First Published: June 8, 2020 | Last Updated: January 28, 2021 | Author: Jan Daniel

Tenerife: Holidays in Winter

Despite of the well known fact that Tenerife is an internal spring island, many times we hear the question if winter is a good time to make holidays in Tenerife. What weather gonna be in winter? Is it possible to swim? In this article we will answer some of the questions what you may have and will show why winter is a perfect time for passing your vacations on Tenerife.


What could be better than a couple of weeks escape to the paradise from cold and gray winter?
Thanks to a very special climate, the weather on Tenerife is warm all the year round. In winter the days are sunny with the temperature almost the same as in summer (20-26º C). Water in the ocean is a bit fresher comparing with the summer, but still warm and comfortable. Once you are there you will not want to go out of the ocean.

winter landscape of Teide National Park


There are not many places in the world where winter wakes up the nature and Tenerife is one of them. All the mountains around start to look green, in January and February you can even see the almond trees in bloom.
Even if you have already visited Tenerife in summer, you will be surprised how beautiful and fascinating the island looks in winter.


Teide with the snow

Ocean, sun and…snow. Sounds unreal? Not on Tenerife! You could see this exotic combination if you visit Tenerife in winter (december till march). Enjoy the sun, swim in the warm ocean and take your chance to see Teide in this unusual appearance. Don’t forget to take warm clothes with you.


If you are planning to come to Tenerife on February, you will have a chance to see the biggest event of the island – Carnaval of Santa Cruz de Tenerife. Buy the way it is the second largest carnival in the world after Carnival of Rio de Janeiro! So you can imagine the scale of this colorful and joyful festival. Don’t miss it!

Excursions and activities

One of the biggest mistakes is to think that in winter the number of activities will be limited comparing with the summer. That’s completely wrong! Relaxing boat trips, adrenaline boosting jet-skis, discovering island tours and many other activities are waiting for you on Tenerife all the year round!

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