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  • Private Boat & Luxury Yacht Charters in Tenerife

    Information: Private Boat Charters in Tenerife

    Our Private Luxury Boat Charters will be a good choice for you if you are looking for a very special and exclusive way to pass time on your holidays. You can either design your own tour or do one of our predetermined excursions to discover the sea around Tenerife.

    With us you can hire or rent exclusive Yachts Charters, Motor Boats, Power Boats, Catamarans and Sailing Boats by hours as well.

    If you don”t have any special plan yet for your private boat trip in Tenerife, we can give you some ideas.

    With a private boat tour you can make a whales and dolphins watching excursion in an exclusive way.

    These lovely animals are living permanently in the nearby waters of south Tenerife. The most common species you will meet are the bottlenose dolphin and the pilot whale. Mostly whales and dolphins can be spotted nearby these areas of Tenerife:
    Los Gigantes, Playa de las Americas, Los Cristianos & Costa Adeje.

    Private Boat or Yacht Charter could be a better alternative to a shared whale watching tour as we can customise it to your needs and wishes and you will have privacy on board.

    Luxury Motor Yacht Charter Tenerife

    If you rent a boat for 6 – 7 hours, you can make a private charter to the impressing cliffs of Los Gigantes.

    These giant cliffs are one of the must see places in Tenerife and the best way to appreciate them is to watch them from the sea side. Besides visiting the cliffs you can go snorkelling and swim in the crystal clear waters of the Masca bay or the bay of El Puertito de Adeje.

    Luxury private yacht charter could be also a perfect choice for an anniversary, wedding proposal, birthday party, family reunion or hen party. Or you can just watch the colourful sunset in Tenerife while you eat some romantic dinner with your beloved ones.

    You can even hire a boat charter for a corporate event, such as team building.

    In any case our private charter will create an enjoyable and relaxing atmosphere during your special event or celebration and will make it absolutely unforgettable.

    We have a big selection of private boats for rent and you can make your choice, depending on your preferences and needs.

    With the Luxury Catamaran Abrazo you can enjoy the fresh breeze of the sea while you tan yourself under the warm sunshine of Tenerife with full comfort and space on board.

    If you want to make a Real Sailing Charter experience, go on board of the Bavaria Yacht Octopuseye.

    If you like luxury, speed & power, then we recommend you to hire a Luxury Motor Yacht like the Neva Yacht or Poker Yacht.

    Most of our exclusive luxury vessels & boats tours are offering free drinks on board and most of them are also including food.

    The captain, fuel and crew are already included on the prices.

    Motor Boat Charter Tenerife

    Some of our boats are also offering transfers.

    If you are going to be a bigger group (more then 12 persons), we suggest charter the Catamaran Bonadea or OPERA 60. The Bonadea Catamaran can take up to 22 persons on board & the Motor Boat OPERA 60 will be able to take up to 25 passengers.

    Find the ideal Boat Charters to enjoy a nice day out with your family during your holidays in Tenerife!

    We selected just the most exclusive Charters in Tenerife for the most demanding people. We offer now extremely good deals for our charters to make them affordable for as much people as possible.

    Convince yourself, to check our prices. Just scroll down the page, make your choice and enjoy a very memorable day out in Tenerife.

    Boat Charters in Tenerife:

    Book Camel Park Tenerife
    3 Hours Catamaran Charter in Tenerife
    Book Camel Park Tenerife
    Power Boat Charter in Tenerife
    Book Camel Park Tenerife
    Luxury Yacht Charter in Tenerife 3 hours
    Book Camel Park Tenerife
    Private Catamaran Charter in Tenerife
    Book Camel Park Tenerife
    Luxury Yacht Charter in Tenerife "Sunset Tour"
    Book Camel Park Tenerife
    Motor Yacht Charter Tenerife
    Book Camel Park Tenerife
    3,5 Hours Sailing Boat Charter in Tenerife
    Book Camel Park Tenerife
    Superb Luxury Yacht Charter in Tenerife for 3 Hours
    Book Camel Park Tenerife
    Luxury Motor RIB & Boat Charter
    Book Camel Park Tenerife
    Motor Yacht Charter in Tenerife "Dream Day Tour"
    Book Camel Park Tenerife
    Real Sailing Charter in Tenerife
    Book Camel Park Tenerife
    Private Boat Charter Tenerife Rent & Hire with Sol 109
    Book Camel Park Tenerife
    Motor Yacht Charter in Tenerife "Experience Tour"
    Book Camel Park Tenerife
    8 Hours Sailing Charter to Visit Los Gigantes & Masca
    Book Camel Park Tenerife
    4 Hours Private Fishing Charter in Tenerife
    Book Camel Park Tenerife
    4 Hours Fishing Charter in Las Galletas Tenerife South
    Book Camel Park Tenerife
    4 Hours Private Fishing Charter in Tenerife
    Book Camel Park Tenerife
    3 Hours Sea Rib Charter in Tenerife
    Book Camel Park Tenerife
    Exclusive Half Day Yacht Charter in Tenerife
    Book Camel Park Tenerife
    4 Hours Private Fishing Charter
    Book Camel Park Tenerife
    Viking boat charter in Tenerife
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