Boat Trips in Playa de las Americas

Boat Trips in Playa de las Americas

Playa de las Americas is one of the most important holiday resorts and is located in the South of Tenerife. More and more people are doing holidays in Playa de las Americas, due to the warm climate and tourist infrastructure of South Tenerife.


Thanks to the overall good weather conditions it is possible to do boat trips in Playa de las Americas in any month of the year. Here is our selected list of Playa de las Americas Boat Trips:



Probably the first thing you will do once you arrive to Playa de las Americas will be going to the beach to relax and enjoy the warm sun and refreshing ocean. But apart from staying on the beach all day long, there are a lot of activities and excursions you can do here.

One of the most pleasant and enjoyable is a boat trip where you can make whales and dolphins watching, relax, snorkel and just pass the great time with your friends, couple or family.


We offer a lot of Must do things in Playa de las Americas and also a lot of boat excursions, depending on your needs and budget we have some offer for you.. Each of them will start from Puerto Colon, just 10-15 minutes walk from Playa de las Americas.


But before, let us tell you a bit more about whales and dolphins living in the waters of Tenerife. Bottlenose dolphins are the permanent residents in the Canary waters. Probably the name “bottlenose dolphin” may not say you much, but what is about Flipper? Do you remember the serial of your childhood? So the exact same kind of dolphins you will have the chance to spot in our boat trip.


But there are not just dolphins living at the Canary waters. Another permanent residents are our friends the pilot whales.

Ok, now it’s enough to speak about whales and dolphins let us tell you some other things you can do with our boat trips.


All depends on how much time you would like to pass on the board.

We have different options to do a whale watching boat trip from Playa de las Americas

With the most lasting option, the 4,5 hours Freebird Gigantes excursion you will also be able to visit some absolutely impressing cliffs which are called in Spanish “Los Acantilados de los Gigantes” (Los Gigantes Cliffs).

And of course you will have some time to swim near the Masca Bay. After swimming you will have some snacks on board and then go back to Puerto Colon.


If you would like to have a bit more comfort, we recommend you to take one of the boats with the reduced number of persons on board. You can choose for example the catamaran trip with Abrazo. With any of these tours you will do whale watching, swimming and snorkelling in 3 hours. Snacks and drinks are also included.


In case you would like to make the trip a bit faster or you are on budget, we also have the 2 hours tour with the Eden Catamaran.


And of course there are always some special occasions: a birthday, a hence party or any of these moments you would like to share only with your friends or family. The perfect way to make these moments unforgettable will be a Private Boat Charter.

In case you just want to make a luxury whale watching on your holidays, this option is also for you.

Boat Trips in Playa de las Americas

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