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Shopping in Tenerife: The Definitive Guide

Shopping in Tenerife is pretty various. Here you can find big shopping malls and local markets, famous international and Spanish brands, souvenirs and much more.

Shopping in Tenerife South is mostly concentrated in Las Americas, Los Cristianos and Costa Adeje.

For shopping is the Northern part of the island you should visit Santa Cruz, La Laguna, Puerto de la Cruz and La Orotava.

In our guide we collected all the information you could need if shopping is included into your plans for holidays in Tenerife.



Shopping in Tenerife South


The best shopping locations in Tenerife South are in the most famous tourist areas:


There you could find clothes, perfumery, shoes, accessories and much more. For your comfort we divided shopping locations by areas, so it will be easier for you to plan your shopping day.


Shopping in los Cristianos


Los Cristianos is the most local place among all the tourist South of Tenerife. So besides shopping it is a very nice place to go for a walk, to visit local restaurants and shops.


The majority of shops in Los Cristianos are concentrated in the Avenida Suecia and few streets which start from the church and go down till the beach walk.

There you can find Lacoste store, some shoes shops, Stradivarius and some small local stores. If you are interested in ecological food and cosmetics, visit a special eco shop (herbolario).


The biggest you will find as well in the Avenida Suecia. Also we recommend you to visit fruit shops (fruteria) and buy fresh fruits cheaper and more delicious than in supermarkets.

Santiago VI Comercial Center


For big brands go to the new Santiago VI Comercial Center which is located between Los Cristianos and Las Vistas.


There you will find some world-famous brands, such as:


Initially from Sweden now it is famous all over the world. It offers clothes, shoes and accessories for men, women and kids.


If you like to be out of the mass and be unusual, visit this store. The philosophy of this Spanish brand is to bring positivism, tolerance, innovation and compromise. In accordance with its philosophy, Desigual offers bright colors, unexpected combinations and unusual design.

Pepe Jeans

Well-known trendy British brand, famous for denim and casual clothes.


Here you will find Italian shoes, produced from breathing materials, what makes them very comfortable.

Anna Rachele

Famous brand from Italy. Check it out for very qualitative and elegant female clothes.


This shop offers men’s clothes for the office and different business and formal events. Find there men’s suits, trouses and jackets of a good quality.


Visit this shop for casual and trendy clothes for both men and women.

Vero Moda

The brand from Denmark, specialized on clothes and accessories.


Check this store for Italian designer shoes.

Tenerife Pearl

Also remember to visit Tenerife Pearl store, which is a bit smaller, then the main store in Armeñime, but much easier located. If you were still sure that jewelery from the pearl could not have a big variety, you will be surprised by the quantity of models and different design. Prices also vary a lot – from 20€ to 16.000€.

Shopping in Las Americas


Las Americas, perhaps, is the best place for shopping in the whole Tenerife South. There you will find a huge selection of brands and shops.

Among all the places we could define two the main shopping areas: Avenida de Las Americas and Siam Mall.

Avenida de Las Americas shopping street is also famous as the Golden Mile. It is a long street full of shopping centres, bars and restaurants, including recently opened The Hard Rock Cafe.

Here you can also find the famous concert hall Piramide de Arona and a big fountain with the musical and light shows in the evenings.


This famous Playa de Las Americas shopping zone starts from Vista Sur Commercial Center and finishes with the Parque Santiago IV shopping center. The main places for shopping in the area are:


Vista Sur Shopping Center

Even Vista Sur is called a shopping center, it mostly consists of small shops with souvenirs and swimming stuff. But 2 places there are definitely worth visiting.

Fund Grube


This green shop with the happy yellow elephant by the entrance is difficult not to notice. This store offers a good selection of cosmetics and perfume, glassed, jewelry, shoes and bags for the good prices.

If you want to buy natural Aloe Vera cosmetics, check it out there as well. You will find a good choice of brands and products.

Regarding shoes, bags and accesoires, in Fund Grube you can buy products of Armani Jeans, Tommy Hilfiger, Pepe Jeans, Geox, Tous, Pandora and Guess as well as some less known but also qualitative Spanish brands.

In addition to anyway reasonable prices, quite often Fund Grube organizes different kind of promotions, so you can get a good discount not just in the period of official sales.



This brand is famous all over the world, so it is not necessary to write a lot about it. Check it out if you like quality and casual style.

Oasis Shopping Center




It is almost impossible that somebody doent’s know this brand, but just in case we will tell you that it offers a great selection of clothes, shoes, bags and accessories for all possible cases and events: casual, urban, classic, business, party, etc. Zara makes collections for women, men and kids.



This Italian brand makes very beautiful swimming clothes and underwear, so don’t miss it.


Another famous Spanish brand. Mostly they do casual clothes for men and women. Prices are very reasonable even without the sales.

Women’s Secret

This store will be interesting first of all to women. Check it out for a good choice of underwear, swimming clothes and clothes for home.


We already wrote about this brand, so check it out above.


As a big present to all the fans of this famous cosmetics brand, in Oasis Shopping center was opened their official store. If you still don’t know about Kheil’s, this is a cosmetic brand, which was created like a pharmacy in 1851. It sells high quality cosmetics with natural ingredients. By the way, many celebrities of the past and present are fans of this brand.

7 camicie


This Italian brand will help you to make your grey business days brighter. A big variety of male and female shirts for office and life will create stylish and elegant look. Have a look.


Americas Plaza Shopping Center

This shopping center starts just after Oasis. There you will find few cosmetics stores and jewelry stores, where you can buy both exclusive designer jewelry and watches, such as Bulgari, Cartier, Chanel, Longines, Gucci and some more economic famous brands, such as Pandora, Guess and Swatch.

In Americas plaza you can also visit:

  • Lacoste store for the world-famous clothes with the crocodile logo;
  • Worldwide known Guess store for famous denim, casual and designer clothes, bags, shoes and accessories;
  • Nike for sport clothes and shoes known all over the world;
  • Timberland for the comfortable sporty and casual style shoes and clothes and many other shops.


Safari Shopping Center


The next shopping center you will see will be Safari shopping center. In this center you will find some multi-branded stores, which sell luxury brands, such as Marella, Burberry, Escada and others.

Also visit Bimba y Lola store, the Spanish brand, which produces very stylish and non-standard models of shoes, bags and clothes with attractive prints and good quality fabrics.

The other famous brands you will find there will be Stradivarius, Bershka and some others.


Parque Santiago III/IV


On the other side of the street is situated Parque Santiago III and IV Shopping Center. There you can go for some perfumery, souvenir and electricity products.


In the end of the Avenida de Las Americas street you will also find Pool and Bear store, which offers casual style clothes for young men and women.


If you turn to the right, there will be some more stores, for example Mango Store and a bit further Hugo Boss store.


Of course we didn’t mention all the shops and brands you can find in the Golden Mile area, so we recommend just to take your time and visit all the small and big shops you like and we are sure, there you can have a very successful shopping experience.


Siam Mall


If shopping in Golden Mile area was not enough for you, visit recently opened Siam Mall. Builded in the same oriental style like Siam Park, it offers good selection of brands. Some of them are the same as in the Golden Mile, such as Zara, Mango, Springfield, Pull and Bear, Bershka, Women’s secret, etc. But some shops you can find just there or in Santa Cruz. If going to Santa Cruz is not in your plan, we recommend you to visit Siam Mall.



Massimo Dutti

Spanish brand, known for its good quality and classical design;


Very cute jewelry with teddy bear logo;

Intimissimi and Calzedonia

For underwear, swimming and beach clothes;

If you are looking for casual and denim clothes for very reasonable prices, visit Lefties store.


In Siam Mall you can also visit one of various restaurants and entertainment area for kids, so you can pass a good shopping day there with the whole family.


Plaza del Duque


This huge shopping center includes predominately shops of premium brands:


  • Marc Cain
  • Anna Rachele
  • Armani Jeans
  • Elisabetta Franchi
  • Escada and some others.


Also you can visit some multi-branded stores, such as Weekend, where are presented some famous designer brands: Burberry, Versace, Baldinini, Max Mara, etc.


Shopping in Tenerife North


For the most demanding shoppers we recommend to visit the Northern part of Tenerife. There you will find huge shopping malls and all kinds of brands and products, from clothes, shoes and accessories till toys and electronics and more reasonable prices for some products then in the South.

Shopping in Santa Cruz de Tenerife

Our shopping guide for Tenerife North we will start with Santa Cruz de Tenerife. It is the capital of Tenerife and must visit place for anyone, who are not indifferent to the shopping.


The main shopping centers in Santa Cruz are concentrated in one zone – avenida Tres de Mayo, so it will be quite possible for you to visit them all and will save your time a lot.

El Corte Ingles


The most popular place is El Corte Ingles. Probably you have already heard this name as it is the popular Spanish network of shopping centers. So if you have already visited other Spanish cities, may be you visited this huge mall as well.

If you have never heard about it, in El Corte Ingles you can buy totally everything: food, cosmetics, bags, clothes and shoes for men, women and kids, toys, products for home, electronics and much more.

Unlike the other shopping centers, El Corte Ingles offers a big selection of Spanish brands, which you can’t find in the other countries, so you can have a chance to buy something really interesting. There are so many brands presented there, that it going to be too long to write about them, moreover many of them you know pretty well or we already wrote about them above:

  • Armani
  • Calvin Klein
  • Desigual
  • Furla
  • Geox
  • Guess
  • Hugo Boss
  • Karen Millen
  • Lacoste
  • Ralph Lauren
  • Levi’s
  • Nike
  • New Balance
  • Pandora
  • Reebok
  • Tommy Hilfiger



But some brands we would like to point out as they are presented mostly in Spain or just definitely worth the attention.


Adolfo Domínguez

Adolfo Domínguez is probably one of the most famous and appreciated Spanish designers. In Adolfo Domínguez suits were dressed the main heroes of popular TV series Miami Vice and employees of the main Spanish airline company Iberia. All the collections of the brand are inspired of liberty, creativity and in the same time have elegant design and high quality.



Puruficación García

Puruficación García is another famous Spanish designer and the founder of very glamorous and stylish brand. First of all it is famous for bags. The variety of them is so huge, that it is almost impossible that you will not find the right one for you.

Also Puruficación García makes clothes for men and women, shoes and accessories. Everything is very qualitative and elegant.


Carolina Herrera


This is not a Spanish brand, however it is loved in Spain, as well as all over the world. Many celebrities choose Carolina Herrera clothes for the most important events.

Check it out if you like luxury and elegant products.


Tres de Mayo

Just opposite the Corte Ingles you will see one more shopping center – Tres de Mayo.

If you checked the brands Puruficación García and Adolfo Domínguez in El Corte Ingles shopping center and liked them, remember to visit Tres de Mayo shopping center as well, as there you will find the bigger stores of these brands with more choice.


El Meridiano


One more shopping center in this area is Meridiano. There you can visit many popular stores, like Zara, Pull&Bear, Massimo Dutti, Calzedonia, etc.

El Meridiano will be also interesting for all the fans of Primark.

For those, who don’t know this brand – it is a huge store of clothes, shoes, underware, products for home and much, much more.

Prices are very reasonable.

For cosmetics fans it is also recommended to visit this shopping center as there are presented some brands, which could be worth your attention:

Kiko Milano, Cailyn, Real Techniques and some more.


Calle Castillo

If you have some more time, walk till Calle Castillo, which is situated near Plaza España. So you can see a bit of the city and combine it with the shopping.

In Calle Castillo are located all the famous brands, which we already mentioned above: Massimo Dutti, H&M, Mango, Bimba y Lola and others.


Shopping in La Laguna

The first place for shopping in La Laguna we are going to name is Al Campo (Auchan). If you have a car, you can visit it for some clothes, shoes and cosmetics brands (even though they are not presented there exclusively and can be found in many other more accessible places).

But what Al Campo is really worth visiting for is food and wine. If you want to buy local meat products, cheese and wine there you can find a really good choice.


To visit La Laguna only for shopping we don’t recommend, as there are almost no shops and brands, which are not presented in Las Americas or Santa Cruz. But if you are going to visit La Laguna for sightseeing, you can also make some shopping there.

Many famous Spanish brands are presented in the center of La Laguna, on the streets between the cathedral (Catedral de La Laguna) and the church (Iglesia-Parroquia Matriz de Ntra Sra de La Concepción).


Shopping in Puerto de la Cruz


As in case of La Laguna, Puerto de la Cruz is first of all the place to visit for sightseeing. Go there to visit Loro Parque, to enjoy Canarian atmosphere and beautiful nature.

In the center of the city you can find some shops as well, so you can combine sightseeing with some shopping.


Shopping in La Orotava


La Villa shopping center

One more shopping center which is worth mentioning in our guide is La Villa shopping center. In this huge mall you will find one more Al Campo and some clothes, shoes, accessories, sports, cosmetics and other shops.

The brands you can purchase there are:

  • Benetton
  • Massimo Dutti,
  • Zara
  • Pull&Bear
  • Punto Roma
  • Bershka
  • Springfield
  • Stradivarius
  • Women’s secret


We hope our guide will be useful for you and will help you to make a productive shopping. One more thing you probably need to know is that many shops in Tenerife North (if it is not a big shopping center) are closed for siesta and almost nothing is working on Sundays, so keep it in mind while planning your shopping there.




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