Playa de Bollullo Beach

Playa de Bollullo Beach

It is a beautiful beach in Tenerife that is still unknown to many tourists, so it remains a magical and exclusive spot for the lucky few. It is located on the edge of a cliff that sets it apart from the urban landscape.

If you did not know it, we invite you to visit it, it is a magnificent beach with enchanting landscapes. It has a delicious smell of the sea, sounds and natural views that help us to relax and find peace.

It receives the highest number of visitors during the summer months, so you should take your precautions to find a place if you want to visit it between May and October.


Municipality: La Orotava

It is located next to Los Patos beach and Alcón beach, these being the only three beaches in the municipality. Despite its remote location, it never fails to receive visitors.

Wild beach

Unlike the urban beaches, at Bollullo beach you will feel like you are escaping from the city and entering a paradise that you will not want to leave. It is ideal for those looking to escape from the noise of the city and the stress of the modern world.

It presents itself as a wild beach that has remained untouched by the passage of time, and next to it is a beautiful cove that is just as enchanting.

The wind from the north of the island hits the waters creating some waves that are not dangerous for swimming. This makes it one of the favourite beaches for surfers in Tenerife.

Children are also welcome, they enjoy playing on the shore and walking along the sand, so the whole family can go there with complete peace of mind.

It has a type of fine black sand of volcanic origin that gives it a unique beauty. Visitors love to lie on the sand to sunbathe and relax. All you have to do is bring your towel and let yourself be carried away by the serenity of the sea.

On the beach you can rent sun loungers, parasols and beach bars.


In the nearby areas you will find some parking areas with surveillance and security. These are paid parking areas with affordable prices where you can leave your car from morning to night. Please note that these are small spaces, so you should arrive early in the high season.


On the way to the beach you will find some restaurants and cafes where you can stop for a bite to eat.

Once on the beach you will find some small establishments offering food and drinks with a beach atmosphere.

Water safety

Keep an eye out for the flags indicating the quality of the water. To find out what colour they are and what they mean, follow the guide below:

  • Red: bathing prohibited
  • Yellow: bathing is allowed but caution must be exercised.
  • Green: beach suitable for bathing

How to get there

If you go to the Bollullo Restaurant in the vicinity of the beach, you can take a path between the rocks and you will arrive in a few minutes.

You can also get there on foot from Puerto de la Cruz, in this case the walk takes 45 minutes.

You can get there by bus if you take route 376, but you should wear comfortable shoes for the long walk. If you go by car, take the motorway in the direction of Puerto de la Cruz, park there in a place called El Rincón and continue walking, the beach is just a few minutes away after a graded terrain.

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