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Diego Hernández Beach in Tenerife South

Playa Diego Hernandez is a hidden gem among the coastline, with beautiful views of the bay and a lovely wilderness setting. It is a paradise for naturists, hippies and dog lovers.

Features of Playa Diego Hernandez

Playa Diego Hernández is located on the southwest coast of Tenerife, between the villages of El puertito and La Caleta in Adeje. It is located very close to the facilities of the Costa Adeje Golf Course.

The beach has a combination of areas with golden sands and others covered by rocks. It is 200 m long and 25 m wide. From here, you can see the colourful sunsets of Tenerife, with the island of La Gomera in the background.

Due to its difficult access, it is not as crowded as other beaches in the locality. It is attractive for those looking to enjoy the sea and the sun in peace and quiet. It receives the highest number of visitors in summer, being less crowded the rest of the year.

The slopes surrounding the beach are full of cactus and tabaibas, plants characteristic of the coasts of Tenerife. It also has halophilic vegetation, a type of plant resistant to sea salt that attracts different types of migratory birds. For this reason, this area is considered a Site of Scientific Interest.

How to get there

Costa de Adeje (road from Diego Hernández beach to La Caleta) (2)

To visit it, you have to get to the roundabout that joins the Avenida de los acantilados with the Calle Tajore, there you will find a small car park where you can leave your car. Looking towards the sea, you will see a dirt road leading to the beach. After a 15-minute walk down, you will arrive at the radiant Diego Hernandez beach. Remember to wear appropriate footwear to descend the rocky paths that surround the beach.

From the capital, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, it takes about an hour by car.

You can also get there by boat from the sea. Some boat trips include a stop in front of Diego Hernández beach for passengers to get off for a swim and cool off after the ride.

Serene and crystal clear waters

The water on the beach is a beautiful crystal blue and gradually deepens as you move away from the shore. It is generally free of waves, offering a safe place for swimming. But don’t be too confident, be aware of the swell before you take a dip.

It is advisable to visit Diego Hernández beach at low tide, when there are more areas available for lying on the sand. At high tide, the water covers the entire beach, leaving only the rocks exposed. We recommend you check the tide table before visiting the beach

Naturist beach

Playa Diego Hernández (6)

It is one of the beaches of Tenerife where naturism lovers can enjoy the sea with complete freedom. It is also a pet friendly area where they usually take their dogs to have fun in the sea.

For many years this beach has been home to Hippies. They live in primitive huts on the cliffs behind the beach.

It is also a non-legal camping area, preferred by many to spend the night and get in touch with nature.


Playa Diego Hernández (3)

As it is a wild beach, there are no services for bathers.

You won’t find beach bars, restaurants or hotels near the beach either. We recommend you to bring your food and drinks, as well as your water sports equipment if you want to enjoy the sea and the waves to the fullest.

Visit Playa Diego Hernandez to escape the noise of the city and the crowds of Tenerife’s resorts. Experience the sea with all your senses, letting yourself be caressed by the fresh sea breeze and the warm rays of the Tenerife sun.

Playa Diego Hernández

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