Quad Bike Safaris in Tenerife

Quad Bike Safaris in Tenerife


One of the best ways to discover the nature and trails of Tenerife is to go on a quad biking tour in Tenerife during your holiday. You will drive through natural forests, high mountains and memorable landscapes.

Quad biking in Tenerife

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Tenerife offers unique nature and landscapes that you can discover by driving a quad. Just choose from our Quad Safari options to discover the wonders of Tenerife.

If you have never done a Quad Bike Safari in Tenerife, this is the best moment. During your holidays on the island you will have the opportunity to drive these amazing machines. All you need is a valid driving licence, we will take care of the rest. For your safety, the professional team will explain you how the motorbikes work before you start your adventure. If you have any questions, write to us on WhatsApp, it will be a pleasure for us to help you choose and book your next excursions.

Remember that you will need a driving licence to drive the Quads. Here is the list of quad biking tours in Tenerife available on our website:

Off Road Quad Safari

This is a fascinating adventure to get to know the trails of Tenerife. This tour includes transport from Los Gigantes to Santiago del Teide. On arrival at the quad bike station you will receive all the information you need to use the quads. The fun starts with the tour through the forest trails of Arenas Negras, it will be an incredible experience full of emotions. We recommend you to take this option if you are passionate about nature and adventure sports.

Quad Safari Tenerife” takes you on a tour of Tenerife South

Quad Safari Tenerife is a company with great experience in the sector. With them you can enjoy safe and fun quad biking adventures. The expert guides will advise you and accompany you at all times for your safety. All you have to worry about is having fun and enjoying the beautiful views. The first option offered by this company includes the tour of Playa de las Américas, Arona, la Escalona and Villaflor, with its corresponding stop to rest and take pictures. The second tour includes Playa de las Américas, Arona, the village of Villaflor and the Cañadas del Teide. To take any of these options you must be over 18 years old and present your driving licence.

Quad biking tour through Masca and the forests

Tenerife Quad Bike Safari to Tenerife Forest and Masca (1)

This is an excursion in Quads through which you will be able to explore the beautiful landscapes of the coast. During this safari you can enjoy the beautiful views of the coast, its vegetation and volcanic geography. The tour includes lunch in a Canarian restaurant. This is a great excursion for those who want a breath of fresh air to oxygenate the body.

Quad biking fun and adrenaline rush

We also have a quad excursion for all ages with different trails with different demands depending on the skills of the drivers. You don’t have to worry about the technical aspects as no experience is necessary.

Our quads are very safe and prepared for the demands of the terrain. Furthermore, the team of professionals who manage the quads will guide you at all times so that you have a fun and happy ride.

Buggy excursion in Tenerife and off-road Jeeps

jeep safari tenerife

The Quad excursion in Tenerife will allow you to enjoy Tenerife in an active way but we also have other options to achieve this. We take the opportunity to introduce you to other ways to explore the trails of Tenerife.

In addition to quad bike hire in Tenerife, we also offer buggy and jeep tours on our website. In the following list we present you the available options and the advantages they offer.

Buggy safari on the Teide and the coast of Tenerife

Top Buggy Safari Tenerife (1)

With this adventure you will drive through the trails of the Teide National Park. On your way you will be able to see fantastic landscapes and a particular orography resulting from the volcanic action. Don’t forget your camera to capture beautiful images.

The first option to choose is the 1 hour and a half walk from Las Americas to La Caleta. On this adventure you will be able to take beautiful pictures of Tenerife’s coastline. The next option is more extensive, taking you to see the cliffs of Los Gigantes in an adventure of more than 4 hours. You will also pass through the Teide National Park and the village of Villaflor where you can enjoy a delicious lunch and then return to Las Americas. The third option includes a visit to Villaflor and then back to Las Americas via the south coast of Tenerife.

Buggy Safari in Tenerife and the farm

Buggy hire in Tenerife will give you a different kind of adventure. We have the Buggy Safari, a complete activity that besides taking you through the most attractive trails of the island will allow you to feel Tenerife with all your senses. After the tour there will be a stop to rest, meet the farm animals and taste the famous cheese and wines of Tenerife.

Jeep tour to discover Tenerife

jeep safari tenerife

This type of excursion includes an on-road and an off-road trip. The most exciting thing about the Jeeps is that they allow us to travel over difficult terrain. The fun is given by the challenges of overcoming every obstacle on the road and moving along the trails until you conquer them. We invite you to share this excursion with your friends and live together this adventure full of nature and adrenaline. Remember that you must be over 18 years old and present your driving licence. The Jeeps have a capacity of 4 people.

Assistance and transport

Most of our Quad Safaris offer a free pick up and drop off service depending on where you are staying.

Our Quad Safaris offer pick up and drop off service in the following areas in the south of Tenerife:

  • Los Cristianos
  • Playa de las Americas
  • Adeje Coast
  • Paradise Beach
  • La Caleta
  • Los Gigantes
  • Puerto Santiago
  • Costa del Silencio
  • El Médano
  • Other areas on request

As you can see our quad safaris in Tenerife will provide you with pick up in the most important areas in the south of Tenerife. Take advantage of your stay on the island to do a different and very funny activity. Share with your friends and have a great time. To book an activity please contact us on WhatsApp or continue to check the list below for more details of the safaris available. We love to help our clients choose the best activities for their holidays in Tenerife.

Quad Bike Safaris in Tenerife

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