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Monkey Park Tenerife South

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“Monkey park offers you an amazing passtime on Tenerife

The Monkey Park is located between Los Cristianos and Guaza in the south of Tenerife.

Did you know that the monkey size could differ from just 117 millimeters till almost 1 meter depending on the specie? And that they have their own language with the special sounds which have a meaning of particular things?

Among all the animals they are the most similar to the humans, that’s why they are so interesting for us.

To meet these cute and intelligent animals and to watch their behavior in the environment, close to their natural, you can by visiting the Monkey Park.This park, located just 5 minutes by car from Los Cristianos, will present you an amazing time, doesn’t matter which age you are.

It will be equally entertaining for romantic couples, kids, groups of young people and families.

The main point of this place is that monkeys are not closed in the cages and you can touch them, make photos and feed with the fruits, bought by the entrance.

Besides monkeys in the park you can see different types of the birds, turtles and even visit the cactus garden!

Don’t miss this nice experience and book your tickets now.

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