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Abama Beach in Tenerife South

This is a radiant semi-urban cove of golden sands and crystal clear waters in the south of Tenerife. Being uncrowded, it is perfect for strolling, connecting with nature and relaxing in a peaceful environment. Share with the family and feast your eyes on the beautiful scenery of the Tenerife coast.

Characteristics of Playa de Abama

It is located in the municipality of Guía de Isora, near one of the most luxurious hotels in Tenerife, the Ritz-Carlton Abama. It is adjacent to the Isorana cliffs and the Barranco de Erques ravine, protected landscapes due to their importance for scientific research. It is also very close to San Juan and Alcalá beaches.

Playa de Abama is a public beach with a medium/high occupancy rate, being visited by both tourists and residents of the island. All beaches in Tenerife are public, so you will not be denied access, even if you are not hotel guests. You should arrive early in the morning to find a parking space.

This beautiful shell-shaped cove is 100 metres long and 20 metres wide. Next to it, you will find two beautiful natural pools, with calm and safe waters for swimming. From Playa de Abama you can see the striking banana plantations of the town and the neighbouring island of La Gomera, another jewel of the Canary Islands archipelago.


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Free car parking is available. Near the beach there is a pier with stairs for those who wish to swim in the open sea.

Some Abama beach services are provided by the hotel. So the umbrellas and sunbeds, as well as the small funicular, are for the exclusive use of its guests. But don’t worry, you can bring your towel and lie on the sand to enjoy the beauty and charm of the beach.

At the Beach Club, owned by the hotel, you can have lunch, drinks and use the bathrooms. As a luxury hotel, the food and service costs are high.

Beach safe for children

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It is such a serene beach that it could be compared to a natural swimming pool. Thanks to the breakwater wall that protects it, it offers calm waters with little waves, safe for children. Children play in the sand and splash around near the shore in shallow water.

How to get there

Arrive at the car park adjacent to the hotel. From there, walk down the steep stairs for 15 minutes until you reach the beach.

Cars can drive down to the beach area to drop off passengers and their belongings. They must then return to the parking area. If you go by taxi or rental car, you can get off directly at the beach, avoiding the walk down the stairs.

You can also get there by bus on the 473 bus line that goes to Los Gigantes. The bus stop is very close to the hotel.

Another option would be to arrive by boat from the pier. Some boat trips anchor in front of Playa de Abama for passengers to go for a swim and cool off in the sea.

Playa de Abama is perfect to include in your family holiday plan. It is a beach easily accessible from the road, with beautiful scenery and crystal clear waters. It is everything you need to enjoy Tenerife and the sea that surrounds it.

Beaches in Tenerife South
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