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The best places to snorkel in Tenerife

Snorkelling in Tenerife is one of the most popular water sports on the island. In this text we leave you the list of the best places in Tenerife for snorkelling according to their characteristics. Discover why Abades, Los Gigantes, Punta de Teno, among others, are the favourite places among snorkelling lovers.

Plan your next snorkelling adventure in Tenerife and enjoy a pleasant climate, excellent underwater visibility, abundant marine life and enigmatic volcanic landscapes. In addition, the waters are safe due to the absence of strong waves.

Tenerife is a privileged place for snorkelling

best snorkeling tenerife

Snorkelling differs from scuba diving by swimming flush with the water. It is a fun pastime for beginners as it does not require great skills and can be practised by children as young as 10 years old.

Tenerife offers an ideal environment for snorkelling with temperatures ranging between 18° and 24° all year round. Regardless of the season, you can always take a nice dip. The water is crystal clear, allowing you to see clearly down to a depth of 20 metres. Remember to take nice pictures under the sea.

Beneath the surface there is an abundance of coral reefs, colourful tropical fish, rays, cuttlefish, octopus, starfish, turtles and more. If we are lucky we may even encounter some dolphins. In addition, because of the island’s volcanic origin, its underwater landscapes are notable for having caves, arches, crevices and cliffs that create labyrinths and attractive trails for divers.

Where to get the necessary equipment for snorkelling in Tenerife

The first requirement for snorkelling in Tenerife is to know how to swim. If you can swim, all you need to do is get the mask, snorkel and fins to explore underwater. You can buy the equipment in specialised shops. Diving schools offer packages with instructors and the necessary equipment. Instructors speak English, Spanish and other languages.

On our website we offer different diving and snorkelling activities in Tenerife, as well as specialised diving courses. You will also find fun kayak trips. Write to us by WhatsApp if you have any questions or want to book.

Best beaches for snorkelling in Tenerife

Playa Troya - Costa Adeje Beach (9)

We have listed the best places to snorkel in Tenerife according to our customers’ testimonials.


abades tenerife underwater

Abades is a nice little village close to El Médano. The main advantage of this snorkelling beach is that it has a coral reef accessible within a 2 minute swim from the shore. It is also a privileged place with turtles, rays and beautiful sebadales. It has shallow bottoms inhabited by octopus, trumpet fish and more. If you are in El Médano and don’t want to go that far, you can snorkel near the pier with the possibility of seeing some cuttlefish, moray eels and small octopuses.

Montaña Amarilla

This is a popular snorkelling environment with pretty yellow rocks decorating the surroundings. What characterises this beach is the presence of petrified dunes under the surface that make us feel as if we were on another planet. It has crystal clear waters with lots of fish and beautiful yellow sponges.

Los Abrigos

los abrigos tenerife

The pools of Los Abrigos, created by the volcanic action, are home to abundant marine life. Immerse yourself in its waters surrounded by volcanic rock with whimsical designs and attractive beauty. You will see turtles, cuttlefish, octopus, crabs, stars, rays and colourful fish.

El Palmar Wall

The great wall of El Palmar extends 25 metres deep creating a favourite ecosystem for many marine species. The main attraction of this area is the presence of turtles swimming freely. You can also observe trumpet fish and some dolphins.


alcala tenerife

Although it is a rocky place with difficult access, it offers a great opportunity to swim with turtles. It has natural pools that attract many bathers due to the pleasantness of its waters and the beautiful landscapes that surround it.

Los Cristianos Beach

quiert holiday resort los cristianos

Los Cristianos gathers hundreds of water sports enthusiasts every day. Apart from swimming, you can enjoy the beauty of the volcanic landscape and the splendour of the Guaza mountain visible from the sea. Admire the flight of the seagulls, the elusive crabs, the adorable turtles and the playful dolphins of the Tenerife sea. On our website you will find a kayaking adventure in the Guaza reserve with a high chance of seeing dolphins and whales.

The Giants

Bahia de Masca - Los Gigantes Masca Bay (4)

Los Gigantes is for many the best snorkelling spot in Tenerife. Admire from up close the immensity of the Cliffs of Los Gigantes. Different boats arrive here every day in search of relaxation and fun in the water. It is also a favourite spot for Tenerife’s dolphins and whales, so it will be very common to meet them.

Bay of El Puertito

El Puertito is one of the most visited beaches by our clients as it is the stopping place for many of our boats. It has beautiful views and enchanting landscapes. In El Puertito Bay you can swim with colourful fish and some green turtles that can still be seen here. It’s a great option if you book a boat trip and want to take advantage of the stop to explore the seabed.

Costa Adeje

snorkeling in Costa Adeje

This is another popular area in Tenerife for snorkelling. Experience unique sensations swimming in the waters of Costa Adeje with beautiful specimens of the marine fauna of southern Tenerife.

Punta de Teno

We recommend this beach for expert swimmers as it is surrounded by rocks and is lashed by waves. However, it is an enchanting place for its turquoise waters, abundant marine fauna and impressive rocky landscapes. The southern side of Punta de Teno offers shallower, more serene waters.

Charco del viento

Charco del viento

In the north of Tenerife you will also find beautiful places for snorkelling. It is a very popular area due to the clarity and serenity of its waters.

In conclusion, snorkelling in Tenerife is a fascinating adventure. Come and enjoy transparent and safe waters for diving, pleasant temperatures and beautiful views. Write to us on WhatsApp to clarify your doubts and book your next snorkelling adventure.

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