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Exploring the Beauty of Caleta del Mero in Lanzarote

In the Canary archipelago, surrounded by the crystalline waters of the Atlantic Ocean, lies a natural treasure that captivates all those lucky enough to discover it: Caleta del Mero. This picturesque beach, located on the beautiful island of Lanzarote, is a coastal paradise that combines the serenity of the sea with the majesty of the volcanic landscape.


Municipality: Haría

Caleta del Mero is located on the east coast of Lanzarote, just 10 minutes drive from the charming fishing village of Arrieta. It is even closer to Orzola (5 minutes), a beautiful village in the municipality of Haría.

Hotels and Restaurants

A positive aspect of Caleta del Mero is its proximity to Orzola and all its restaurants and hotels. As mentioned before, it is only 5 minutes away by car, so you can visit well-known restaurants and bars such as the restaurant “La Maresía” or the “Mirador El Roque”, which will allow you to enjoy a spectacular view while you eat.

Hotels are hard to find within a 25-30 minute drive, but in Orzola you can find flats for rent with all the comforts of home. Among these are the “Rincón del Descanso” flat and the “Mirador del Muelle”, both with dream views.

Sand and landscape

Exploring the Beauty of Caleta del Mero in Lanzarote

First of all, the off-white sand will make you feel like you’re in the clouds, thanks to how soft and clean it is. Moreover, it makes a spectacular contrast with the dark rocks of volcanic origin that are scattered all over the cove. Completing the colour scheme is the turquoise water of the sea. Every element that makes up the Caleta del Mero makes it perfect for you to lie back and enjoy an unforgettable experience.

The Caleta del Mero is perfect for you if you are a surfing enthusiast, thanks to its generally moderate swell. In addition, the small side breakwaters allow the waves to reach the shore with little force, so it is also ideal if you just want to take a dip in the crystal clear water.


Access is easy, either by car or public transport, but special care should be taken if you are travelling with children, as you have to cross a road to get to the beach pavement.

The car park is 200 metres away and only a few cars can fit, but you don’t have to worry, thanks to the fact that Caleta del Mero is rarely visited. This makes it a much more attractive destination for relaxing and sunbathing in peace and quiet.

To bear in mind

Exploring the Beauty of Caleta del Mero in Lanzarote

An interesting point about this beach is that nudism is allowed, due to the fact that it is not very crowded. It is worth mentioning that, in the same way, a respectful behaviour must be maintained in order to encourage and respect the enjoyment of everybody.

The Caleta del Mero is unaltered by man, so you will not find any premises or infrastructure of any kind. To keep it as the paradise it is, at Banana Palm Bay we emphasise the importance of collecting all waste generated during your stay.

Unlike some of the island’s more crowded beaches, this tranquil bay offers you a refuge from the crowds and a chance to connect with nature in its purest form. Whether it’s walking along the beach at sunrise or simply relaxing in the sun, Caleta del Mero has something for everyone looking to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

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