First Published: June 8, 2020 | Last Updated: January 31, 2021 | Author: Jan Daniel

Veronicas: Tenerife South nightlife

You are young, love endless party-nights & fun? Read this article where we speak about the center of nightlife of Tenerife: The Veronicas Strip. Its possible to find Music for all kind of tastes & ears. From chill house music passing by Hip-Hop, to the most crazy music tracks of D&B or Dubstep.


Veronicas is full of Clubs & Bars. Among so much offer sometimes its difficults to decide to which Club to go party.

Here we will give you some general description of the most important places, to help you to make the right choice.


Best places to go in Las Veronicas

Before 3 o´clock

Sound of Cream

You like Electro house Music? Then give a try to this Club, and be sure you are in the right place.

Jumping Jacks

Hip Hop, Dubstep, D&B or Latin music you will find in this Club.


Sugareef & O´neils

Do you love to listen and dance to UK Charts? Then give a visit to this Clubs.


After 3 o´clock till 6 o´clock


International Dj´s come every summer to play in this fantastic Club which counts with three different areas: Coco Bongo, with music of the 80s, 90s, & 00s,Notorious, where are sounding the most actual to classic Hip-Hop tunes and the Main Area where you can find house & Electro house Music.

Papagayo Beach Club

If you like comfort, dancing to chill house music or simply drink a nice cocktail with the sea view and on top next to the beach, then this is the place you should visit.


Here you will find House, Dubstep, D&B, Garage, Bassline or Hip-Hop depending on the night.



You will be able to have a nice time in Veronicas Strip, anyways  its always better to prevent to avoid bad experiences.

General advises

  1. Dont drink too much
  2. Prevent bad hangovers,
  3. Eat before starting to drink
  4. Drink just Branded Alcoholic drinks
  5. Avoid low-cost Alcohol
  6. Be sure you remember the name of your Hotel
  7. Stay together with your friends
  8. Dont leave your personal belongs unattended


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