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The Best Holiday Resorts in Tenerife: Discover the Beautiful Places You Can Stay


The main holiday resorts in Tenerife are all at the coast. The north side of island has a more humid climate and greener vegetation than southern areas, but that doesn’t mean you should leave your travel plans up to chance! Make sure not miss these five fantastic locations by checking out our article today:
1) Puerto de la Cruz (North Side), 2) Los Cristianos -Playa de las Americas- Costa Adeje & 3 Gigantes , 4 ) Playacar 5). Remember also check each resort’s link for details on what they have available such as activities or restaurants

Playa de las Americas

The holiday resort of Playa de las Americas was purpose-built in the 1960s and considered the center of nightlife on Tenerife. If you are looking for an exciting destination, then this is where it’s at! You will find different kinds off beaches, shopping malls with plenty within walking distance – make your way around town to see all there is too offer before staying overnight here at one particular hotel or motel that suits what may be best suited preferences as well as having everything else packed into just one spot near other popular attractions like bars & discotheques where live music can also be heard each evening after dark time has fallen upon us once again

The resort of Playa de las Americas is a 30-minute drive from the Reina Sofia Airport. If you’re looking for what to do in this area, we have an article on our site that can help with some suggestions!
You’ll find excursions and activities easily achievable while staying here at your destination; it’s perfect if young people are visiting too because there are plenty or things available suited specifically towards them (and their age).


Puerto de la Cruz

This resort in the north of Tenerife is much greener than south side. Here you’ll find world-famous Loro Parque and Botanical Garden, which has a lot more quiet holiday spots if that’s what your looking for! We recommend La Paz – meaning The Peace ☮️ In Spanish 😍

In Puerto de la Cruz the main beach called Playa Jardin, which has beautiful black sand but also you should not miss out the swimming pools of Lago Martianez. The Canarian Architect César Manrique designed the swimming pool complex, which features lots of volcanic rocks. For sure worth a visit and your attention. The center square Plaza del Charco and its surroundings have retained the local Canarian and historical character.

Have a look on our article to find out what activities we offer from Puerto de la Cruz.

Costa Adeje

Costa Adeje located at the south coast of Tenerife. Probably the most popular resort for families. Here you can find luxury Hotels like Bahia del Duque, Jardines de Nivaria or the Hard Rock Hotel Tenerife.

Just next to Costa Adeje is Playa de las Americas. Here is also the Harbour Puerto Colon which is the perfect departing place for a whale or dolphin watching experience and water sports like Jet Ski, Parascending Fly Board and Banana Boat. Here you will find plenty of Beaches in walkable distance.

Check out our article about Things to do in Costa Adeje to find our complete list of To Do’s from the resort (including water sports, island tours, safaris, yacht hire, boat trips and more).

Los Gigantes

The resort of Los Gigantes has spectacular views to the cliffs of Los Gigantes. Important stone formation with height up to 500 meters and more.

The best way to appreciate them in full size is with a boat trips. Los gigantes is a holiday resort ideal to disconnect and to have more quiet holiday in Tenerife.

Counts with souvenir shops, restaurants, cafeterias and some bars. Also a black sand beach can be found at this resort.

Los Cristianos


Los Cristianos, was once a small fishing village. Now with the tourism its evolved into a touristic resort. Also in this resort you will find a beach at the coast.

From the harbour of Los Cristianos is the departing the ferry to La Gomera and La Palma. In Los Cristianos you can find a lot of restaurants. We specially like restaurant El Cine next to the port.

For shopping go to the Swedish avenue, shopping center Pasarella or Santiago 6.

Read our article about things to do in Los Cristianos to get more specific information about this resort.


We hope this guide will help you to choose the right resort for your holiday in Tenerife. If so, please share this article with your friends.

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