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Tenerife Holiday Resort Guide: Los Cristianos – Perfect for family holidays

In the previous article we spoke about las Americas, the center of entertainment of south Tenerife. But what if your plans don’t include permanent parties and entertainment?Choose Los Cristianos without any hesitations and be sure that you made the right choice.

History of Los Cristianos

Unlike Las Americas, which is completely tourist place, Los Cristianos is a real small town with local population of about 19 thousand and its own history.
Used to be a small fishing village, Los Cristianos transferred to a famous resort thanks to a Swedish man, Bengt Rylander, who came in 1956 to improve his health by warm climate. As he really started to feel better, being a former writer and TV commentator, he spread information about wonderful place, which he discovered. In memory of these events, the main street in Los Cristianos was called “Avenida de Suecia” (Swedish Avenue). One more place, which reminds about Swedish contribution to Los Cristianos development as a resort is Swedish Lutheran church on the sea cost (ex. Casa Sueca).


Los Cristianos is a good place for families with kids, people with advance age and just those, who prefer calm rest to dancing till the morning.
But calm is not the synonym of boring. Los Cristianos offers a big quantity of restaurants, bars and shops, some of which, as opposed to ones in Las Americas, were built for local people. And that means that you will have an opportunity to try high quality food and do shopping without paying a tourist price for this. Our article will help you to discover the best places as well as advice how to spend your time in a best way.

Beaches in Los Cristianos

Most probably that the first place you want to know about is the beach as it is exactly what made you chose Tenerife. Los Cristianos invites you to visit two beaches. The main is Playa Los Cristianos. Besides sandy beach area, Playa Los Cristianos has a harbour that means that various watersports and activities are available. The best entertainment for the whole family will be a boat trip. On the board you will enjoy the ocean breeze, see whales or dolphins, snorkel in the turtle bay. Lunch and drinks are included as far as unforgettable impressions. Don’t forget your photo camera and swimming clothes


From Los Cristianos harbour you can also get to the neighbor islands: La Gomera, El Hierro and La Palma with a ferry Fred Olsen Express.
Good news for the fishing lovers – from Los Cristianos port you can go to the ocean fishing, which for sure will take one of the leading places in your fishing history.

Los Cristianos Beaches

The next after Playa Los Cristianos comes Playa Las Vistas. This yellow sandy beach is one of the biggest and the most popular on Tenerife. Playa Las Vistas has all necessary things for the comfort rest, including watersports, volley-ball playgrounds, children play areas and special area for the people with limited physical abilities.

Los Cristianos Restaurants

On the cost side of Las Vistas beach is an area of various bars, discos and restaurants with one of the best ocean views on the southern Tenerife. Pass one of the evenings tasting Spanish dishes or just drinking a cocktail.

But if you want to have a dinner in a really local atmosphere, look in the various side streets of Los Cristianos. In one of these streets, near the port, you will find El Cine, the place loved by local people and tourists, who are choosing Tenerife for their holidays for many years. This place will place will please you by a very fresh seafood and warm, family atmosphere.
Despite of the hidden place, El Cine is always very busy in the evenings, so book the the table in advance.

Speaking about local places we can’t forget about Croissanterie – small Italian bar, located one of the side streets of Los Cristianos, which runs from the central church to the beach.
With all the responsibility we can say that there you will try one of the best focaccia on the south of Tenerife.

For the best home-made ice-cream go to La Golosa, which is situated on the coast side, near the Swedish church. Recently they opened the second ice-cream point in San Telmo, near Las Vistas beach.

For shopping go to Swedish avenue and the area near the central church. And definitely visit the local market which is organized near Los Cristianos beach every Sunday.


Also visit Fund Grube store, in the beginning of Las Vistas beach. This store will please you with wide choice of cosmetics, sunglasses, clothes and shoes and lower prices than in Las Americas shopping centers. Check their promotion proposals in your hotel.
So, as you can see, in Los Cristianos you will find plenty of activities and will not be bored. In the same time you will receive quite and relaxing holidays in the distance of the noise, fuss and crowds of people. And if once you will miss parties and entertainment, next door Las Americas will always open you the doors of its restaurants, bars and night clubs.


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