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Bus Excursions in Los Cristianos

Bus excursions from Los Cristianos

Welcome to this article in which we will tell you about our bus excursions in Los Cristianos to the different places of interest in Tenerife. We have prepared some valuable information for you. Stay in this text to know the places that you must visit to be able to say that you have been in Tenerife. We know that you want to know all the places, so we help you to know the best of each one so you can decide which one to visit first and choose which bus tours you are going to hire.

If you have any questions along the text, you can write us directly to our WhatsApp, we are here to help you. We have long experience helping our clients to select their activities on the island. You can also make your reservations through this way.

Los Cristianos

We hope you enjoy your holidays in Tenerife. Don’t leave without visiting our beaches, green forests, volcanic landscapes, historic towns and more. On our website you will also find different options for you to explore all that the island has to offer.

In Los Cristianos you will find radiant and beautiful beaches. Everything you want to enjoy the sea you will find in this beautiful town in the south of Tenerife. But Los Cristianos is more than just beaches, you can also enjoy different leisure, cultural and gastronomic options. Now that you have enjoyed this marvellous place, you are ready to continue exploring the island. Tenerife has magical places that are worth visiting. Our intention with this text is to help you find out which are the best places to visit in Tenerife so that you can make your choice and enjoy your holidays to the full.

Guided excursions to Mount Teide

Private Excursion to Teide (2)

We invite you to visit Mount Teide, the highest peak in Spain. At the end of this article we present you our list of guided excursions to visit the most interesting places in Tenerife. To get to know the Teide we have several possibilities. Choose the guided tour to Teide and Vilaflor to discover the most beautiful landscapes of the island. We also offer you a private visit to Teide with a professional guide so that you can connect with the park in a special way and learn all about its history and geological characteristics. We also have other excursions that will take you to other important villages of the island such as Garachico and the village of Masca. If what you want is to do star tourism, we propose the Teide excursions at night to observe the stars of the cosmos.

The Teide National Park should not be missing from your holiday itinerary in Tenerife. Get to know this enchanted place with a very special topography. An interesting fact about this park is that it has characteristics similar to those of the planet Mars, so it is as if you were travelling out of this world. But besides this, it also gives you the possibility to look into space thanks to the space station that is located here. Come and get to know the stars of the cosmos, you can take a close look at the stars, the surface of the moon and solar storms. A marvel before our eyes and this is the best place to see it. Don’t miss the Tenerife sunset as seen from this park, it is exciting and very pleasant. At night the stars and the serenity of feeling at one with the universe, then in the morning the most inspiring sunrise you can imagine. A whole spectacle of emotions and stimuli for our senses. Simply perfect, you can’t miss it. Don’t worry about the ascent, in the park you will find a cable car that takes you right up to the astronomical station. Come and discover the park and its secrets. Breathe in the fresh air and take home the most beautiful memories of your holidays.

Guided tours to Vilaflor, Garachico and Masca

Masca Village - Pueblo de Masca - Tenerife (2)

We present you these beautiful towns of Tenerife with their singular beauty and charm. We invite you to visit the village of Masca, a beautiful town in the south of Tenerife. It is a protected area due to the great biodiversity found there. The village of Masca combines beautiful forests, mountains and cliffs with a type of traditional architecture that give it its particular essence. Here you will find a small hamlet with friendly people, handicraft shops and some places for visitors to enjoy. One of the things that make this village very popular is the Masca ravine, a hiking route that leads to the coast. Please note that this is a difficult descent that should only be done by people with a lot of practice and preparation. At the bottom you will come across the bay of Masca, a beautiful beach with dark sand and crystal clear waters where you can take a refreshing swim and forget about the responsibilities of everyday life.

Garachico tenerife air view.min

Garachico is a beautiful northern town with a history to tell. It was the most important commercial port on the island until it was destroyed by a volcano. Today it is a beautiful town that preserves the memories of that port adventure and combines them with a new life full of art and historical heritage. Here you will find the Garachico viewpoint, elevated on the road from where you can see the town and its beautiful rocky outcrop near the coast.

Don’t forget to visit Vilaflor, a village located in a privileged spot. It is at the highest point of the island and offers a unique and particular type of landscape. Walking through its “lunar landscape” makes you feel as if you were on the moon. Here you can also get to know the historical monuments that are representative of Tenerife’s culture.

Bus tours of modern cities in Tenerife

We have an excursion to take you to the capital of the island and the city of La Laguna. With this bus tour in Tenerife we also take you to Taganana, a beautiful rural village in Anaga.

Anaga Tenerife

Santa Cruz de Tenerife is the capital of Tenerife, and is a place you must see, especially the old town. Here you will see several important colonial houses and churches. But you will also find a lot of modern development that contrasts with the historical buildings, it is a beautiful city that also receives many cruise ships, which gives it a great touristic importance.

Santa Cruz de Tenerife Shopping

La Laguna is a beautiful city that has been declared a World Heritage Site due to its artistic, cultural and historical richness. It is home to the first university in the Canary Islands, which is still in operation and brings a youthful and fresh air to the city.

After visiting these beautiful towns, we will take you to the rural park of Anaga, which is located in the north of Tenerife. Together with the Teide Park, it is one of the most special natural environments on the island. We invite you to explore its paths and roads. Enjoy life from the heights, among green forests and the perennial mist. Get to know its villages and paradisiacal beaches at the foot of the ravines. Within the park there are different villages, one of them being Taganana. We invite you to get to know its streets and culture.

Bus tour around Tenerife

Candelaria Tenerife (2)

Among our guided tours around Tenerife, we have one with which you will get to know different villages and natural landscapes of great tourist interest. We start with La Candelaria, a beautiful village where the Guanche and Castilian cultures are combined. In its streets you can see examples of Guanche art alongside the traditional buildings of the colony. In the square of La Candelaria you can see different bronze statues of the Guanche culture that seem to look after the basilica of our patron saint.

visit la orotava tenerife day tour

La Orotava is another locality that is always present in our itineraries. We cannot forget to pass through this beautiful town close to the magnificent Teide. Stroll through its streets full of history and buildings with traditional architecture.

Erjos is another of our favourite destinations. It is a village in the north of Tenerife that awaits you with its magical landscapes and mysterious peaks. It is home to a variety of species adapted to the volcanic environment. The presence of water in this part of the Teno Rural Park has created an ideal environment for the development of different species.

tenerife day trip teide masca icod garachico

Another place you should visit is Icod de Los Vinos, which in addition to the beauty of its streets and hamlets, is home to a unique natural symbol. We are talking about the famous ancient dragon tree, the oldest dragon tree in the world, which you can see here.

Neptuno Tenerife Boat Trip to Los Gigantes form North and South (15)

Finally, the Cliffs of the Giants, located in the south-western part of the island, are waiting to protect you. The indigenous Guanches called them “The Devil’s Wall”. Today they are a point of tourist and ecological interest. The sea around the cliffs is full of pleasure boats with people who like to see the beauty of Los Gigantes and bathe in the refreshing waters of its beaches.

Discover the wines of Tenerife

We offer you bus tours in Los Cristianos to get to know some of the island’s plantations, walk through them and enjoy their serenity. With these tours we take you to see how the wine of Tenerife is prepared and of course, you can taste some of them and choose the best of them all.

Visit La Gomera by Ferry from Tenerife

VIP Excursion La Gomera (14)

We have another type of bus excursion in Los Cristianos to get to know the neighbouring island of La Gomera. We take you to discover its villages and natural attractions. You can choose between a shared excursion or a VIP minibus tour. We offer you a personalised experience for discerning tastes.

Contact and booking

With our recommendations for your bus excursions in Los Cristianos we want to help you choose the places you will visit during your holiday. We know you want to see them all and we hope you have enough time. Remember that you can travel privately or shared. We offer you a personalised experience with first class attention. Thank you for trusting us.

What our customers say:
Dean Smith
Dean Smith
17. November, 2022.
Definitely recommend to include in your trip when visiting Tenerife. One of the best days we had! Amazing service and nice touch with water and snacks!
Maria Stanko
Maria Stanko
14. November, 2022.
Es war eine grandiose Reise, das Personal war sehr freundlich und zuvorkommend, das Schiff sauber und das Essen lecker. Sehr beeindruckend waren die Wale, Delfine und die wunderschöne Natur Teneriffas.
Gillian Webster
Gillian Webster
2. November, 2022.
I hired the atlanca boat as a surprise for my husbands 40th birthday and it was honestly the best day and lots of fun. Easy to book, when we arrived Patrick did the paperwork and explained everything then Fran gave us all the safety information on how to ride the boat. Everything was provided and additional special touches were much appreciated. They were both great, really friendly and put us at ease. We had 3 hours booked and we got the full time, everything excellent. Highly recommended. Thank you
Shaun Daymond
Shaun Daymond
28. October, 2022.
Very easy to deal with over WhatsApp. Booked 5 months in advance and had no issues with the booking at all. Boat was lovely and friendly skipper 👍🏻
Banana Palm Bay
Banana Palm Bay
4. August, 2022.
Can only recommend it ;)
Juan Antonio RT
Juan Antonio RT
26. July, 2022.
Hemos disfrutado de un paseo en barco por la costa de Adeje divisadlo cetáceos. Muy recomendable. La tripulación muy amable en todo momento pendiente de nosotros.
younes benkahla
younes benkahla
5. July, 2022.
Capitaine tres gentil et très compréhensible ne pense pas qu’à l’argent et pense d’abord à la sécurité et surtout à la bonne expérience de la clientèle je recommande !
Guillermo González Meyer
Guillermo González Meyer
14. June, 2022.
Alquilamos una excursión para ver cetáceos y dar un paseo de 3h. En general la experiencia estuvo bien. Toda la gestión de reserva fue fácil y el trato con Bananapalmbay fue un gusto.
Al llegar al barco tuvimos alguna confusión con lo acordado, pero tras comunicarse la empresa del barco con Bananapalmbay se solucionó y pudimos disfrutar del viaje. Además vimos ballenas piloto.

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