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Discover the Best Beaches of Fuerteventura: Explore its charms!

Come and discover the best beaches of Fuerteventura, famous all over the world. Enjoy its beautiful landscapes, golden sands and warm sunshine. Here you will find several possibilities, from quiet beaches to enjoy with the family, unspoilt beaches away from the crowds and fantastic waves for surfing. Find out why Fuerteventura’s coasts are at the top of the list of the best beaches in Europe.

The best beaches of Fuerteventura

Fuerteventura is the second largest of the Canary Islands. Its coastline stretches for 340 km with more than 150 beaches, some of which are internationally famous. Here is our selection of the best beaches in Fuerteventura to help you choose which ones to visit on your next trip to the island.

El Cotillo Beach

El Cotillo - Fuerteventura Beach (2)

This is a small beach in the northwest of Fuerteventura. It stretches for 200 metres of white sand and pleasant turquoise waters. It is sheltered by rock formations that create the beautiful coves of La Concha, Playa de Marfolín and Playa De Los Lagos. It is still preserved as an unspoilt environment with few visitors, where surfers are the protagonists. The village of El Cotillo offers some shops and restaurants to stock up and continue your enjoyment.

Popcorn Beach

Because of its particular appearance, it is always present in the lists of the best beaches of Fuerteventura. It is located in the north of the island and its particular name is due to its sand, which is mixed with fragments of coral that together create an appearance similar to popcorn. It is a remote beach that is worth a visit to get to know its texture and take unique photographs.

Cofete Beach

Cofete Beach Fuerteventura.min

In the southwest of the island is Playa de Cofete, in a wild environment far from urban development. The waters of this beach are somewhat rough, so you should take precautions when bathing. Accessing the beach is also a different kind of adventure. You will have to walk along an 8 km dirt road to finally reach the sea. As far as tourist facilities are concerned, you will only find a restaurant nearby, where you will be able to renew your energy to continue the adventure.

El Matorral Beach

Fueteventura Beach - Playa del Matorral - Sotavente - Morrojable (3)

Located in Morro Jable, in the south of the island. It stretches for 4 km of soft sand, some dunes and beautiful palm trees. It has been awarded the Blue Flag. It has calm waters, perfect for swimming. It has a nudist area of little affluence to enjoy the sea placidly. It offers sun loungers and parasols. It is bordered by an area of kiosks, restaurants and places to rent aquatic equipment. Rent a boat to take a stroll along the sea to contemplate its beauty and discover the species that live there.

Alzada Beach

La Oliva - FV-1 - Playa del Moro 02 ies

To the northeast of Fuerteventura, in the Corralejo Natural Park, is this beautiful unspoilt beach. It has no beach services or shops, so you should bring your own provisions for the day. It is visited by surfers, who love to break the waves and enjoy the restless sea of Fuerteventura.


Fueteventura Beach - Playa del Matorral - Sotavente - Morrojable (4)

Enjoy the deep blue waters that make up the beaches of Sotavento. They are located in the southeast of the island and are an extensive group of beaches, made up of La Barca, Risco del Paso, Mirador, Malnombre and Los Canarios. They belong to the list of the best beaches in Fuerteventura for their turquoise waters, golden sands and perfect conditions for water sports. You can practice windsurfing and kitesurfing during high tide. On the beach you will find friendly instructors who will guide you through this fun sport. So if you are new to surfing, this is the perfect place to learn.

Great Beaches Corralejo

Fuerteventura Corralejo (2).min

To the northeast of the island you’ll find this radiant golden sandy beach, continuous with the Corralejo Dunes. It stretches along 9 km of coastline belonging to the Corralejo Natural Park. The visit should include a walk along the dunes and then a refreshing dip in the sea. On this beach you will find the famous Jable sand, made up of particles of eroded seashells.

Pozo Beach

Located to the northeast of the Corralejo Dunes. Its shallow waters are favourable for swimming. It also offers perfect conditions for water sports such as windsurfing and kitesurfing. It is also a peaceful and captivating place to relax, lie down on the sand and listen to the waves lapping.

La Concha Beach

Las Conchas Beach Fuerteventura.min

Located on the islet of Lobos, which you can reach by ferry from Corralejo. When you reach the beach you will notice its crescent-shaped coastline, bathed by the divine turquoise waters of the Atlantic. It has been awarded the Blue Flag, which makes it well worth a visit. On the opposite side of the island you will find a small restaurant serving some of the best fish in the archipelago.

Eagle Beach

Located on the northwest coast of the island and hidden among the cliffs. Due to its difficult access it is a solitary beach that does not offer any kind of services for bathers. It is 600 metres wide. Enjoy it at low tide, when the tide is low and we can see its radiant golden coastline. At high tide the beach disappears. We include it in the list of the best beaches of Fuerteventura because of its exotic landscape with great value for tourists.

Esquinzo Beach

Playa Esquinzo-Butihondom on Fuerteventura, Canary Islands - 51121882753

Located in the northwest of the island, this beach is hidden among the volcanic rocks. It is ideal for enjoying the sea in solitude. On the other hand, it is a fantastic environment for surfers, who love its waves and pleasant sea breeze. Although you won’t find any beach services in this area, in the nearby villages you will find different shops and restaurants.


Butihondo Beach - Fuerteventura (2)

Located north of Morro Jable in the south of the island. It is a semi-urban beach with Blue Flag status and is always among the best beaches of Fuerteventura. It stretches for 3 kilometres with several divided zones. The intermediate zone is for families to enjoy and here you will find some beach bars, sun loungers and lifeguard service. It also offers more private areas for the practice of nudism. Butihondo is also perfect for the practice of some water sports such as windsurfing, sailing and rowing.

Playa Blanca Beach

Located in the east of Fuerteventura and close to Puerto del Rosario, the island’s capital. It is a family beach that stretches for 1 km in length. It has lifeguards and is one of the locals’ favourite beaches for a break from the routine. Dozens of surfers converge here in love with the waves. Although it is a nudist beach, it is also frequented by swimmers.

Fuerteventura’s wonderful beaches have everything you are looking for without leaving the island. Some urban and some wild, all have a unique charm. Enjoy pleasant walks along the shore, feel the sand on your feet and the gentle caress of the wind on your face. Keep in mind that we have only named some of the best beaches in Fuerteventura, but there are still many more to discover. Come and enjoy this fantastic island and take home the best memories of your holiday.

Beaches in Fuerteventura

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