Outdoor activities in Tenerife

Outdoor activities in Tenerife


If you are looking for activities to enjoy nature and active tourism, we have what you need. Today we want to present you the list of the best outdoor activities you can do in Tenerife.

Don’t stay in your hotel, go outside and explore Tenerife with all your senses. This magical island offers you incredible activities to get out of the routine, have fun and breathe fresh air.

Get ready to live incredible experiences full of adrenaline and excitement. Recharge your energies to enjoy:

Beach day with the brightest sun in Spain

We have spectacular beaches that attract tourists all year round.

Enjoy beautiful beaches with dark sand as a result of volcanic action. In the north of the island we have great coasts with calm waves for the whole family to enjoy. We recommend Playa de El Bollullo, Playa de Benijo and Playa de los Guíos.

You may also prefer a more active sea with waves frolicking on the shore for windsurfing and jet skiing. For this we recommend Playa del Médano.

Boat adventure

eden catamaran tour tenerife

Boat trips are a must during your holiday on the island. You have to rent a boat in Tenerife to feel the thrill of being on the ocean and forget about the responsibilities you left behind on land.

During the trip on the high seas you can sunbathe, relax with your friends, enjoy the coastal scenery, see dolphins and whales, visit paradisiacal coves and of course, take an incredible swim in the refreshing waters of the Atlantic.

Water sports in Tenerife

Jetski in tenerife south

Share with your friends and partner the most entertaining activities to practice outdoors in Tenerife:

  • Paragliding: Fly over Tenerife and contemplate its views and the immensity of the Atlantic Ocean.
  • Quad safari: live an incredible experience aboard a quad to travel through volcanic landscapes and enjoy unique views.
  • Kayak: Paddle with friends and then jump into the water for a well-deserved dip.
  • Jet skiing: Ride the waters off the coast of South Tenerife and jump over the waves.
  • Snorkelling and diving with turtles: Explore the seabed and swim with turtles and colourful fish.

Climbing Mount Teide

Volcan Teide - Teide National Parque (3).min

Tenerife is more than just beaches and fun at sea. We have many activities for sightseeing with all your senses and to take home memories that will leave a lasting impression on your heart.

Now we would like to tell you about El Teide Volcano, the meeting point for adventurers in search of nature and excitement. It is located in the Teide National Park, a magical place with lots of trees, volcanic landscapes and fresh air.

The summit of Teide rises to an altitude of over 3,700 metres and is only suitable for experienced hikers.

The trail starts at Montaña Blanca and takes you up to a height very close to the peak of Teide. If you want to continue to the summit, you have to apply for a permit.

You will also have the opportunity to spend the night and enjoy the most beautiful and rewarding sunrise you have ever seen the next day.

Teide cable car

In the Teide Park you will also find a cable car that allows you to ascend without the effort required to walk up the mountain.

The route starts at the base station and takes you up to an altitude of 3,500 metres. Along the way you will enjoy panoramic views of the island and the rest of the archipelago.

Hiking in Tenerife

Private Trekking Teide with Permision (1)

In addition to the ascent of Mount Teide, Tenerife offers dozens of hiking routes of varying levels of difficulty.

You can team up with other hikers, chat, explore the surroundings, admire the beauty of nature and put your physical abilities to the test.

Among the most popular routes are:

  • Barranco de Masca: Masca is the second most visited natural site on the island after Mount Teide. On this 700-metre route, you will have to descend along difficult paths until you reach the bay of Masca, where you can enjoy a refreshing and well-deserved swim. You can return in different ways, the most recommended option being by boat.
  • Barranco del Infierno (Hell’s Ravine): you must experience the sensation of going through its 3 kilometres between the mountains to finally reach a beautiful waterfall. You must wear a helmet for the tour due to the small rocks that may fall from the top.
  • Cuevas Negras (Black Caves): It is a beautiful trail through the forest along cobblestone paths. Breathe the purest air on the island and fill your spirit with magic and energy.
  • Vilaflor: here you will find strange landscapes, as if they were from another planet. The rock formations and the beautiful views are a delight for the eyes.

Observing the night sky and outer space

Teide by Night Tenerife (4)

Did you know that in the Teide Park you will find the clearest sky in Spain for stargazing?

There you will find an astronomical base for exploring the cosmos and discovering the mysteries of outer space.

In this park you can hire different excursions to admire the night sky. The ascent starts in the evening so you can enjoy a beautiful and colourful sunset.

At night the expert Sarlights will help you to see the constellations and locate the stars on the map. If you hire the telescope service, you will be able to see further into the bowels of the universe.

As you can see, in Tenerife you will find an endless number of outdoor activities, so what are you waiting for to come and discover all that the island of dreams has to offer? Staying at home watching television is not the best way to discover the world and enjoy its wonders.


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