First Published: January 5, 2023 | Last Updated: January 24, 2024 | Author: Jan Daniel

Masca Village - Pueblo de Masca - Tenerife tour with round transport from Costa Adeje

The village of Masca

The village of Masca is located on the Teno Massif, one of the three rock formations that make up the island of Tenerife. Like other communities on the island, the hamlet of Masca has been declared an Asset of Cultural Interest with the status of Historic Site. It is 600 metres above sea level and is surrounded by the impressive Teno Mountains, which are a delight in their tranquillity and charm.

It is surrounded by immense canyons and cliffs that form part of the Los Gigantes cliffs.

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What to do in Masca Village?

It is a beautiful rural village in the northwest of Tenerife in the province of Santa Cruz de Tenerife. Here you will find an 18th century church, a few restaurants and many small houses with masonry and wood that give life to the place. In the centre you can take leisurely strolls and relax in some of the bars.

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In the centre of the village you will find the Masca Museum, which presents the history and evolution of the village over the years. Here you can see the agricultural tools and furniture of yesteryear, as well as a complete photo gallery with a faithful history of the village’s evolution.

In the village you can also visit the Masca Nature Centre, where you will be given complete information about the geology, fauna and flora of the region. In this way they prepare the hikers for the excursions, so that they get to know a little more about the characteristics of the place and enjoy the walk even more.

Masca Bay

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The path from the ravine to the beach is the most popular and exciting route of all and at the same time one of the most challenging. During the hike you have to cross a huge canyon that will test your physical abilities.

You start by walking through some old crop fields followed by endemic vegetation. You continue downhill and after about 3 hours you reach the beach for a well-deserved dip. If you return by boat, you can enjoy the scenery of the cliffs and the visit of some playful cetaceans. If you wish to return by boat you must give one day’s notice to reserve your place on the boat.

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How to get to the village

There are several ways to get to the village. There are those who arrive by car, or you can go on an organised excursion. Another way to get there is to take a boat trip from Los Gigantes to the bay of Masca. Once there, you have to climb up the ravine, which is a complicated route of about 4 hours and should only be taken by people who are physically fit.

From the road to the village you will feel the energy of the mountains through the narrow, zigzagging streets that will make you feel the adrenaline rush. Enjoy the scenery as you drive along, the immense canyons and mountain views that take our imagination away as they are unique and unrepeatable sights.

The village as such does not attract many tourists but it receives a lot of movement of people in search of the hiking trails, especially the one to the bay. Some visitors to the bay of Masca are unaware that if they go into the village they can also enjoy the rich gastronomy, many places of leisure, history and exciting hiking trails.

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