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Garachico is located in the northeast of the island of Tenerife, it is a historic village that was once the island’s main port for fishing and commercial activities. This was the case until it was struck down by the Trevejo volcano in the 18th century.

There you will find historical monuments and well-preserved emblematic architecture, which is why Garachico has been considered an Asset of Cultural Interest since 1994.

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The town’s streets are characterised by their colourful cobblestones, through which you can get to know its historic buildings and churches full of faith and hope. You can’t leave without visiting the Castillo de San Miguel, the church of Nuestra Señora de los Angeles and the convents of Santo Domingo and San Francisco.

Before the disaster caused by the volcano, the town was an important place that attracted many wealthy families, and it was they who took on the task of decorating its streets with cobblestones and gave it that unique essence that we can still feel when we walk through its streets.

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This is where the famous San Roque festival is held, which attracts national and international tourists. It is a lively and popular festival in which everyone takes to the streets to accompany the saint. If you happen to be there on the 16th of August you will be able to celebrate together with the carts, herds of animals, the joy of the people and the music bands, all together advancing towards the hermitage.

This festival has been celebrated since the 17th century and is now a festival declared to be of National Tourist Interest. During these, in addition to the pilgrimage in the village, the fishermen make the pilgrimage on the water. Different boats accompany the saint along the coastline.

The landscape of Garachico is covered with Canary Island pine trees, which cover more than half of the territory, accompanying the volcanic landscape. On the coast there are many banana plantations and in the midlands there is a variety of self-sufficiency crops next to small houses.

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The coastal beaches are made up of black sand of volcanic origin and some areas with pebbles. Alongside the landscape are the imposing cliffs and thick vegetation. El Caletón is the beach that attracts the most visitors, it is popular for its natural swimming pool. Here you will find all the services you need to enjoy a sensational day at the beach.

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On the coast you will find the marina where different fishing and nautical sports boats can be found.

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From what you have seen, Garachico integrates beach environments, a marina, the historical landscape and volcanic views, which makes this town one of the most beautiful and attractive places to visit in Tenerife.