Boat Trips from Puerto de la Cruz

Boat Trips from Puerto de la Cruz


This time we will talk about boat trips from Puerto de La Cruz and everything you can enjoy if you want to live an adventure at sea. At we specialise in providing our clients with the best options for a trip on the ocean.

Besides enjoying the sun on the beautiful natural beaches, there are a lot of boat trips, which can be done directly in or from Puerto de la Cruz. During the boat trip you can relax, enjoy the sun, swim and snorkel and just have a good time with your family, partner or friends. Boat trips from Puerto de la Cruz give you the chance to see the south coast of Tenerife and enjoy its natural beauty.

Excursions to see dolphins and whales in Tenerife

Royal Delfin Tenerife Catamaran Tour with Transport (7)

If you don’t know what to do in Puerto de la Cruz with children, we recommend you take them to see dolphins and whales in their natural habitat. From experience we know that children are the ones who have the most fun with the sighting of marine animals and they celebrate in style when they see them approaching. Tenerife is a perfect place for whale and dolphin watching all year round.

Whale and dolphin watching boat trips are one of the most popular activities for our clients. Here we tell you what you will see and do during the whale and dolphin watching excursions. Boat trips allow you to see these charming animals in their natural environment and you are even guaranteed to encounter one of them.

Bottlenose dolphins and pilot whales are the species most likely to be encountered. The spots to spot them are concentrated in the waters between Tenerife and La Gomera. So once you get on board, you’ll sail in the direction of La Gomera and make a stop to enjoy whale or dolphin watching at play nearby. It is an absolutely breathtaking experience for children and adults.

We also offer an excursion to La Gomera from Puerto de la Cruz and nearby areas in Tenerife. The activity includes pick up from various locations in Tenerife south and north, and then embark in Puerto de Los Cristianos to La Gomera. For more information please contact us on WhatsApp to help you make your reservations.

Boat trips from Puerto de la Cruz to Los Gigantes Cliffs

With our 4,5 hour trip you can visit the impressive Cliffs of Los Gigantes. The boat trip is one of the most popular activities in Tenerife and an absolute must. What makes Los Acantilados incredible is their enormous size which exceeds 600 metres in height at some points. They rise steadily out of the sea creating a wall that protects the interior of the island of Tenerife. Being close to these rock formations is very exciting, it awakens feelings of surprise and amazement. If you want to visit the Cliffs of Los Gigantes, contact us to suggest the best boat trips that will take you there.

Boat trips in Masca Bay

Bahia de Masca - Los Gigantes Masca Bay (2)

Masca Bay is another place of interest we would like to tell you about. This is a beautiful beach located in the cliffs that is hidden because of its difficult access. It can only be reached from the water and boat trips from Costa Adeje allow you to do so. It is a beach that remains wild and untamed.

It is located at the end of the Masca ravine in Los Acantilados de Los Gigantes. Some adventurers reach it from the ravine but it is a demanding mountaineering route for the more experienced. Reaching this beach is a gift, a reward for your efforts and a reward for your holidays. It is characterised by its dark sand, a product of volcanic action.

Catamaran hire to Los Acantilados

Royal Delfin Tenerife Catamaran Tour with Transport (7)

Our catamarans are fantastic boats for a great day at sea with friends and family. They are spacious and designed to spend pleasant moments in the company of the ones we love the most. The catamaran departs from Puerto Colón towards Los Acantilados. As you go along the ride you will notice that charming marine animals are approaching. As we mentioned, they are often seen in this area of the bay. The pilot whales are some of the friendliest you will encounter and with a bit of luck, one will come up to say hello. The Catamaran trip also allows you to go down to the water to cool off and swim. Invite your friends and family to come and enjoy a nice ride on the Atlantic Ocean.

We also have the larger Royal Dolphin catamaran for more guests. On this boat you will be able to see dolphins and whales passing under the boat thanks to the underwater windows to see the bottom of the sea. You can also enjoy a refreshing swim in the Atlantic waters and delight your palate with the buffet lunch included in the price. If you want to go snorkelling in Puerto de la Cruz, the Catamaran trip is an excellent option, take the opportunity to swim and snorkel during the boat’s stop in Masca Bay.

Excursion to see cetaceans on an Arabian boat

We have for you an authentic oriental sailing boat. An extraordinary boat with a unique theme to distract you and enjoy the sea. The excursion with Shogun is designed to see dolphins, pilot whales and whales. You can choose between different lengths of time to enjoy this tour for longer. During this tour you will visit the Cliffs of Los Gigantes, the Bay of Masca and you can go down to the water to swim and cool off. The tour includes lunch. If you wish to book this excursion, at the end of the text you will find the details of this activity and all the others that we have available for you.

Another option that will only be available if you rent a car during your holidays in Tenerife (staying in Puerto de la Cruz), is to rent one of our private boats in Costa Adeje. If you have any questions, you can contact us right now and we will answer all your questions. Remember that we can help you to choose the best activity for you and give you the best recommendations based on our experience.

Puerto de la Cruz

Things to do in Puerto de la Cruz

Puerto de la Cruz is the main tourist centre in the north of Tenerife. Many holidaymakers from all over the world choose it for its incredible scenery, pleasant climate and authentic Canarian atmosphere.

One of the most charming beaches in Puerto de la Cruz is Playa Bollullo. Due to its almost hidden location, it continues to appear wild and natural. Here you will find peace and relaxation. You can enjoy the beautiful scenery while sunbathing and relaxing on the sand. It is frequented by people who want to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city. It has a serene surf to have a good time with the whole family without worries. It also has areas with waves suitable for surfing.

Another beach not to be missed if you are on holiday in Puerto de la Cruz is Playa Jardín. As its name suggests, it is a beautiful beach surrounded by many flowers and ornamental plants. Unlike Playa Bollullo, this beach is closer to the city so it offers a very attractive urban atmosphere for tourists. It is also closer to the promenade, which in turn connects it to the commercial establishments and restaurants. In Playa Jardín you will find all the necessary services for the comfort of the bather, moderate wind and calm waves.


Most of our boat trips depart from Puerto Colón, located in the south of Tenerife. But don’t worry about how to get there, we offer a free shuttle bus from your hotel for all boat trips, available from Puerto de la Cruz.

We also have boat trips from Puerto de los Gigantes, with our private cruise Dolphins & Relax you can take a trip to the Cliffs of Los Gigantes, the Punta de Teno and the Bay of Masca. Take advantage of the stop at the beach to swim with water toys and snorkel.

If you want to take a boat trip from Puerto de la Cruz or another location on the island, just check our available options. It only takes a couple of minutes to make a reservation. If you have any questions, you can always contact us by WhatsApp or fill in our contact form. We have been helping our clients for many years to find the best boat trips and other activities in Tenerife, trust us, we know what you need to enjoy your holidays to the fullest.

Boat Trips in Puerto del la Cruz

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