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Natural Swimming Pools in Agaete

The Natural Pools in Agaete are three volcanic rock pools where you can take a refreshing dip and have fun with your family. We invite you to get to know this wonder of nature that receives hundreds of tourists in love with its charm and serenity.

They are also known as Las Salinas de Agaete. They offer a different environment to the typical beaches of Gran Canaria. Here you won’t find dunes, fine sand or waves crashing on the shore.

Find out in this post what the Natural Pools in Agaete are, why they are so popular and how to get to them.

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What to do in the natural pools of Agaete

In Las Salinas de Agaete you will find three formidable volcanic rock pools perfect for relaxing and enjoying the sea. They are connected to each other and to the sea through underground channels.

As they are protected from the waves, they offer serene waters to enjoy the sea in a relaxed way. Thanks to these conditions, they are ideal for families. Children can bathe peacefully without the risk posed by the waves. There are stairs to get in and out of the pools, which facilitates access for all members of the family.

In the natural pools of Agaete you can sunbathe, refresh yourself in the crystal clear waters and go scuba diving to discover the beauties hidden beneath the surface. When the tide rises, the waves and the fish enter the pools. As the tide goes out, the fish become trapped creating an interesting underwater environment for diving and exploration.

Feast your eyes on the rugged views of the coastline. Let yourself be seduced by the cliffs and cliffs that protect the beautiful and fertile valley of Agaete. Don’t forget to visit El Roque Partido, or Dedo de Dios, a volcanic rock in the shape of a finger pointing towards the sky.

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In the salt flats of Agaete you will find the following services:

  • Baths
  • Canteen
  • Lifeguard in summer
  • Parking area

It also has a solarium where you can sunbathe peacefully without getting full of sand.


These natural pools are located in Agaete in the northwest of Gran Canaria, and are the best known on the island. Their name comes from their former function as salt pans. In ancient times it was a place where people went in search of sea salt, which was later converted into these magnificent pools that we can enjoy today.


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Agaete is a town with a fishing tradition, where fried fish, salt fish and seafaring passion abound. Here you will find different cultural and leisure options. This village is the birthplace of great poets who find their inspiration in the beauty of its valley, the aroma of the sea and the fishing atmosphere.

Along the promenade you will find shops, craft sales and dozens of restaurants serving fresh fish at all hours. Indulge your palate and get ready to savour fish in its different presentations. You won’t be able to decide between the broths, roasts or the traditional fried fish dishes.

How to get to the Agaete Pools

If you want to visit the natural pools of Agaete, you can get there by car from Las Palmas, just 30 minutes away. You can also get there on foot from the Paseo de los Poetas in Puerto de las Nieves. If you are in Tenerife and wish to cross from one island to another, the journey takes just over an hour by ferry. This is ideal for visitors who want to get to know the Canary Islands without missing any of the sights. We recommend you plan your holiday carefully so that you can get to know all the charms of the Canary archipelago.

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