What to do in Tenerife on Friend’s Day

What to do in Tenerife on Friend’s Day


If you are thinking of celebrating Friends’ Day in Tenerife and you can’t think of what to do to enjoy with your friends, here you will find the best options:

Gift exchange

A gift is a symbol of love towards the one who receives it. The shops in Tenerife are getting ready for Friends’ Day with exclusive items. Don’t forget to shop early to find the perfect gift for your best friend.

Boat charter for special occasions

Neptuno Tenerife Private Boat Charter

Being in Tenerife you can’t miss the opportunity to get your group of friends together to share on board a boat.

We have different options for different needs. If your group of friends is small, we suggest you to rent a motor boat. They have capacity for 6 to 8 people and in these you can be the one driving the boat.

But if you want a larger gathering, we suggest a catamaran to cruise the Atlantic while sharing a glass of cava.

Boat hire for celebrations in Tenerife is very popular because of the possibilities it offers. You and your friends can relax on the sundeck, admire the views under the canopy and disconnect from work. Then you can jump into the water to swim, snorkel and play like kids. If this is the plan you’ve been looking for, drop us a line to help clear up some questions and guide you through your booking.

Water fun in Tenerife’s water parks

Siam Park, Water Park in Tenerife South

Water parks are another great alternative for a day out with friends. Friendship is a priceless treasure and we should remind our friends how much we appreciate them.

On this day the locals usually visit parks such as Siam Park. Here you will find a variety of extreme rides and attractions.

After playing and enjoying themselves they can go to the park’s restaurant with the best Thai food to delight the guests.

Water sports

Jetski in tenerife south

We are in Tenerife and we love the water. We suggest you to celebrate friends day with lots of adrenaline and fun. For this we propose you to make a plan to enjoy parascending, jet skiing, surfing, wakeboarding and diving.

Friendship is celebrated by doing things together and building memories to remember in future meetings. That’s why we recommend the best things to do in Tenerife on Friends’ Day. Be sure to celebrate with your mates, family, friends and neighbours. Any opportunity to celebrate is an excellent excuse to have fun and in our company we work to make it happen. Happy Friend’s Day!

Boat Charters in Tenerife

Thematic Parks in Tenerife

Water Sports in Tenerife

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