First Published: January 5, 2023 |

Masca Bay and Los Gigantes Cliffs

Masca Bay

This time we would like to tell you about the bay of Masca, an almost virgin beach where almost nobody goes. But it is not because it is not attractive, but because of its difficult access.

We are talking about a wild beach that you find at the end of the Barranco de Masca, at the base of the cliffs of Los Gigantes and in the middle of Punta de la Higuera and Punta de la Galera.

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Masca Bay is an exclusive beach to which few have access, ideal for a private moment away from the crowds. The bathing is peaceful due to its exclusivity and refreshing waters.

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This is an ideal place for divers with depths of up to 18 metres. That’s why many diving experts of all levels gather here.

How to get to Masca Bay

There are two ways to get to the beach, from the sea and down the ravine.

If you choose to go down the ravine, you should know that it is a very demanding downhill hike. It takes on average 4 hours to get down depending on your pace. During the descent you will enjoy beautiful views and then you can take a well-deserved swim in the crystal clear waters of Masca.

The beach is black volcanic sand and offers the most beautiful scenery for postcard pictures. It is definitely a very nice place to go to.

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The ravine trail starts from the hamlet of Masca, is 5 km long but is of medium-high difficulty so you should be in good physical condition. If you choose this path, we recommend you go during the summer to avoid puddles caused by rain. The path becomes slippery so be careful.

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But you can also get there by sea, in this case you can take an excursion to see the cliffs of Los Gigantes, which leave from the port of Los Gigantes. Hire a boat that will take you to the bay of Masca, enjoying the views of the cliffs and whale watching. If you’re lucky you may see dolphins and whales frolicking around. The boat takes only 15 minutes to get from the harbour to the beach. Some of these excursions go as far as Punta de Teno. During these tours it is common to see marine animals such as crustaceans, moray eels and pilot whales.

royal delfin tenerife los gigantes (59)

royal delfin tenerife los gigantes (59)

You can combine the two ways of access. If you wish, you can go down the ravine and return by boat to the port of Los Gigantes. For this you must hire the boat in advance to secure your place.

Excursion to the cliffs

royal delfin tenerife los gigantes (59)

After arriving at the bay of Masca, the boat can anchor at a depth of 10 metres for you to take a swim and enjoy the blue and calm waters of the Mediterranean.

Some boats can drop you off at one end of the island for you to dive and enjoy the waters and then meet you for boarding at the other end.

Splash around next to huge rock formations that look like fortresses that nature created to protect us from harm.