows in the floor through which you will be able to see the marine animals strolling peacefully under the boat. In addition to this, it is equipped with different cameras that record the marine activity near the boat and then transmit it through the televisions on deck. As you can see, this boat offers you a different and complete way to see whales and dolphins in Tenerife.

The excursion departs from the port of Puerto Colón for the waters between La Gomera and Tenerife, the area with the greatest presence of cetaceans. Here you will be lucky to see bottlenose dolphins and pilot whales. We can’t guarantee that you will see these cetaceans but there is a good chance that they will appear close to the boat. You are also likely to see a sperm whale or rough-toothed dolphin passing by, but these only appear at specific times of the year. The activity includes a stop at Masca Bay for refreshments and lunch.

Whale watching trip to Los Gigantes with Maxicat

maxicat catamaran tenerife
We offer you this great activity for 3 hours to see cetaceans from Los Cristianos in Tenerife. You can also book the activity for 5 hours to enjoy the experience for longer and see other places in the bay of Tenerife South.

The Maxicat is a fabulous boat with which you will be able to see whales and dolphins in their natural habitat. The boat departs from the harbour of Puerto Colon in search of whales and dolphins. Once in the area we are likely to see some of the marine animals that come up to say hello. Remember that the cetaceans of Tenerife are used to boats and are not afraid to approach.

The activity also includes a stop at Masca Bay for swimming and snorkelling. Lunch and transport is included.

Transfer from different places in Los Cristianos

Full HD - los-cristianos-beach-compressed
We remind you that we have different boats on our website for different purposes. You can come to Tenerife to celebrate your bachelor party or to declare your love on board of a boat. We offer majestic sailing boats, comfortable yachts and other boats. If you want to enjoy an unforgettable day at sea, we have what you need.

If you wish to book any of these whale watching activities from Los Cristianos, just write to us on WhatsApp to make your reservation.

Remember to make your reservations several days in advance to make sure you find available places for the desired date. It is an honour for us to serve you and we know exactly what you need so do not hesitate to contact us.

At the end of the text you will find a list of activities available for tourists staying in Los Cristianos. We invite you to go through the different activities and log in to find out more details. Attached to each activity you will also find a contact form that you can fill out to get in touch with us. We are waiting for you in Tenerife, start planning your holidays and trust us, we have a lot of experience in the sector and we can help you to choose the activity that best suits you.




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Boat Charters in Los Cristianos

Whale Watching in Los Cristianos

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What our customers say:
Dean Smith
Dean Smith
17. November, 2022.
Definitely recommend to include in your trip when visiting Tenerife. One of the best days we had! Amazing service and nice touch with water and snacks!
Maria Stanko
Maria Stanko
14. November, 2022.
Es war eine grandiose Reise, das Personal war sehr freundlich und zuvorkommend, das Schiff sauber und das Essen lecker. Sehr beeindruckend waren die Wale, Delfine und die wunderschöne Natur Teneriffas.
Gillian Webster
Gillian Webster
2. November, 2022.
I hired the atlanca boat as a surprise for my husbands 40th birthday and it was honestly the best day and lots of fun. Easy to book, when we arrived Patrick did the paperwork and explained everything then Fran gave us all the safety information on how to ride the boat. Everything was provided and additional special touches were much appreciated. They were both great, really friendly and put us at ease. We had 3 hours booked and we got the full time, everything excellent. Highly recommended. Thank you
Shaun Daymond
Shaun Daymond
28. October, 2022.
Very easy to deal with over WhatsApp. Booked 5 months in advance and had no issues with the booking at all. Boat was lovely and friendly skipper 👍🏻
Banana Palm Bay
Banana Palm Bay
4. August, 2022.
Can only recommend it ;)
Juan Antonio RT
Juan Antonio RT
26. July, 2022.
Hemos disfrutado de un paseo en barco por la costa de Adeje divisadlo cetáceos. Muy recomendable. La tripulación muy amable en todo momento pendiente de nosotros.
younes benkahla
younes benkahla
5. July, 2022.
Capitaine tres gentil et très compréhensible ne pense pas qu’à l’argent et pense d’abord à la sécurité et surtout à la bonne expérience de la clientèle je recommande !
Guillermo González Meyer
Guillermo González Meyer
14. June, 2022.
Alquilamos una excursión para ver cetáceos y dar un paseo de 3h. En general la experiencia estuvo bien. Toda la gestión de reserva fue fácil y el trato con Bananapalmbay fue un gusto.
Al llegar al barco tuvimos alguna confusión con lo acordado, pero tras comunicarse la empresa del barco con Bananapalmbay se solucionó y pudimos disfrutar del viaje. Además vimos ballenas piloto.
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