First Published: June 8, 2020 | Last Updated: October 25, 2023 | Author: Jan Daniel

Information about Tenerife: Eternal spring holiday island

When daily routine makes your days look the same, when the city life stress and job problems reach the highest point, the best thing to do is to break the circle: take vacations and escape to paradise. Speaking about paradises, Tenerife is impossible not to mention

The  island of internal spring” takes one of the top places in the paradise list. Comfortable climate (20° – 26°c in winter and 23° -29°c in summer) makes possible to enjoy the island the whole year.

And it doesn’t matter how you prefer to spend your vacations: on Tenerife everyone can find proper activities.

For the nature lovers Tenerife offers a lot of impressive, unforgettable landscapes: Teide – volcano and the highest point of Spain; Anaga mountains – the oldest part of the island, which was formed about 7-9 million years ago, with their breathtaking panoramic views and amazing laurel forest; famous Los Gigantes clips, with the height of 500-800 metres over the sea. The list of incredibly impressive places could be continued for a rather long time.

Tenerife is the island with long history. So for those who like sightseeing, museums and History Tenerife also will be found activities. Must see places: La Laguna, Candelaria, La Orotava, Garachico and Piramides Güimar.

And of course Tenerife is a paradise for those who like to spend eternal days on the beach, enjoying the sun and refreshing, clean ocean. To make your vacations more memorable, you can mix relaxation on the beach with some of the differently presented water activities: jet ski, boat trips, paragliding and many others.

And don’t forget to try typical Canarian potatoes and mojos as far as fresh seafood and fish, seating in one of the seaside restaurants with a glass of local wine.

For sure, vacations on Tenerife you will remember forever and will return here again and again.

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