Things to do and places to visit in Puerto del Carmen

Things to do and places to visit in Puerto del Carmen


In this post we want to present you a guide to the activities and the best places to visit in Puerto del Carmen, an area located in the southeast of Lanzarote. At the end of the text we present a list of varied options for you to enjoy your stay in this beautiful town. Choose between different boat and land excursions to get to know the most interesting places in Puerto del Carmen. Do not hesitate to contact us through our WhatsApp, we will be happy to help you choose the best activity according to your wishes and preferences.

What to do in Puerto del Carmen?

First of all we must tell you that because of its good location, only 10 minutes from the airport and variety of options for entertainment, Puerto del Carmen is the perfect place to spend an incredible holiday in Lanzarote.

Boat trips

Lanzarote Boat

Different excursions depart from the harbour, one of the most attractive activities being whale and dolphin watching. During the trip you will get to know the best of the island and you can take the opportunity to swim in the delicious waters of the Mediterranean. We have different boats, including motorboats, sailing boats, luxury yachts, catamarans and many more.

We offer a different option for every need.

The excursions are organised according to the number of people and the characteristics of the trip. Some boats offer meals and drinks, the possibility to have a barbecue on board or to practice deep sea fishing. Write to us to clarify all your doubts and help you choose the excursion that suits you best.

Sea sports

Lanzarote Surf (2)

This is a key place for lovers of scuba diving. In Puerto del Carmen you will find different diving schools and you will have everything you need to dive under the sea. Windsurfing is another popular sport in Puerto del Carmen.

But if you are looking for fun in the wind, what better than parascending. It is a super fun experience in which you will be tied to a parachute which in turn is pulled by a boat at high speed.

You can also rent jet skis full of fun and adrenaline, you won’t want to get off after you take the controls and start to sail the waters of the Mediterranean.

Visit the theme park

Rancho Texas Lanzarote Park - Lanzarote - Puerto del Carmen

You can’t leave without visiting the Rancho Texas Lanzarote Park which is a water park, zoo and botanical garden. It is an amazing place that everyone enjoys, here you can see animal species from different geographical origins. You will have the opportunity to swim with dolphins and play with them like children.

Enjoy paradisiacal beaches

In Puerto del Carmen you will find the most beautiful beaches with calm waves. This is undoubtedly the biggest attraction of the place. On its beaches you will find all the services for bathers such as sunbeds for rent, toilets and restaurants.

Playa Grande

Puerto del Carmen Lanzarote.min

This is the most popular beach in the area. It is a very quiet urban beach with beautiful golden sands for relaxing and delightful turquoise waters for a refreshing swim. Come with the kids and enjoy a wonderful day out, here you will have all the services you need for your comfort including lifeguards and plenty of shops, bars and restaurants.

Playa Chica Beach

This is a small beach that is home to many charms. Many visitors come here for its great beauty and the chance to spend a fabulous day. It is a beach of golden sands, crystalline waters and all the services for the bather but it is also the meeting point for many divers who come attracted by the richness hidden under its waters. You will have at your disposal several diving schools to introduce you to this exciting sport.

Los Pocillos

This is a beautiful beach with turquoise waters and golden sands in which there are several small pools formed by the sea water. Its name comes from these small pools that resemble a swimming pool. Here the wind is a little more active than on the previous beaches and it is a magnificent place for windsurfing and kitesurfing.

Finally, we would like to tell you that Puerto del Carmen was originally a small fishing village which later became one of Lanzarote’s main attractions. Nowadays, it attracts hundreds of tourists passionate about the sea, sunshine, boat trips, surfing and diving. You will find all this on our website so don’t hesitate and fill out our contact form, send us an email or write us on WhatsApp, we will be happy to help you choose and book your next adventure in Puerto del Carmen.

Beaches in Puerto del Carmen

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