Playa de Puerto Santiago Beach

Playa de Puerto Santiago Beach

It is an urban beach located on the quay and promenade of Puerto Santiago. It receives the greatest number of visits from the inhabitants of the town who come here especially during the summer months.

It is also visited by tourists from all over the world looking for refreshing baths and sunshine. The delicious Canarian gastronomy also attracts many visitors in love with the flavours of the coast.

From the pier depart various maritime excursions to discover and enjoy the natural beauties, refreshing sea and marine fauna of the island.

It offers a warm climate, radiant sunshine, crystal clear and serene waters for a relaxing holiday. Puerto Santiago offers many opportunities for fishing and sea sports, making it a must for those who have the sea in their hearts.


Municipality: Alajeró

Located on the southeast coast of the island of La Gomera, just 10 minutes from the airport of the Canary Island of La Gomera.

You can get there on foot, by car and by intercity bus.

Playa Santiago is located in the village of the same name.

Nowadays, the village is a tourist centre that has been growing and developing around the beach. It has a large tourist infrastructure, golf course and renowned hotels in the area.


  • Footbath
  • Showers
  • Cleaning
  • Food and beverage establishments


Its shores are covered with black sand of volcanic origin, typical of the beaches on this side of the island. Stones abound, making it a different but at the same time very attractive beach.


This is the main attraction of the beach, with many caves for diving and a wide marine diversity. We invite you to enjoy sports such as scuba diving, kayaking and snorkelling.

Stalls and Restaurants

Nearby you will find many stalls and restaurants offering delicious dishes and food representative of the island’s gastronomy. Specially for adventurous palates who wish to try new dishes with a taste of the sea.

There are also several bars with music and entertainment to liven up the summer nights.

Party and Fun

If you are lucky enough to go at the end of June, you will be able to share with the villagers the celebration of the bonfires of San Juan. This festival is celebrated on the night of the 23rd of June with bonfires on the beach, merriment and lots of fun.

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