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La Laguna

San Cristóbal de La Laguna or simply La Laguna is situated in the northeast of Tenerife. It owes its name to an immense lagoon that used to be next to the city, but which later dried up and the town known as Vega Lagunera was established on it.

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La Laguna is a town full of life and young people. Here you will find historical buildings intermingled with the hustle and bustle of modernity. On the one hand you will find majestic churches, mansions, palaces and historic buildings and on the other hand, fashionable shops, prestigious boutiques and many luxurious shops.

Along its streets you will also find bars, restaurants and entertainment venues where you can have a good time. Since 1927 it has been home to the first university in the Canary Islands, which today continues to bring knowledge and joy to the city. In its streets you can feel a strong university atmosphere and you will come across cheerful young people every now and then.

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Some inhabitants of the Canary Islands still call this city “Aguere”, its old Guanche name before the conquest of Tenerife. After this event it became the capital of the island, and was at the time the economic, political, military, ecclesiastical and cultural centre of the archipelago. It was taken as the capital because it was in the centre of the island and was in a strategic location to ward off pirate attacks.

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Those who visit it are looking for culture and leisure, and it has become a point of reference in the whole archipelago. Due to its characteristics and the attraction it has, it seems that it is once again the capital of Tenerife as it was in its beginnings. So much so that nowadays, the inhabitants of Santa Cruz de Tenerife (capital of the island) go to La Laguna in search of fun.

Colonial design

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It still conserves the original layout that it had during the 15th century, so when you walk through its streets you will be transported back to those colonial years. La Laguna even served as a model for the design of many colonial cities in the Americas. These characteristics are what earned it the distinction of World Heritage Site by Unesco in 1999.

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After winning this distinction, the city underwent some positive changes, some renovations were made to its historic buildings and its main streets were pedestrianised, now the city is a real gem to visit.

It has the tourist advantage of being very close to Puerto de la Cruz and of having Tenerife North airport which has good connections with the rest of the islands of the archipelago, the rest of the country and abroad.

Beaches of La Laguna

  • El Arenisco: is a beach of dark sand and many rocks where you can admire the landscape created by volcanic action. This beach is located next to a natural swimming pool and receives most visitors during the weekends.
  • El Arenal: it is one of the most beautiful and crowded beaches in Tenerife. It is surrounded by very high mountains that make us think that we have escaped the stress of the city. Enjoy its crystal clear waters and the tranquillity of the ocean. Here the waves lend themselves to surfing and our furry friends, dogs, are welcome.
  • El Roquete: it is a beach with moderate affluence that has a good hotel offer in its surroundings and a good anchorage area.
  • Punta del Hidalgo: one of the most visited places in La Laguna with charming natural pools that attract tourists from all over. They have surveillance and all the services for bathers.
  • Bajamar: it is another place with natural pools that will catch your attention for its charm and good services. It has the blue flag distinction and offers all the services for bathers. Relax and enjoy swimming with the children and the whole family. Here you will find many rest areas that attract both locals and visitors.

Along the promenade you will find many bars and restaurants where you can taste delicious dishes and share drinks with friends.