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We offer a lot of things to do in Puerto de la Cruz: Island Tours, Boat Trips, Whale Watching, Private Excursions, Loro Park and much more things to do, you can find here.

If you continue reading we will present you some values information to make your holidays more enjoyable, relaxing and memorable. We know a lot about Tenerife, which places to visit, beaches, etc. because we live here our self for more then 17 years.

But let stop speaking about us you will find the complete list of things to do in Puerto de la Cruz after the text. So you can just scroll down this text and choose the excursion or activity which you want to do, or of which you want to get more information about. But we suggest that you first read this article to get some knowledge of the place.

Puerto de la Cruz

Puerto de la Cruz is the most famous resort in the North of Tenerife. It is the favorite holidays destination for many tourists all over the world but mainly for Europeans, who visit Tenerife for the beautiful landscapes, amazing beaches with natural black sand and mild climate.

The nearest airport to Puerto de la Cruz is the North airport Los Rodeos. It will take you 25-30 minutes to get to your location from there by public bus or taxi. Regarding the accommodation, in Puerto de la Cruz you can find both the most luxury hotels and affordable apartments.

Things to do in Puerto de la Cruz

If you had already chosen to spend your vacations in this amazing resort, probably you would like to know a bit more about what to do and what to visit in Puerto de la Cruz.

Here we are to help you. We selected for you all the things, which are really worth to do if you are staying in Puerto de la Cruz. Check out our guide if you want to get as much as possible from your holidays.

Puerto de la Cruz itself offers a lot of activities and things to do. Take your time to walk in the historical center. It is a good example of authentic Canarian architecture and you will enjoy exploring it’s pretty narrow streets with colorful houses. If you get hungry, there you will find a lot of cafeterias and restaurants with Canarian, Spanish, Italian and International cousin.

Of course holidays are also to enjoy on the beach. You will find very close to the Loro Park the beautifull Playa Jardin which is a black sand beach.

One more must visit place in Puerto de la Cruz is Loro Park. This is one of the most popular places to visit in whole Tenerife and it is located exactly in Puerto de la Cruz. It has the largest parrots collection, the largest penguin exhibition, a lot of different shows, like dolphin show, parrot show and other impressive things.

Excursions from Puerto de la Cruz

Besides things which you could do directly in Puerto de la Cruz there are excursions and day trips which start from Puerto de la Cruz and offer free pick up from your hotel.
With our excursions you can visit such beautiful and impressive places like Teide, Masca village and even the neighbor island La Gomera with its authentic nature and rich history.

Boat Trips from Puerto de la Cruz

The good way to pass a sunny day and explore the cost of Tenerife is to go to one of the boat trips, where you will relax, see whales or dolphins, swim and snorkel. Whale watching is one of the most favorite activities in Tenerife for both adults and kids. Normally this trips start from the south of Tenerife but with us you can do them with pick up or Transport included from Puerto de la Cruz.

You can watch whales or dolphins any period of the year as they are residing permanently in the waters of Tenerife. The most common species are the bottle nose dolphin and the pilot whale.

Whale Watching from Costa Adeje gives more options for boat and tour selection, as all the tours start there. If you have a car, that could be also an option for you.

Just have a look at the list below and choose the excursion or activity you would like to do. The booking process is very quick and easy, but if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.


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