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Things to do in Playa de las Americas

Playa de las Américas (or simply Las Américas) is the tourist centre in the south of Tenerife, situated right between Los Cristianos and Costa Adeje. Many tourists from all over the world (especially Europeans) choose this destination for their holidays. There are many things to do in Playa de las Americas, which you will discover by reading this article.

Visit the most popular and recommended places in Tenerife with pick-up near your Hotel in Playa de las Americas (several pick-up and drop-off points in the resort are available for your convenience).

Things to do in Playa de Las Americas

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We know!!! The main question on your mind is what things can you do in Playa de las Americas. Read on to find out.

There are many things to do in Playa de Las Americas, such as excursions, activities, island tours, quad safaris, buggy hire Tenerife, water sports and much more. All starting directly at or from this holiday centre.

Most of the things we offer below are provided with transport. Other activities take place directly in Playa de las Americas. For example, starting from the beach or the harbour. Others you will be picked up by bus from your hotel. When booking with us, we will of course provide you with the necessary information to reach the starting or meeting point easily.

Complete list of things to do in Playa de Las Américas✅

Here is the complete list of excursions and things to do in Playa de las Americas.

Water sports in Playa Las Americas

Through the following list we present you all the water activities in Playa de las Americas available on our website.

Flying fish

Fly Fish ride in Tenerife

Enjoy an activity full of adrenaline and fun. The flying fish is a float similar to the banana boat in which you and your group of friends will experience intense emotions. Discover the power of the flying fish when the boat accelerates and everyone goes flying through the air.

Banana Boat

banana boat tenerife

A popular activity with everyone who visits the beaches of Tenerife. Hold on to the banana as tight as you can. But be careful, no one will be left on the banana as the speed increases. It’s a fun activity to bring a smile to your face and let off some stress. Share it with your friends and family.

Safari kayaking

Safari with Kayak in Tenerife South (1)

Feel the thrill of guiding the canoe with the power of your arms. The canoe will be propelled by the paddles, which in turn will be controlled by the passengers. It’s a team activity where everyone has to work together. It is fun and exciting. Sail around the bay of Tenerife, discover hidden corners between the cliffs and let yourself be seduced by the beauty of the sea.


Jetski in tenerife south

Jetskiing in Playa de Las Americas is a must. We have a fantastic Jetski activity in Costa Adeje for you to have a great time with your friends. You can choose a time ranging from 20 minutes to 2 hours. Feel the wind in your face and the speed of the powerful engines of our jet skis.

Parascending Flight

Parascending in Tenerife South

We also have the well known water paragliding for you to soar through the air over the bay of Tenerife. The paraglider is attached to a boat that moves at high speed, making the paraglider soar. You will be attached to the paraglider and will reach a fantastic height that will make you feel like a bird flying free in the air. The activity is completely safe as it is carried out by a team of experts in the sector.


Flyboard in Tenerife South

To finish with the list of water sports we would like to mention Flyboarding. An activity as exciting as it is extreme. Feel the power of this device that will allow you to do the most incredible pirouettes.

We also have water sports packages for you to enjoy several sports in the same activity. Enjoy jetskiing, parascending and fly fishing. The packages allow you to enjoy several activities without having to hire them separately, and moreover, with a more comfortable price.

Los Gigantes Cliffs

Bahia de Masca - Los Gigantes Masca Bay (3)

Tenerife really has a lot to offer, and certain parts of it are well worth a visit. Some places, like the Cliffs of Los Gigantes, can be really fascinating, and others will make you too excited.

Sailing yacht charter with skipper in Tenerife South

Sailing Boat Charter in Tenerife Galatea

We offer you captivating sailing yachts for a trip on the Atlantic. With a sailing yacht charter with skipper you can sail around the bay in total exclusivity. Just you and your guests. You don’t have to share the trip with strangers, so you have the freedom to be yourself and enjoy the experience with pleasure. Our expert captain knows the best places in the bay. The tour starts with the embarkation in Puerto Colon. Included is a stop at a beach for refreshments, drinks and lunch as well as dolphin and whale watching in Tenerife.

Catamaran Charter in Playa de las Americas

The catamarans are comfortable and spacious boats to share with several people. The tour includes a trip to the places where the whales and dolphins come close, a stop in a cove and snacks. During the stop you can swim, snorkel and refresh yourself in the crystal clear waters of Tenerife.

This type of boat is perfect for celebrating special events such as birthdays and graduations. Invite your friends to celebrate with you surrounded by the sea and fresh wind. Remember that life is tastier and more fun at sea.

The catamaran is one of the most popular boats for whale and dolphin watching in Tenerife. Remember that the marine animals tend to frequent the waters between Tenerife and La Gomera, and that is exactly where the catamaran will take you. Enjoy watching the dolphins and orcas arrive. We can’t guarantee that you will see the cetaceans, but there is a good chance that you will. These friendly animals are familiar with the boats and often come up to say hello.

Diving courses

Royal Delfin Tenerife Catamaran Tour with Transport (7)

We have different courses and activities for you to immerse yourself in the seabed. Explore the secrets of the sea and swim with the local turtles and fish. With our first time dive we will prepare you with theory so that you know the technical details of the process. You will always be accompanied by an instructor who will help you to reach a suitable depth. It will be an unforgettable experience and one that you will want to repeat again and again.

We also have activities for experienced divers, scuba diving and for those who wish to obtain a new certification. For more information please contact us on WhatsApp and we will be happy to help you. Also, at the end of the text you will find a detailed list of all the activities available in Tenerife including those related to scuba diving.

Scuba diving continues to be one of the most popular things to do in the south of Tenerife. It is estimated that the great marine biodiversity of the area attracts hundreds of divers in search of adventure.

Excursion to Teide

We have excursions to the Teide National Park and its famous volcano. This type of trip should not be missing on your list of things to do during your holidays in Tenerife. Remember that the Teide represents the heart of the island and you can’t leave without visiting it.

We also have other excursions that will take you to other equally fantastic places in other parts of the island. Excursions around Tenerife are the best way to get to know the island accompanied by expert guides. You don’t have to worry about anything, just bring your camera and enjoy all that Tenerife has to offer. Take a tour of Santa Cruz, La Laguna and Taganana, or visit the incredible village of Masca with its rich history and novel landscapes.


Private Trekking Teide with Permision (2)

As everyone knows, Tenerife is an island rich in vegetation and beautiful landscapes shaped by volcanoes. Here you will find forests, mountains, cliffs, solidified lava surfaces, rocks and the incredible Mount Teide. All these environments offer fantastic trails for walking and enjoying nature. We invite you to discover Tenerife through its trails.

Quads Safari in Playa Las Américas and Buggy rides

Another way to do active tourism in Tenerife is on board a Quad or Buggy. Enjoy the adrenaline and extreme emotions when driving these vehicles. Our quad safaris in Tenerife take you through magical trails and enchanting places of the island.

Theme parks in Tenerife

Another of the options that Tenerife offers its visitors is its long list of theme parks for the whole family to enjoy. Don’t miss the opportunity to visit some of these parks and take some great memories home with you.

Visit Monkey Park, a territory that belongs to the monkeys. You will find them in total freedom so you can share with them. Take pictures and give them fruits, we assure you that you will have a great time. You can also enjoy a nice camel ride at Camel Park.

Jungle Park is another fantastic place on the island, an authentic jungle full of vegetation, streams and more than 500 animals waiting to make your day. Loro Park is perhaps one of the most famous, as it is home to many different species of animals including parrots and marine animals. The animals are prepared to give you great shows that will amaze the audience. Enjoy the beautiful penguins, the giant aquarium, parrot show, orca, dolphin and sea lion exhibitions.

Beaches of Playa de las Americas

Playa Troya - Costa Adeje Beach (13)

Of course we remember, that despite the love of parties and entertainment, first and foremost Tenerife attracted you by the gentle sun and the blue ocean. So we cannot forget to mention the beaches. The main beach of Las Americas is called Troya. It is a perfect place for tanning, relaxing and bathing in the blue waters of Tenerife.

Practising outdoor activities in Playa de Las Americas is a lot of fun. You will find jet skis, pedal boats and sun loungers. The greyish sand on the shore invites you to relax and sunbathe. Enjoy the wind in your face and the gentle sound of the waves lapping on the sand.

Among the services at Playa de las Américas we can mention the beach umbrellas and sun loungers, the Red Cross lifeguard point and everything the bather needs for his or her comfort. We remind you that this is a Blue Flag beach, which means that it is safe for bathing and that it provides quality services. And if you want to take a break from the midday sun, have a refreshing drink in one of the bars along the coast.

Playa de Las Americas Weather

Things to do in Playa de las Americas

The weather in Las Americas Tenerife remains sunny for most of the year. Here you will find mild weather conditions, allowing you to enjoy your holiday at any time of the year. The temperature in June is only a few degrees higher than in December.


In Playa de las Americas you will find a lot of places for entertainment. We can mention its bars, restaurants, golf courses and shopping centres. The nightlife is well developed with many discotheques and beach clubs. You can also party on a boat, which is a very popular activity among the inhabitants of Tenerife.


Various night shows, bars and pubs with live music, lights and dancing until the early hours of the morning – all this is an integral part of Las Americas. Las Americas has always attracted young people and party and fun lovers of all ages. So if it’s endless entertainment you’re looking for, this is the perfect place. Check out Veronicas Stripe, more famously known as Las Veronicas if you like to party and have fun.


The closest airport to Playa de Las Americas is the South Airport, Reina Sofia. To get from there to your Hotel in Las Americas it will take you about 30 minutes by bus.


Playa del Camison - Playa de las Americas

Speaking of famous resorts in Tenerife, the first name that comes to people’s minds when they think of a Hotel is Playa de las Americas. You’ve probably heard of its beaches, nightclubs and excursions. Las Americas is known as the entertainment and nightlife centre of the south of Tenerife.

Playa de las Americas has luxury 4 and 5 star hotels such as the Villa Cortes or the famous Mare Nostrum Resort. Also hotels like Columbus, Catalonia Oro Negro, H10 Las Palmeras & Best Tenerife or Spring Hotel Volcano offer very good services.


In Playa de las Americas you can find plenty of restaurants for every taste and budget. If you want to try typical Spanish food, go to Mesón Castellano. In case you don’t like Spanish food (which is almost impossible) or just want to vary your meals (which is more possible) you can go to the Safari shopping centre and try, according to your preference, Italian food at Bianco, Indian food at Bombay Blue, Tex-Mex at Hacienda Miranda or Asian food at Thai Botanico.


Playa de las Americas is also known as the commercial heart of the south of Tenerife. For shopping visit the Golden Mile, which starts at Vista Sur. There you will find the famous shopping centres: Safari, Oasis and Américas Plaza. Remember also to visit the Siam Mall, a huge shopping centre, which has recently been built in Las Américas.

Assistance and transport

Our first tip is to make a good holiday plan before you arrive in Tenerife. This way you can save precious holiday time and make the most of your stay in one of Tenerife’s most famous resorts: Playa de las Americas.

We offer the best excursions on the island. We have selected them one by one based on our experience gained from many years of working in the local tourist business in Tenerife. If you need our help to organise your activities and excursions during your stay in Tenerife, please do not hesitate to contact us. Fill in our booking request form which you will find attached to each excursion. You can also write to us on WhatsApp for a more direct contact. We also put at your disposal our Spanish mobile number +34 663 699 101.

This is the end of this article with which we would like to show you the excursions and things to do in Playa las Américas. We hope that this article has helped you and that you can start planning your holidays. If you have any questions or if you would like to make a booking, please write to us on WhatsApp, we will be happy to answer you.

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